A single page app web interface for my Toodu API built in React
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Toodu Web

Toodu Web is the frontend for Toodu API.

It is a Progressive Web App for collaborative task management, built in React using create-react-app.

A live demo can be found here. You can log in as the demo account:

  • demo@example.com
  • demonstration

Note. The API is hosted on a free Heroku dyno so can be slow to spin up.


  • Manage projects & tasks with other members of your team
  • Real time updates via websockets
  • PWA - install to the home screen of your Android phone
  • Application state persisted across page refreshes
  • Service worker caching to increase start up speed on return visits
  • Read-only offline mode so you can still see your tasks when you don't have an internet connection

Feature Todos

  • User mentions in comments
  • Pagination is needed
  • Loaders while API data is fetched where relevant