This very simple Sidebar gadget just shows an Xbox Live Gamercard.
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Xbox Live Gamercard Sidebar Gadget

This is a gadget for the Windows Sidebar gadget platform featured in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Note that Sidebar has been removed from Windows 8.

This very simple Sidebar gadget just shows an Xbox Live Gamercard. When docked, it scales to fit in the sidebar, and when undocked, it's full size (except in Windows 7, where docking doesn't make sense). Multiple instances of the gadget can be run at once to show info about different gamertags.


Install the latest version of Xbox Live Gamercard

Development & Contribution

Pull requests are welcome! Bug reports are not - if you find a problem, please fix it and send a pull request. The easiest way to work on the gadget is to check it out directly into C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets and work on it there. You can remove the gadget and re-add it to see updated code. Building the gadget installer can be done via Ant, but that's only necessary if you want to distribute the gadget.


Xbox Live Gamercard is open source software licensed under the MIT License. © 2007 Benjamin Hollis.