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2001-12-21 04:20 dark-storm
* uox3.cpp:
Fixed all warnings
2001-12-21 03:30 dark-storm
* funcdecl.h, html.cpp, html.h, uox3.cpp:
Worked on the HTML Stuff a little more, added the call for Offline
pages which should work now (Add OFFLINE=1 to your page
Moved some function declarations from funcdecl.h to html.h and
renamed offlinepages to CheckOfflinePages().
2001-12-21 02:33 darkangelab
* UOXJSPropertyFuncs.cpp, UOXJSPropertySpecs.h:
Whitespace updates
Added property setter stuff for item objects
2001-12-21 02:18 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, SEFunctions.h, cScript.cpp, gumps.cpp:
Removed GetX, GetY, GetZ, GetColour and GetID and their Set
versions from the JS engine, as they're now properties
Removed some warnings
General cleanups
2001-12-20 23:23 darkangelab
* cScript.cpp:
Updated some bad snippets
2001-12-20 22:34 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, cBaseObject.h, cBaseobject.cpp, cChar.cpp,
cItem.cpp, cScript.cpp, cScript.h, html.cpp, npcs.cpp,
pcmanage.cpp, regions.cpp, UOXJSMethods.cpp, UOXJSMethods.h,
UOXJSPropertySpecs.h, skills.cpp, targeting.cpp:
Added ShouldSave() method to CBaseObject, for more support in spawn
ShouldSave by default is always true
If an object is inside an object that won't save, neither will any
of the objects inside the container
Updated all the JS events to use object based systems rather than
index based ones
Fixed a slight bug in the error reporter
Fixed the MethodError function with multiple paramater support
2001-12-20 17:42 darkangelab
* UOXJSMethods.h:
Readability updates
2001-12-20 17:42 dark-storm
* html.h:
2001-12-20 17:32 darkangelab
* UOXJSMethods.cpp, combat.cpp, html.cpp, npcs.cpp:
Source code cleanups and tidy ups
Syntax updates to conform to a single style
Performance tweaks to some HTML stuff
2001-12-20 16:53 dark-storm
* cAccount.cpp, cServerData.cpp, cSocket.cpp:
Newlines once again
2001-12-20 16:36 dark-storm
* html.h:
Added a newline
2001-12-20 16:32 dark-storm
* SEFunctions.cpp, SEFunctions.h, UOXJSClasses.h, UOXJSMethods.cpp,
UOXJSMethods.h, UOXJSPropertyEnums.h, UOXJSPropertyFuncs.cpp,
UOXJSPropertyFuncs.h, UOXJSPropertySpecs.h, cMultiObj.cpp,
cScript.cpp, cSpawnRegion.cpp, cmdtable.cpp, combat.cpp, html.cpp,
necro.cpp, npcs.cpp, quantityfuncs.cpp:
Added Update to the PropertySetters for X,Y and Z.
Added a few Character Methods (TextMessage,Delete and others) and a
Constructor for the UOXChar class (not finished but working)
Added Newlines to some files
Fixed a linux issue (please check that)
Fixed a Guardbug where attacking a monster in a guarded area
without the default npc.scp would crash the server.
Setting the Source and Destination of TempEffects to INVALIDSERIAL
on NPC Deletion eventually should fix rare combat bugs.
Prepared html.cpp for Offline pages.
2001-12-20 12:41 dark-storm
Added the
UOXJSMethods.cpp and UOXJSMethods.h
to the Linux Makefiles
2001-12-20 08:48 dark-storm
* cScript.cpp:
Activated CGump javascript class
2001-12-20 08:44 dark-storm
* html.cpp, html.h, uox3.cpp, uox3.h:
Added the basics for a new HTML Status system.
Stand by for documentation...
Added: html.h
2001-12-20 08:22 dark-storm
* UOX3_Official.dsp:
- no message -
2001-12-20 08:16 dark-storm
* UOX3_Official.dsp, UOXJSClasses.h, UOXJSMethods.cpp,
UOXJSMethods.h, cScript.h:
Added CGump , class for JavaScript gumps.
Added UOXJSMethods.cpp and UOXJSMethods.h to the Project file and
added a filegroup for the JS Engine as there are a lot of files by
var myGump = new Gump;
myGump.AddText(30, 30, 0x1, "Test");
2001-12-20 01:38 darkangelab
* cScript.cpp, cScript.h, cmdtable.cpp, funcdecl.h, npcs.cpp,
SEFunctions.cpp, UOX3_Official.dsp, skills.cpp, sound.cpp,
playMidi now takes 2 parameters, not 3
The command to play a midi takes 1 or 2 parameters now
Added mechanism by which JS race, char, item, guild, region and
socket objects can be dynamically allocated and released without
much difficulty
Automatically acquire 2 characters and 2 items per script, so that
the parameters can be used
Created a #define system for new object based mechanism (note that
it will not currently compile under object system as is, but normal
one will)
Cleanups, tidyups, and other miscellaneous things
2001-12-19 19:37 darkangelab
* cClick.cpp, cItem.cpp, cItem.h, effect.cpp, funcdecl.h,
gumps.cpp, items.cpp, skills.cpp, targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Removed SetLayer( 0 ) on items when generating corpse to avoid
layer corruption
Changed murderer and creator values for items from a string to a
serial, shaving 92 bytes per item
2001-12-19 17:49 darkangelab
* cScript.cpp:
SetIntelligence JS call fix thanks to silver2000
2001-12-18 23:14 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, boats.cpp, cClick.cpp, cSpawnRegion.h,
classes.h, combat.cpp, house.cpp, targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Few cleanups and tidyups
2001-12-18 22:36 darkangelab
* cmdtable.cpp, cmdtable.h, newbie.cpp, npcs.cpp, uox3.cpp,
Added 'reloaddefs which allows runtime reloading of all definitions
(can be time consuming)
Fixed a bug with newbie items with text named items
Called SpeechSys->Poll() just before a world save, so that the
broadcast message telling about the save can be sent
