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PHP class for Prowls iPhone notificaton service using API key authentication.
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Current Version: 0.3
Written by Fenric (, 9 July 2009
Hello there! This is a PHP class for Prowls iPhone notificaton service with API key authentication. More information on Prowl can be found at For more information on the class and the Prowl API take a look at the Wiki page (

I'd love to hear your ideas, suggestions and even your uses for ProwlPHP. Just drop me (Fenric) a message in the CocoaForge forums ( or right here on Github! Please post any issues you find on the issues section of GitHub (
Release Notes

* HTTP proxy support added.
* Keys no longer verified be default at construction and as such saves API requests.
* Provider keys now supported.
* Error codes were not being saved correctly. Bug fixed.
* API Key verification can now be called manually using 'verify' function.

* Line breaks were not being honoured when ProwlPHP class was using with CLI. Commit fixed this issue. Thank you Fr3d for resolving this issue.


* Addition of getRemaining function. Retrieve how many requests your IP has left.
* Addition of getResetdate function. Retrieve reset date of remaining push requests. UNIX timestamp format.
* Error code and messages added for when IP exceeds API limit.
* Fixed push functions ability to request API using POST method.
* Prep for provider keys, need to find out what they do first though!


* Optimize the code as much as possible! 
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