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A simple clojure based blog. Uses mysql for storing entries (overkill?)


I'm a web application developer, I can't use someone else blogging software. A shoemaker should wear his own shoes. A simple blogging application is pretty straightforward and I get to design and I get to craft a solution that meets my exact needs.

See It In Action

Reusable by Others

My intention is that this application can be eaily reused by others. I intend to use it for multiple blogs myself (one for me, and a separate blog about my kids, and some project specific blogs), so I will strive to keep the configuration and customization straightforward.

I image the ideal end user would be another hacker who is familiar with mysql and clojure. They might just look at this project to see how something is done, or may customize it to suit their own specific needs.


set up mysql

mysql> create database someblog
mysql> grant all PRIVILEGES on someblog.* to 'someuser'@'localhost' identified by 'YOUR_PASS';
mysql> @schema.sql

set updatabase connection information for app.

$ cat ~/bin/dippybird-db.edn
 :subprotocol "mysql"
              :subname     "//localhost/bobblog"
              :user        "someuser"
              :password    "YOUR_PASS"

Setup password for creating blog entries.

$ cat

## Running

To start a web server for the application, run:

    lein ring server
## Features
    - image upload and handling
    - use markdown formatting
    - labels / rss (add #Bla on the title, and then access /rss/Bla as rss feed)
    - better user/dev docs (need to test by asking another developer to try using)
    - document deployment (or example)
    - email subscription
    - comments
    - entry preview ?

## License

Distributed under the [MIT License](
Copyright © 2015,2016 Bob Herrmann


Simple Clojure Blogging application



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