Warning cleanups
2001-12-17 20:05 darkangelab
* ai.cpp, cMagic.h, classes.h, combat.cpp, cWeather.cpp,
cWeather.hpp, combat.h, globals.cpp, magic.cpp, movement.cpp,
movement.h, pcmanage.cpp, ssection.cpp, uox3.cpp, uox3.h:
Functions no longer take a currenttime parameter, instead using the
global uiCurrentTime variable
Fixed a bug where the day timer would go nuts
Changed temperature from UI08 to SI08, to support Krrios'
temperature effects
Removed some unnecessary global variables
2001-12-16 20:20 darkangelab
* UOXJSClasses.h, UOXJSPropertyEnums.h, UOXJSPropertyFuncs.cpp,
UOXJSPropertyFuncs.h, UOXJSPropertySpecs.h, cSocket.cpp, cSocket.h,
Added cSocket helper functions to help with JS property stuff
Added a CSocket object to the JS system
Implemented a number of socket properties for JS system
Added CV_KRRIOS to client types
2001-12-16 19:09 darkangelab
* commands.cpp, targeting.cpp, uoxstruct.h:
Added stripOff member to commandLevel_st
STRIPOFF tag in a command level description tells 'make to remove
equipped items to pack, and to remove hair/beard
2001-12-15 22:49 darkangelab
* UOXJSPropertyEnums.h, UOXJSPropertyFuncs.cpp,
Updated and worked on Guild properties
2001-12-15 05:57 darkangelab
* calcfuncs.cpp, cBaseObject.h, cBaseobject.cpp, cChar.cpp,
Fixed a bug which had calcItemObjFromSer with INVALIDSERIAL as the
serial returning a valid object
Installed an equivalent fix for calcCharObjFromSer but which hasn't
cropped up yet
Broke up SetMulti code to RemoveFrom and AddTo, firing the trigger
more often
2001-12-14 23:52 darkangelab
* UOXJSPropertyEnums.h, UOXJSPropertyFuncs.cpp,
UOXJSPropertySpecs.h, targeting.cpp, townregion.cpp, townregion.h,
uox3.cpp, weight.cpp:
Added more region properties
Changed a number of int references to SI32
Added more functions to cTownRegion
Cleaned up some warnings
2001-12-14 16:09 thyme
Added UOXJSPropertyFuncs.o to OBJS for compile
2001-12-13 20:24 darkangelab
* UOXJSClasses.h, UOXJSPropertyFuncs.cpp:
Updates to property get/setters
2001-12-13 19:34 darkangelab
*,, UOX3_Official.dsp, UOXJSClasses.h,
UOXJSPropertyEnums.h, UOXJSPropertyFuncs.cpp, UOXJSPropertyFuncs.h,
UOXJSPropertySpecs.h, cScript.cpp:
Broke out PropertySpecs, PropertyFuncs, PropertyEnums and the JS
Classes into their own header and CPP files
2001-12-13 00:22 darkangelab
* cScript.cpp:
Added property enums and specs for Guilds, races and regions
2001-12-12 23:18 thyme
* skills.cpp:
Added strupr(tag) for create menu
2001-12-12 22:52 thyme
* scriptc.cpp:
Forced FindEntry to do uppercase lookups
2001-12-12 21:35 darkangelab
* cScript.cpp, globals.cpp, items.cpp, npcs.cpp, uox3.h:
Killed some unnecessary global variables
Changed some variables for JS Char objects to readonly
Implemented more property setters for JS Char objects
2001-12-11 21:02 darkangelab
* cItem.cpp:
Fixed a hash item error problem occurring on new item creation, due
to redundant code
2001-12-11 19:51 thyme
* scriptc.cpp:
Added strupr() for section headers
2001-12-11 19:14 darkangelab
* skills.cpp, skills.h, uox3.cpp:
Changed MakeMenuTarget to take a string instead of an int
Adjusted calls to MakeMenuTarget to pass a string
NOTE: Inscription relies on numeric entries for spells, not names!
2001-12-10 23:22 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, cChar.cpp, cItem.cpp, cItem.h, cMultiObj.cpp,
cMultiObj.h, charhandle.cpp, classes.h, commands.cpp, globals.cpp,
handlers.h, itemhandler.cpp, items.cpp, regions.cpp, uox3.cpp,
Removed the need for InitItem
Implemented the constructors to be the same for citem/cmultiobj as
it is for cchar
Adjusted SetSerial so that it removes from the hash table and adds
it back in
This fixed the common error messages occurring with world loading
2001-12-10 21:52 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, SEFunctions.h, cScript.cpp, uox3.h:
Added Get/Set Name2 JS functions
Added GetLowDamage and GetHighDamage functions
Init'd standard classes for each context/object so things like for
loops should work
Added error reporter which should report errors meaningfully
Began work on preparing an object based system rather than a
heavily function based one
Thanks to DarkStorm for the information and the ideas/code
2001-12-05 22:46 darkangelab
* cSocket.cpp:
Logging only happens if the logging option is on
2001-12-05 22:25 thyme
* items.cpp, npcs.cpp:
Added strupr() for tags in DFNS
2001-12-05 19:39 darkangelab
* cScript.cpp, cScript.h, magic.cpp:
Added an onSpellTarget event
onSpellTarget fires for a character/item when it's targeted by a
onSpellTarget also fires BEFORE the consequences of the spell
exerts itself (in case it's enough to kill)
2001-12-05 18:28 darkangelab
* uox3.cpp:
Fixed a bug where shop layers were not showing up with 'gmopen
2001-11-29 19:23 darkangelab
* cServerData.cpp, cServerDefinitions.cpp, jail.cpp, scriptc.cpp,
ssection.cpp, townregion.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Code changes and updates to turn the DFN support on, in preparation
for a package release
2001-11-27 18:22 darkangelab
* items.cpp:
Slight tweak/tidy up to CheckEquipment
2001-11-26 21:21 seank
* ChangeLog:
figured i'd update this guy... weee
2001-11-26 21:19 seank
* threadsafeobject.h:
A define was missing that was causing the pthread fixes zippy did
to break.
