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Most distributions have the required version of Boost (1.35) ready for
installation using their standard package installation tools (apt-get,
yum, etc.).
If running a distribution that requires boost 1.35 (or later) be built
from scratch, these instructions explain how to do so, and in a way
that allows it to peacefully coexist with earlier versions of boost.
There are two recommended methods:
Installing boost using the PyBOMBS utility, or building it from a source
1. Installing Boost using PyBOMBS
Following you can
install a recent boost by downloading and executing the PyBOMBS utility:
# go to a directory you have write access to
$ git clone git://
$ cd pybombs
$ ./pybombs install boost
The utility will take care of everything from thereon, install it from a
package source if a recent version is available for your system or build
it from source if necessary.
2. Building Boost from a source tarball
Download the latest version of boost from
(boost_1_49_0.tar.bz2 was the latest when this was written). Different
Boost versions often have different installations. If these
instructions don't work, check the website for more
unpack it somewhere
cd into the resulting directory
$ cd boost_1_49_0
# Pick a prefix to install it into. I used /opt/boost_1_49_0
$ BOOST_PREFIX=/opt/boost_1_49_0
$ ./
$ sudo ./b2 --prefix=$BOOST_PREFIX --with-thread --with-date_time --with-program_options --with-filesystem --with-system --layout=versioned threading=multi variant=release install
# Done! That was easy!
Note that you don't have to specify each library, which will then
build all Boost libraries and projects. By specifying only those
required will just save compilation time.
Installing GNU Radio with new Boost libraries.
Tell Cmake to look for the Boost libraries and header files in the new location with the following command:
$ cd <build directory>
$ cmake -DBOOST_ROOT=$BOOST_PREFIX -DBoost_INCLUDE_DIR=$BOOST_PREFIX/include/boost-1_49/ -DBoost_LIBRARY_DIRS=$BOOST_PREFIX/lib <path to gnuradio source tree>
$ make
$ make test
$ sudo make install
See README for more installation details.