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HW2: Drug Activity Prediction


  1. Unzip HW2_tekwani.zip
  2. cd/HW2_tekwani
  3. If you want to create a virtual environment, run virtualenv <the name of the environment, say 'tekwani'>
  4. To begin using the virtual environment, you must activate it. $ source tekwani/bin/activate
  5. Now install the packages specified in requirements.txt. You can do this using pip freeze > requirements.txt (freeze the current state of the environment) pip install -r requirements.txt

Running the solution

The folder HW2_tekwani/data must contain a test.csv and train.csv file AS IT IS since the code references the data directory.

  1. Run src/feature_creation.py.
  2. Now run sgd.py without any command line arguments. It will generate a predictions.txt file in the predictions folder.
  3. CV.py contains an implementation ofStratifiedKFold - running it with 2 and 5 folds gives the best F1-score. Sample output for 2, 5 and 10 folds is in CV_2.out, CV_5.out and CV_10.out respectively.

sgd_predictions.txt contains 350 lines with 0 or 1 labels.

Other files

  1. cv_sampling.py : Compares the estimator performance of several classifiers combined with sampling techniques from imbalanced-learn. Output: cv_sampling.out
  2. gridsearch_adaboost.py : Finds the best hyperparameter values for AdaBoostClassifier using GridSearchCV. Output: gs_ada.out
  3. gridsearch_DTC.py: Find the best hyperparameter values for DecisionTreeClassifier using GridSearchCV. Output: not included
  4. gridseach_sgd.py: Find the best hyperparametes for SGDClassifier using GridSearchCV. Takes very long to run. Output: not included
  5. smote_logreg.py: Using SMOTE borderline1 variant for oversampling and GridSearchCV fo find the best hyperparameters for LogisticRegression. Output: smote_logreg.out
  6. imbalances_sgd.py: Testing to see which sampling technique helps boost SGDClassifier performance. The hyperparameter values for SGDClassifier are the optimal values selected using gridsearch_SGD.py. Output: imbalances_sgd.out