It seems to be a bug in the configure. This is a hack until I can
out what happened.
2001-11-26 19:59 bpass
* network.cpp, threadsafeobject.cpp:
Linux/Pthread mutex fixes.
Changed threadsafeobject to use recursive mutex, this should fix a
LOT of linux freeze problems.
2001-11-25 21:40 thyme
* uox3.cpp:
Fixed dropItem bug
2001-11-25 20:05 bpass
* cClick.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Little container fix
2001-11-25 17:30 bpass
* hash.h:
replaced -1 with INVALIDSERIAL
2001-11-23 00:24 darkangelab
* network.cpp, npcs.cpp, packets.cpp, packets.h, targeting.cpp:
Removed some unnecessary variables
Created a packet class CPCharAndStartLoc to do the majority of the
GoodAuth() function in cNetworkStuff
2001-11-22 17:45 darkangelab
* cmdtable.cpp, npcs.cpp:
Removed some unnecessary references to uox3test.ini
Fixed an NPC creation lookup bug that would show up on DFN style
2001-11-22 17:18 darkangelab
* cChar.cpp, cChar.h, cItem.cpp, cItem.h, combat.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Reduced Poison information for characters and items to SI08 from
Changed return value of -1 to 0xFFFF in calcAtt
2001-11-22 16:50 darkangelab
* pcmanage.cpp:
Added Thyme's fix for char creation with 0 intelligence
2001-11-21 21:04 darkangelab
* cBaseobject.cpp, cClick.cpp, funcdecl.h, hash.h, packets.cpp,
packets.h, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Added openPack( cSocket *, CItem * ) to simplify some calls (and
reduce lookups)
Added CPItemsInContainer packet to do the bulk of the work that
openPack does
Split openPack to send CPDrawContainer and CPItemsInContainer
Fixed a bug with PostLoadProcessing that would stop spawn serials
and owner serials from properly being set
Syntax cleanups
2001-11-21 10:45 bpass
* globals.cpp, hash.cpp, hash.h, items.cpp, movement.cpp, uox3.cpp,
Moved hash classes into template classes in hash.h
Hash.cpp is no longer needed.
2001-11-20 22:15 darkangelab
* cServerData.cpp:
Writes out the ScriptSectionHeader setting
2001-11-20 20:31 darkangelab
* packets.cpp:
Replaced sscanf in CPIClientVersion::Handle with a stringstream
based version
2001-11-20 14:17 bpass
* packets.cpp:
*Oops* Compile fix
2001-11-20 11:10 bpass
* UOX3_Official.dsp, UOX3_Official.dsw:
Small cleanups for the win32 project files
2001-11-20 11:07 bpass
* network.cpp, network.h, packets.cpp, packets.h, uox3.cpp:
Linux run fixes: ifdefd out Internal mutex stuff in network, only
used if compiled with __LOGIN_THREAD__ this stuff was causing
deadlock inside linux... preventing almost everything except login
(ie: Char creation)
Added string checking to CPIClientVersion
2001-11-18 20:20 darkangelab
* boats.cpp, cAccount.cpp, cClick.cpp, cServerData.cpp,
cServerData.h, cServerDefinitions.cpp, cSocket.cpp,
cSpawnRegion.cpp, cSpawnRegion.h, classes.h, cmdtable.cpp,
cmdtable.h, combat.cpp, debug.cpp, effect.cpp, fileio.cpp,
funcdecl.h, house.cpp, im.cpp, items.cpp, magic.cpp, magic.h,
movement.cpp, necro.cpp, npcs.cpp, SEFunctions.cpp, SEFunctions.h,
regions.cpp, skills.cpp, sound.cpp, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp,
targeting.h, trigger.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Changed one line comments from /* */ to // in the instances it's
Syntax cleanups
Fixed bug where SpawnRandomMonster would fail
Added tag to ini file to choose between, essentially, DFN and SCP
headers (whether it puts ITEM or NPC at front of numbers),
defaulting to scripts
Updated code to be much more DFN friendly
JS func SpawnNPC now takes a string not an int in the 4 param
2001-11-18 18:42 bpass
* effect.cpp:
Few NULL checks for crash fixes
2001-11-18 18:19 bpass
* sound.cpp:
Crash fix: added a few NULL checks to soundeffect()
2001-11-18 17:38 bpass
* magic.cpp:
Fix for NPCs killing themselves when casting area spells in combat.
2001-11-16 08:13 bpass
* ssection.cpp:
Crash fix
2001-11-15 21:04 darkangelab
* books.cpp, cmdtable.cpp, combat.cpp, commands.cpp, effect.cpp,
fileio.cpp, funcdecl.h, globals.cpp, gumps.cpp, house.cpp,
items.cpp, magic.cpp, msgboard.cpp, necro.cpp, network.cpp,
pcmanage.cpp, scriptc.cpp, skills.cpp, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp,
uox3.cpp, uox3.h, vendor.cpp:
Removed some unncessary global functions and variables
Updated DFN code so it properly reads in section headers
General clean up / tidy ups
2001-11-15 19:30 darkangelab
* cServerData.cpp:
V2.0 INI lookup doesn't force data to uppercase, fixes linux path
2001-11-15 18:49 darkangelab
* cAccount.cpp, cAccount.h, fileio.cpp, funcdecl.h, uox3.cpp:
Commited compilation fixes, so it compiles clean
Moved FileExists to a global func so it can be used by more than
2001-11-15 18:40 darkangelab
* cBaseobject.cpp, cChar.cpp, combat.cpp, network.cpp, queue.cpp,
sound.cpp, uox3.cpp, uox3.h:
Syntax cleanups
Moved the spline stuff to sound.cpp, only commented out playing,
however commented the linux stuff detailing steps required for
Linux as provided by NNKK. Seems trivial
General other cleanups
2001-11-15 17:47 bpass
* cServerData.cpp, cServerData.h, cServerDefinitions.cpp,
combat.cpp, network.cpp, uox3.cpp, worldmain.cpp:
New INI format & fixes...
