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#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
import random
from twython import Twython
from wordnik import *
import configparser
import logging
import os
def getANewWord(fileToUse):
lineToUse = random.choice(open(fileToUse).readlines())
lineToUse = lineToUse.split(' ')
wordToUse = lineToUse[0]
return wordToUse
def findDefinition(wordToFind):
# wordnik authentication
wordnikApiUrl = ''
wordnikApiKey = os.environ['WORDNIK_APIKEY']
client = swagger.ApiClient(wordnikApiKey, wordnikApiUrl)
wordConnection = WordApi.WordApi(client)
example = wordConnection.getExamples(word=wordToFind,limit=3)
example = example.examples
defn = wordConnection.getDefinitions(word=wordToFind,sourceDictionaries='wiktionary')
#print example.text
#print defn[0].text
return (defn,example)
def tweetDefn(word,defn,api):
arr = ["You must be knowing","Just realized","Did u know","Dictionary says","Pata hai"," "]
prefix = random.choice(arr)
tweet = prefix+" #"+word+" means "+abbreviatePoS(defn[0].partOfSpeech)+' '+defn[0].text+' #gre #vocabulary #word'
if len(tweet) > 260:
tweet1 = tweet[:260]+' (1/2)'
tweet2 = tweet[260:]+' (2/2) #'+word
print "Tweeted another word!"
def abbreviatePoS(partOfSpeech):
if partOfSpeech == 'noun':
return '(n.)'
elif partOfSpeech == 'adjective':
return '(adj.)'
elif partOfSpeech == 'verb':
return '(v.)'
def DMdef(word,defn,example):
#arr = ["You must be knowing","Just realized","Did you know","Dictionary says","Pata hai"," "]
#prefix = random.choice(arr)
message = '#'+word.upper()+": \n--------------------------------\n"
for definition in defn:
message = message+abbreviatePoS(definition.partOfSpeech)+' '+definition.text+"\n\n"
#tweet = prefix+" "+word+" means "+defn+" \n\n"+"EXAMPLE :- "+example+"\n"
message=message+"\nEXAMPLES: \n--------------------------\n"
for eg in example:
if len(eg.text)<=200:
message = message+eg.text+"\n\n"
api.send_direct_message(screen_name=config['twitter']['receiverTwitterUsername'],text=message)"DMs Sent.")
def tweetANewWord():
# Twython authentication
# your twitter consumer and access information goes here
apiKey = os.environ['TWITTER_APIKEY']
apiSecret = os.environ['TWITTER_APISECRET']
accessToken = os.environ['TWITTER_ACCESSTOKEN']
accessTokenSecret = os.environ['TWITTER_ACCESSTOKENSECRET']
api = Twython(apiKey,apiSecret,accessToken,accessTokenSecret)
print "api for twython done bro"
# LOGIC!!!!
filesAvailable = ['words.txt','wordsPrinceton.txt']
fileToUse = random.choice(filesAvailable)
print "will be using "+fileToUse+" file."
wordToUse = getANewWord(fileToUse)
wordToUse = wordToUse.strip()
print "wordToUse is "+wordToUse
definition,example = findDefinition(wordToUse)
print "Done."
if __name__=="__main__":
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