Pencil me in was created to give the user a place to log in and manage their day-to-day appointments.
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This is a complete CRUD app built using Django that allows a user to log in/register and proceed to display, add, edit and/or delete day-to-day appointments. The aim of this app gives the user a dashboard to keep track of their appointments.


This app was built exam-style, from-scratch, timed in 4.5 hours in order to test proficiency of Python using the Django framework. Initially received a score of 8.6/10.0. I revised the project after receiving my grade to address all deductions, include any missing features, and learn from my mistakes.


  • Appointments & Login app has full validations on all form fields ie. password, birthday, name, email, appointment dates, conflicting appointment times, etc.

  • Users' passwords encypted using bcrypt.

  • Connected to backend database using django SQLite for all Appointment and User data. Saves appointments per user independent of sessions.

  • Used Twitter Bootstrap for basic styling on both login page and main appointments page.

Skills/Concepts Practiced

  • OOP / ORMs
  • Client/Server Communication
  • Django
  • Models/Migration/Relationships
  • Password Hashing
  • Backend Database connections
  • SQL Queries
  • RESTful Routing
  • Deployment through AWS