Fixes for combat.
2001-11-15 16:52 darkangelab
* cmdtable.cpp:
'tile and 'tilew now support a single field ID (like 0x0EED instead
of 0x0E 0xED) as well as 2 field IDs
2001-11-15 12:11 mrfixit
* itemhandler.cpp:
Fixed a signed/unsigned issue
2001-11-14 14:34 mrfixit
* PageVector.h, queue.cpp:
Fixed some warnings
2001-11-13 18:26 darkangelab
* uox3.cpp:
Meditation fix from Pa'ka
2001-11-13 17:38 darkangelab
* pointer.cpp:
Removal of pointer.cpp
2001-11-13 17:37 darkangelab
Removal of pointer.cpp from the makefile
2001-11-13 17:33 darkangelab
* UOX3_Official.dsp, UOX3_Official.dsw, cBaseobject.cpp, cChar.cpp,
cItem.cpp, cMultiObj.cpp, fileio.cpp, pointer.cpp, uox3.h:
UOX3 not UOX
Removed the sound code Zippy put in entirely, as well as attic'ing
Removed the conditionals inside cbo, citem and cchar saving,
reverting it back to it's full write
Added ostringstream output for multi objects
2001-11-13 16:58 bpass
* cChar.cpp, combat.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Crash fixes from "Crash me" irc test shard.
2001-11-13 14:11 bpass
* cBaseobject.cpp, cChar.cpp, cItem.cpp, uox3.h:
Re-added some of the osttringstream stuff to increase save speed
even more.
2001-11-13 09:44 mrfixit
* ssection.cpp, ssection.h:
- Fixed some warnings.
2001-11-13 09:43 bpass
* cBaseobject.cpp, cChar.cpp, cItem.cpp, pointer.cpp, uox3.cpp,
I'm not even going to say anything.
2001-11-13 09:22 seank
* ChangeLog:
Updated changelog... for no reason whatsoever.
2001-11-12 23:11 darkangelab
* Dictionary.cpp, boats.cpp, books.cpp, cAccount.cpp,
cBaseobject.cpp, cChar.cpp, cClick.cpp, cItem.cpp, cItem.h,
cServerDefinitions.cpp, cWeather.cpp, calcfuncs.cpp,
charhandle.cpp, cmdtable.cpp, combat.cpp, dist.cpp, fileio.cpp,
globals.cpp, gumps.cpp, itemhandler.cpp, items.cpp,
lineofsight.cpp, magic.cpp, mapstuff.cpp, movement.cpp,
msgboard.cpp, SEFunctions.cpp, network.cpp, newbie.cpp, npcs.cpp,
pointer.cpp, regions.cpp, skills.cpp, skills.h, sound.cpp,
speech.cpp, targeting.cpp, trigger.cpp, uox3.cpp, uox3.h,
Updated repair code thanks to Bel-CMC
Cleaned up the code so that if, for, and while are of the same
syntax format
for( a = 0; a < b; a++ )
if( blah >= blah2 )
} while( x < y );
2001-11-12 19:29 darkangelab
* cBaseobject.cpp, cChar.cpp, cItem.cpp, uox3.h:
UOX3 not UOX
Restored full writing out of data for each object, as it is an
explicit design decision critical for future implementations
Significantly reduced file IO when saving out items of any type,
reducing to at most 6 transactions per object, compared to the
dozens previously required
2001-11-12 17:13 bpass
* combat.cpp, movement.cpp, regions.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Few small walking changes trying to fix people needing to 'resend
all the time.
2001-11-12 15:48 bpass
* cBaseobject.cpp, cChar.cpp, cItem.cpp, hash.cpp, uox3.h:
Removed default tags from Saves/Loads. Huge speed and save size
2001-11-11 19:26 darkangelab
* effect.cpp:
Not all temp effects trigger an equipment check
2001-11-11 19:16 darkangelab
* effect.cpp:
Don't change the value of s based on effect
2001-11-10 23:12 bpass
* pointer.cpp:
We are worried about the SOUND being portable? Come on. Jesus.
2001-11-09 20:03 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, pointer.cpp:
Fixed a SetDecayable JS bug
Updated SE_GetRaceCount documentation and implementation
Removed sound playback from pointer.cpp
As long as this is purely a win32 implementation, IT WILL NOT STAY
For it to go in, a portable mechanism must be found
2001-11-09 13:16 mrfixit
* SEFunctions.cpp, SEFunctions.h, cScript.cpp:
Added GetRaceCount (By DarkStorm) to the scriptengine.
2001-11-09 08:42 bpass
* pointer.cpp:
I'm just going to keep doing this.
2001-11-08 17:43 darkangelab
* cClick.cpp, targeting.cpp:
Specialized repair tools were set to case 49 in MultiTarget(),
which was reserved for MakeTownAlly
Changed repair tools to case 24 and called Skills->Repair()
2001-11-08 17:10 darkangelab
* pointer.cpp:
Decision stands: As long as code is not portable and there is no
alternative for other OS', it is not to be included
2001-11-08 15:34 bpass
* pointer.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Leave the sound ON.
2001-11-06 20:56 darkangelab
* skills.cpp:
Smithing only works on the valid ingot IDs
Smith action on non-ingots attempts repair of the item
2001-11-06 19:12 darkangelab
* targeting.cpp:
Don't force | 0x8000 on character dyeing
2001-11-06 18:42 darkangelab
* uox3.cpp:
Default JS engine size set to 1MB on Win, 16 on Linux (as 1MB is
insufficient for defaults scripts on Linux)
2001-11-06 18:39 darkangelab
* items.cpp, pcmanage.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Removed some unreferenced variables
Cleaned up createChar() to hopefully reduce some of the code bulk
Added in default size of 0x100000 for the JS engine
JS engine will read the file engine.dat and grab the first line of
text. It turns that text into a number, and uses that for the
engine size. Minimum size of 0x100000 required and enforced.
