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This rings a soothing reminder bell after every fifteen minutes.
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15 Minutes Over Notifier

This is a simple website that rings a notification bell/sound every 15 minutes, as long as the website is opened in one of your tabs in the browser.

This is available at

It can serve the purpose of reminding you to stretch your back, or drink some water, or to help you know that it's already been 15 minutes since you started seeing memes on facebook.

Why this was developed?

Back when I was in college and having a tough time being disciplined through exam times, I used to write down / send an update about what I studied in last 15 minutes. So, even if I had spent the time wasting it on facebook, every 15 minutes I used to hear a bell telling me that I've already wasted last 15 minutes on facebook.

This is the code for that. It's simple. It just plays the audio.mp3 file in this repo every 15 minutes, infinitely. And, it does help. Give it a try! :)


You might see some php files as well as some javascript code related to notifier, and notifications. It was an initial thought that I should add browser notifications as well whenever 15 minutes get over. But then that was left out.

Any sort of PRs that improve this are welcome. :-)


Bhavul Gauri

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