Rate limiting for Angular 1's $http service
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Rate limit $http calls in Angular

ng-http-rate-limiter allows you to limit calls to particular URL patterns such that they only occur under a maximum rate per second. If you issue calls faster than that, the rate limiter will delay calls to maintain the chosen rate. You can configure multiple rate limiter configs, each of which match a different URL pattern and maintain their own queue.

This code was extracted from Destiny Item Manager, and is intended for use with Angular 1.

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ng-http-rate-limiter is available for use directly, via AMD (RequireJS), or in NodeJS. It is installable as ng-http-rate-limiter from either NPM or Bower.

var myModule = angular.module('myapp', ['ngHttpRateLimiter']);

  .config(["ngHttpRateLimiterProvider", function(rateLimiterConfigProvider) {
    // No more than one request to slowdomain.com every second
    rateLimiterConfigProvider.addLimiter(/slowdomain.com/, 1, 1000);
    // Send a maximum of three requests in any given 5 second period to a particular API
    rateLimiterConfigProvider.addLimiter(/api.com\/limited-api\//, 3, 5000);
  .config(["$httpProvider", function($httpProvider) {
    // Install the interceptor


First, install NodeJS however you like for your system (on OSX, I use brew install node).

Then check out and build the project:

npm install -g grunt-cli
git clone https://github.com/bhollis/ng-http-rate-limiter
cd ng-http-rate-limiter
npm install


Copyright (c) 2016 Benjamin Hollis. MIT Licensed, see MIT-LICENSE.txt for details.