2001-11-06 14:56 mrfixit
* cScript.cpp:
Fixed 4 warnigs
2001-11-06 12:18 shadowlord13
* SEFunctions.cpp, SEFunctions.h, cScript.cpp:
Added four new JS functions:
void SetDecayable( int item, bool isDecayable)
bool IsDecayable( int item )
void SetDecayTime( int item, int decayTime)
int GetDecayTime( int item)
2001-11-05 23:42 darkangelab
* uox3.cpp:
Changed a PushConn to PopConn in RefreshItem(), hopefully fixing a
hanging bug in Linux
2001-11-05 23:13 darkangelab
* cBaseobject.cpp, SEFunctions.cpp, cBaseObject.h, cClick.cpp,
cItem.cpp, cmdtable.cpp, newbie.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Code cleanups / tidy ups
Forced consistency of style
Changed an int to SI32 in base object
2001-11-05 17:25 darkangelab
* commands.cpp, funcdecl.h, globals.cpp, uox3.h:
locationcount ranges from 0->4000, thus an UI16 is required
loadCombat prototype moved to funcdecls.h
Fix for bad dyeing of characters (Krrios)
2001-11-05 16:50 mrfixit
* globals.cpp, uox3.h:
Added comments and changed int variables into UI32, SI32 etc.
2001-11-04 19:02 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, ai.cpp, network.cpp, network.h, pointer.cpp,
targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp, uox3.h: release
Fixed application name and release version
Updated timezone to reflect that of person distributing, including
adding proper address for the project's source rather than primary
Commented out distinctly nonportable code
Removed connCliList from cNetworkStuff as it is no longer used
Monsters will not attack true animals
Cleaned up some code in targeting.cpp
2001-11-04 18:09 seank
* ChangeLog:
updated changlog.. weee
2001-11-04 15:17 shadowlord13
* tags.h:
Added endline to the end of the file.
2001-11-04 15:15 shadowlord13
* SEFunctions.h:
Fixed to compile for linux.
2001-11-04 14:33 shadowlord13
* SEFunctions.h, cBaseObject.h, cBaseobject.cpp:
Code for tags on characters and items. JS functions:
SetTag(objectID, objectType, tagname, tagval);
GetTag(objectID, objectType, tagname);
GetNumTags(objectID, objectType);
2001-11-04 14:19 shadowlord13
* SEFunctions.cpp:
Code for tags on characters and items. JS functions:
SetTag(objectID, objectType, tagname, tagval);
GetTag(objectID, objectType, tagname);
GetNumTags(objectID, objectType);
2001-11-04 12:29 shadowlord13
* network.cpp:
When someone clicks 'plot course' on a map, the server prints a
message to that effect, but that's all it does.
2001-11-04 12:29 shadowlord13
* cScript.cpp:
Added StringToNum and NumToString to the list of functions usable
in JS scripts.
2001-11-04 10:38 bpass
* cAccount.cpp, uox3.h:
Small auto accounts fix
2001-11-03 21:53 bpass
* cServerDefinitions.cpp, cSocket.cpp:
Small crash Fixes
2001-11-03 13:00 shadowlord13
* uox3.cpp:
Changed four comparisons, which were comparing a char to NULL (NULL
is for pointers!) to comparing the char to '\0'.
2001-11-03 12:59 shadowlord13
* mapstuff.cpp:
Commented out an unneccessary assert. It was checking to make sure
a unsigned integer was >=0.
2001-11-03 12:58 shadowlord13
* effect.cpp:
Fixed an erroneous comment "lord binary, body-values >0x3e crash
the client." He meant 0x3e1.
2001-11-03 12:52 shadowlord13
* network.cpp:
Fixed crash on logout.
2001-11-01 20:58 bpass
* fileio.cpp, pointer.cpp:
Different Sound :o)
2001-11-01 20:25 shadowlord13
* uox3.h:
Compiles under MingW also now.
2001-11-01 20:15 shadowlord13
* uox3.cpp:
Compiles under MingW also now.
2001-11-01 19:38 shadowlord13
* tags.h:
2001-11-01 16:04 bpass
* fileio.cpp, pointer.cpp:
*sigh* Fixes for splines.
2001-11-01 15:50 bpass
* combat.cpp, fileio.cpp, pointer.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Small Combat fixes
2001-11-01 07:36 bpass
* pointer.cpp:
2001-10-31 19:48 bpass
* pointer.cpp:
Small Fix
2001-10-31 19:39 bpass
* fileio.cpp, pointer.cpp:
2001-10-30 19:10 bpass
* uox3.cpp:
Console Thread Cleanups
2001-10-29 18:51 bpass
* cAccount.cpp, cAccount.h, cBaseobject.cpp, cItem.cpp, uox3.cpp:
*chants* Death to all crash bugs! Aieeeeeee!!
2001-10-29 14:56 bpass
* cConsole.cpp, cConsole.h:
Small Linux Fix
2001-10-29 14:16 bpass
* cAccount.cpp, cBaseobject.cpp, cConsole.cpp, cItem.cpp,
cThreadQueue.cpp, house.cpp, network.cpp, npcs.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Fix for vendors' stuff not being displayed.
