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JSONView's formatter as a standalone JS lib #2

bhollis opened this Issue · 6 comments

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'd like to have JS library, that I can use in my web application, for user friendly viewing of any JSON data. I think jsonview does a great job, but it's limited to firefox.



The issue doesn't seem to be accessible on anymore.

Has it been any work done on that topic? It seems to be a few custom stuff that are FF extension specific but the bulk of the code could be ported and work as js library


Nothing's been done, but a pull request would be welcome.


This would be great. I looked into doing this, but so much of the code was Firefox-specifc and assuming no existing DOM, I actually ended up writing my own for (code here, which I intend to extract).

The interface for mine is different, but I think that might largely be in the CSS, so it could be changed with a class on the container el, or even "themable" (see application.scss vs. jsonpanes.scss).

Anyway, would love to collaborate on this!


I currently use this online formatter which is basically a javascript/html formatter (the code is available at codeplex).
It's features is everything you could ask for (you can configure tab space, whether or not the output should be collapsable, show quotes on keys or not, etc.) very cool.

@afeld afeld referenced this issue in afeld/

move JSON viewer to standalone plugin #16

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