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Expose Raspberry PI metrics using Prometheus and Grafana. Install with single command.
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Raspberry metrics

Expose raspberry PI metrics using Grafana and Prometheus:



Visualise your Raspberry PI metrics. Very easy installation - requires single command. Supports multiple Raspberries.

This project contains Ansible playbook which installs four services on Raspberry:



  • Raspberry PI with ARMv7 processor (Tested on Raspberry PI 2 Model B)
  • Debian installed on Raspberry (like Raspbian Jessie)
  • open port 22 on raspberry (SSH)
  • open port 3000 on raspberry (Grafana)

How to install

Ansible is required for installation.

If you don't have Ansible installed, see Ansible installation.

1. Configure Raspberry IP address

Checkout project.

Edit file ansible/hosts and set Raspberry IP address in main-raspberry group.

If you have more than one Raspberry PI, configure additional Raspberry PI addresses in additional-raspberries group.

Here is the example:


The "main" Raspberry will have all 4 services installed (Prometheus, Node exporter, rpi_exporter and Grafana), and the "additional Raspberries" will have Node exporter and rpi_exporter service installed.

The main Raspberry will collect metrics from all additional Raspberries (if configured), so they must be accessible from the main Raspberry.

2. Run ansible playbook

Run Ansible playbook with password authentication:

    cd ansible/
    ansible-playbook raspberry.yml -i hosts -u pi -D -k -K

Or run Ansible playbook with SSH keys authentication:

    cd ansible/
    ansible-playbook raspberry.yml -i hosts -u pi -D

3. Check metrics


  • If you have more than one Raspberry configured, you can select another Raspberry using instance dropdown:


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