2001-10-29 10:41 bpass
* cConsole.cpp, cConsole.h:
Mr. Fixit console cleanups
2001-10-29 10:20 bpass
* SEFunctions.cpp:
Tweak for File i/o
2001-10-29 09:50 bpass
* cBaseobject.cpp, cItem.cpp, combat.cpp, speech.cpp:
Fix for criminal flagging
2001-10-28 21:06 bpass
* SEFunctions.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Quick linux fix for new SE Functions
2001-10-28 18:25 bpass
* SEFunctions.cpp, SEFunctions.h, cScript.cpp:
FileOpen, FileClose, EnfOfFile, Read, ReadUntil, Write,
StringToNum, NumToString JSE functions for File I/O in uox
jscripts. FileOpen does not allow files containing "..""\", or
2001-10-28 17:09 darkangelab
* ai.cpp, boats.cpp, cChar.cpp, cItem.cpp, calcfuncs.cpp,
cmdtable.cpp, combat.cpp, commands.cpp, effect.cpp, html.cpp,
items.cpp, movement.cpp, network.cpp, network.h, npcs.cpp,
skills.cpp, sound.cpp, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp,
vendor.cpp, xgm.cpp:
Updated network code to preserve iterators when a socket loop is
2001-10-28 16:09 bpass
* SEFunctions.cpp, boats.cpp, cmdtable.cpp, commands.cpp,
msgboard.cpp, network.cpp, npcs.cpp, skills.cpp, trigger.cpp,
Console output cleanups.
2001-10-28 13:51 bpass
* uox3.cpp:
Still trying to fix the grabItem/worldsave crash,
2001-10-28 13:03 bpass
* uox3.cpp:
Huge crash fix for grabItem
2001-10-28 12:03 bpass
* cItem.cpp, cServerDefinitions.cpp, network.cpp, regions.cpp,
uox3.cpp, worldmain.cpp:
Small fix or two
2001-10-25 22:15 seank
* ChangeLog, townregion.cpp, uox3.dox:
Added uox3.dox and other minor sync tweaks
2001-10-25 21:40 bpass
* cBaseobject.cpp, cChar.cpp, cItem.cpp, cItem.h, cServerData.cpp,
cServerDefinitions.cpp, cSpawnRegion.cpp, calcfuncs.cpp,
cmdtable.cpp, combat.cpp, commands.cpp, fileio.cpp, html.cpp,
items.cpp, magic.cpp, network.cpp, network.h, npcs.cpp, power.h,
regions.cpp, speech.cpp, uox3.cpp, worldmain.cpp:
Lots of MAJOR crash fixes. From the test server. A few extra
console output cleanups.
2001-10-25 13:26 bpass
* Dictionary.cpp, Dictionary.h, cClick.cpp, cConsole.cpp,
combat.cpp, speech.cpp:
2001-10-24 18:10 bpass
* uox3.h:
Build 0.95.06
2001-10-24 17:28 bpass
* cAccount.cpp, cGuild.cpp, commands.cpp, fileio.cpp, magic.cpp,
mapstuff.cpp, network.cpp, regions.cpp, skills.cpp, speech.cpp,
uox3.cpp, uox3.h, worldmain.cpp:
Lots of crash fixes, a few bug fixes, General console output clean
up (it's pretty now!)
2001-10-24 13:49 bpass
* uox3.cpp:
Testing something
2001-10-23 17:24 bpass
* cSocket.cpp, cSocket.h, packets.h, uox3.cpp:
More fixes! yay!
2001-10-23 16:09 bpass
* cChar.cpp, cItem.cpp, cScript.cpp, cmdtable.cpp, npcs.cpp,
trigger.cpp, trigger.h, uox3.cpp:
More Crash fixes (a few biggies) and a fix for horse mounts
2001-10-23 09:19 bpass
* cScript.cpp, npcs.cpp, targeting.cpp, trigger.cpp:
Crash fix for stupid error.
2001-10-22 20:31 bpass
* cScript.cpp:
Little fix to onSpeech: make text lower case so comparisons can be
2001-10-17 13:55 bpass
* cItem.cpp, cmdtable.cpp:
A few fixes.... Is abaddon dead?
2001-10-08 17:41 darkangelab
* skills.cpp, worldmain.cpp:
Made sure that resources.bin is saved/loaded each world save
Updated TreeTarget code so that it should always generate logs when
targeted (and logs exist)
2001-10-07 16:38 darkangelab
* cAccount.cpp:
Fixed an account reload bug that reset all characters, reloading
accounts now preserves existing characters in the list
2001-10-02 21:17 darkangelab
* cSocket.cpp:
If the build is a debug build (not release), then it turns socket
logging on by default (off in release)
2001-10-02 01:51 darkangelab
* cChar.cpp, cChar.h, combat.cpp, pcmanage.cpp, skills.cpp,
sound.cpp, uox3.cpp, uoxstruct.h:
Slight tidy up in PC creation
Added some more useful functions to CChar to clean up some code
Redid creat_st to be more OO, with constructor and access
Added in known animals based on UOTD information
Fixed setcharflag so that it only makes animals highlight blue in
an animals guarded region
2001-09-27 22:04 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, SEFunctions.h, cScript.cpp:
Added a GetWorldNumber function for use in scripts
2001-09-27 21:27 darkangelab
* boats.cpp, cChar.cpp, cClick.cpp, cRaces.cpp, cmdtable.cpp,
commands.cpp, funcdecl.h, packets.cpp, pcmanage.cpp,
townregion.cpp, typedefs.h, uox3.cpp, uox3.h, xgm.cpp:
Fixed some warnings and did some cleanups
Validated map transference based on client type
Added in recognition of third dawn client
Updated some typedef's to properly reflect their correct sizes
2001-09-27 19:13 darkangelab
* gumps.cpp:
Extended entry fields for gumps by 2 that require numbers, so that
hex values can be validly entered
2001-09-27 19:11 darkangelab
* cItem.cpp, cItem.h, cSpawnRegion.cpp, calcfuncs.cpp, classes.h,
effect.cpp, gumps.cpp, house.cpp, items.cpp, npcs.cpp, skills.cpp,
targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Updated item spawn code so that it is properly put into the right
Updated carpentry checks so that all planks and logs will fire the
Updated the makemenu handling so that if a bad item is created,
then it turns off the skills being used
2001-09-27 00:45 darkangelab
