MusicLinq is a centralized place where friends can share music with each other.
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MusicLinq is place where friends can share music with each other.


I realized that between my friends, we send a lot of music to each other, but the links would always get lost amongst the jumble of texts, Facebook chats, and other apps. To solve this I built MusicLinq to create a centralized place where we can share music with each other. Friends can login and post new songs, favorite songs shared by others, and monitor their profile. It’s become our go-to place for new music! Built with Python/Django, using OOP, ORM, SQLite, REST, AWS.


  • Handles opening links into Spotify app and/or dashboard effortlessly for the user.

  • Login app has full validations on all essential form fields.

  • Users' passwords encypted using bcrypt.

  • Each user has a page displaying their contributed songs.

  • Connected to backend database using django SQLite for all Songs and User data.

  • Utilizes a many to many model relationship in order to display a user's favorited songs separately from the default list.

  • Used Twitter Bootstrap for styling.

Skills/Concepts Practiced

  • OOP / ORMs
  • Client/Server Communication
  • Django
  • Models/Migration/Relationships
  • Password Hashing
  • Backend Database connections
  • SQL Queries
  • RESTful Routing
  • Deployment through AWS