* funcdecl.h, items.cpp, npcs.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Miscellaneous code cleanup / warning removal / dead function
2001-09-27 00:33 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, cScript.cpp, cSpawnRegion.cpp, classes.h,
globals.cpp, items.cpp, magic.cpp, necro.cpp, npcs.cpp,
targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp, uox3.h, uoxstruct.h:
Cleaned up code
Added code to properly spawn NPCs in the correct worlds
Added world transfer support to teleport.scp
2001-09-26 19:13 darkangelab
* ai.cpp, archive.cpp, boats.cpp, cBaseObject.h, cBaseobject.cpp,
cChar.cpp, cChar.h, cClick.cpp, cGuild.cpp, cItem.cpp, cRaces.cpp,
cScript.cpp, cServerData.cpp, cServerDefinitions.cpp, cSocket.cpp,
cSpawnRegion.cpp, cSpawnRegion.h, calcfuncs.cpp, classes.h,
cmdtable.cpp, combat.cpp, dist.cpp, door.cpp, enums.h, fileio.cpp,
fileio.h, funcdecl.h, gumps.cpp, house.cpp, items.cpp,
SEFunctions.cpp, jail.cpp, lineofsight.cpp, magic.cpp,
mapstuff.cpp, mapstuff.h, movement.cpp, movement.h, msgboard.cpp,
network.cpp, npcs.cpp, packets.cpp, packets.h, pcmanage.cpp,
queue.cpp, regions.cpp, regions.h, skills.cpp, sound.cpp,
speech.cpp, targeting.cpp, townregion.cpp, townregion.h,
trigger.cpp, typedefs.h, uox3.cpp, uoxstruct.h, vendor.cpp,
Cleaned up a lot of code
Fixed a calcRegionFromXY bug
Fixed a bug where CACHE_MULS of 1 would never actually cache
Added UOTD map support
Added item type 89 (map change gate), with MoreXYZ being target
location, and MORE being the world number
NOTE: Currently, NO items or NPCs will spawn in any world apart
from 0. Thus, once you're there, you can't get back short of
modifying the world file. This WILL be fixed within the day
2001-09-25 21:05 darkangelab
* cChar.cpp, mapstuff.cpp, mapstuff.h, msgboard.cpp, network.cpp,
Code cleanups / tidy ups
Slight reorganization in lieu of preparation of Ilshenar support
Added multi area caching, speeding up routines which rely on the
size of the multi area
2001-09-25 19:34 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, cBaseObject.h, cBaseobject.cpp, cChar.cpp,
cGuild.cpp, cGuild.h, cItem.cpp, cMagic.h, cMultiObj.cpp,
cMultiObj.h, cRaces.cpp, cServerData.cpp, cServerData.h,
cSocket.cpp, cSocket.h, cWeather.cpp, charhandle.cpp, cmdtable.cpp,
combat.cpp, combat.h, dist.cpp, door.cpp, effect.cpp, fileio.cpp,
funcdecl.h, globals.cpp, gumps.cpp, handlers.h, hash.cpp,
house.cpp, html.cpp, itemhandler.cpp, magic.cpp, movement.cpp,
movement.h, network.cpp, skills.cpp, skills.h, ssection.cpp,
ssection.h, townregion.cpp, townregion.h, typedefs.h, uox3.cpp,
uoxstruct.h, worldmain.cpp, worldmain.h:
Replaced the vast majority of short with either SI16 or UI16, make
it much more CPU independent
Fixed a bug where deleting a multi (via deeding or 'showhs) would
cause a crash if anyone came near it or the world was saved
Cleaned up a number of warnings
2001-09-25 18:09 darkangelab
* cAccount.cpp, cServerDefinitions.cpp, cmdtable.cpp, commands.cpp,
globals.cpp, gumps.cpp, network.cpp, uox3.cpp, uox3.h,
worldmain.cpp, worldmain.h:
Removed some superfluous global objects
Removed some dead / unused code
Cleaned up a fair number of warnings
Added code so that players timed out during a world save won't get
kicked instantly
2001-09-24 23:29 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, books.cpp, books.h, cAccount.cpp, cItem.cpp,
effect.cpp, globals.cpp, skills.cpp, uox3.cpp, uox3.h, uoxstruct.h,
Fixed a MoreB and More corruption bug when setting just a part of
Cleaned up some signed/unsigned warnings
Writes out accounts.adm on save now, instead of accounts2.adm
Fixed integer instead of float issues
Removed a global that could be better served as a static local
skillNumber in a struct was reduced from UI16 to UI08
2001-09-24 22:49 darkangelab
* cAccount.cpp, cAccount.h, cGuild.cpp:
Fixed an auto account creation bug that was causing new characters
to be put in the wrong account
Updated the account reading code to ensure no duplicate numbers on
reading old / mixture of old and new
NOTE: If you want your current account 0 to stay that way, then you
2001-09-24 18:26 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, cServerData.h, cSocket.cpp, cSocket.h,
network.cpp, newbie.cpp:
Cleaned up some warnings
Fixed some variable size issues
Added all UOTD animations (bow, salute, and so on)
2001-09-24 16:06 darkangelab
* PageVector.h, SEFunctions.cpp, archive.cpp, boats.cpp,
cBaseobject.cpp, cClick.cpp, cGuild.cpp, cItem.cpp, cItem.h,
cMultiObj.cpp, cServerData.cpp, cServerData.h,
cServerDefinitions.cpp, cSpawnRegion.cpp, cSpawnRegion.h,
cmdtable.cpp, combat.cpp, commands.cpp, funcdecl.h, house.cpp,
itemhandler.cpp, items.cpp, jail.cpp, network.cpp, queue.cpp,
regions.cpp, ssection.cpp, townregion.cpp, trigger.cpp, uox3.cpp,
uox3.h, uoxlinux.h, wholist.cpp, worldmain.cpp, xgm.cpp:
Cleaned up a lot of code
Reduced some signed/unsigned issues
Forced signed/unsigned issues and a couple of other warnings to
level 3
Fixed up the archiving routines so that it properly archives world
files correctly
2001-09-21 01:47 darkangelab
* network.cpp, network.h, typedefs.h, uoxstruct.h:
Removed anonymous unions of structs, as the flexibility provided
was not being used
Increased compiler compatability
2001-09-20 20:24 darkangelab
* cChar.cpp, cItem.cpp, cItem.h, cRaces.cpp, cRaces.h,
cServerData.h, typedefs.h:
Increased source portability, removing some of the limitations in
place preventing gcc 2.95.3 from compiling
2001-09-19 18:38 darkangelab
* cChar.cpp, cmdtable.cpp, cmdtable.h, magic.cpp, packets.cpp,
typedefs.h, uoxstruct.h:
Removed the useless command 'house
Added 2 more consts, INVALIDID and INVALIDCOLOUR
Used INVALIDID and INVALIDCOLOUR where appropriate
'poly and 'add now accept a single parameter
2001-09-18 22:30 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, SEFunctions.h, cScript.cpp, uox3.h:
Updated version to 0.95.04 Build 2
Added GetBaseSkill function to the JS engine
2001-09-17 23:03 darkangelab
* calcfuncs.cpp, cmdtable.cpp, commands.cpp, fileio.cpp,
funcdecl.h, globals.cpp, hash.cpp, items.cpp, trigger.cpp,
uox3.cpp, uox3.h:
Removed the need for script1 and script2 on a global scope
calcLastContainerFromSer is only ever called from items.scp, so
it's only predeclared in that scope
Moved and updated readscript( FILE * ) and read2( FILE * ) to
Fixed a crash bug due to hash table stuff
Removed the need for cline
2001-09-17 21:53 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, ai.cpp, boats.cpp, books.cpp, cAccount.cpp,
cBaseobject.cpp, cChar.cpp, cChar.h, cClick.cpp, cGuild.cpp,
cItem.cpp, cItem.h, cScript.cpp, cScript.h, cServerData.cpp,
cSocket.cpp, calcfuncs.cpp, charhandle.cpp, cmdtable.cpp,
combat.cpp, door.cpp, effect.cpp, findfuncs.cpp, funcdecl.h,
globals.cpp, gumps.cpp, hash.cpp, hash.h, house.cpp, html.cpp,
itemhandler.cpp, items.cpp, lineofsight.cpp, magic.cpp,
movement.cpp, msgboard.cpp, necro.cpp, network.cpp, npcs.cpp,
packets.cpp, pcmanage.cpp, quantityfuncs.cpp, queue.cpp,
regions.cpp, skills.cpp, sound.cpp, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp,
townregion.cpp, townregion.h, typedefs.h, uox3.cpp, uox3.h,
vendor.cpp, wholist.cpp, wholist.h, xgm.cpp:
Converted items and chars to UI32's to allow many more (double) the
amount of characters/items in a world.
Changed -1 Item/Char checks to INVALIDSERIAL checks.
Many ints converted to smaller containers to save wasted resources.
Misc minor bugfixes/cleanups.
2001-09-17 20:07 darkangelab
* cRaces.cpp, cRaces.h, cWeather.cpp, funcdecl.h, necro.cpp,
skills.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Minor clean ups and tidy ups
Converted some funcs to take a single ID rather than the split IDs
Converted weather damage for races to be signed (to support
2001-09-17 19:43 bpass
* network.h:
2001-09-17 19:33 bpass
* network.cpp, network.h, uox3.cpp:
2001-09-17 19:27 bpass
* cChar.cpp:
2001-09-17 18:43 rmcadams
* cmdtable.cpp:
fix on xgate addition
2001-09-17 18:37 bpass
* cChar.cpp:
Fixed Login Reconnect and offline death bugs
2001-09-17 18:35 rmcadams
* cmdtable.cpp, cmdtable.h:
Xgate addition
2001-09-16 21:33 darkangelab
* cClick.cpp:
Double clicking on a gate will no longer send you to 0 0 0
2001-09-16 21:17 darkangelab
* magic.cpp:
Updated gate code so that you don't land right on the output gate
2001-09-16 21:03 darkangelab
* PageVector.h, SEFunctions.cpp, cChar.cpp, cConsole.cpp,
cGuild.cpp, cItem.cpp, cRaces.cpp, cScript.cpp, cSocket.cpp,
charhandle.cpp, classes.h, cmdtable.cpp, debug.cpp, effect.cpp,
globals.cpp, im.cpp, items.cpp, jail.cpp, magic.cpp, queue.cpp,
skills.cpp, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp, townregion.cpp, uox3.cpp,
uox3.h, uoxlinux.h:
Number of fixes / cleanups as available from Punt
Fixed a bug with makeNum under windows not supporting a large range
of data types, possibly resulting in things like empty spellbooks
Removed some dead and superfluous code
Removed the existing gate code, and replaced it with other code,
reducing memory consumption further.
2001-09-16 17:55 toinzane
* gumps.cpp:
Added error-checking to entrygump() to prevent crashes on bad
dictionary entries.
2001-09-16 17:41 toinzane
* targeting.cpp:
Removed a superfluous if (which would always be true) that caused
warnings under some compilers.
2001-09-16 17:36 darkangelab
* funcdecl.h, magic.cpp, mapstuff.cpp, uox3.h:
Slight clean up / tidy ups
Broke out the gate creation code into it's own function, SpawnGate
Sync'd an extern and declare so that they're declared the same
2001-09-14 18:48 darkangelab
* combat.cpp, gumps.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Removed some dead combat code
dumpgump.txt only generated in debug mode
Updated auto stack handling to avoid a possible crash
2001-09-13 21:53 darkangelab
* uox3.cpp:
Caused autoStack and dropItemOnChar to return true if an item was
deleted due to stacking
Adjusted code so that if an item was deleted, it wasn't used in sfx
functions or other functions related to dropping
2001-09-13 21:07 darkangelab
* magic.cpp:
Fixed a bug where if you received a message like "You are already
casting a spell" it would alter the spell you were already casting
2001-09-13 21:01 darkangelab
* uox3.cpp:
Fixed a Win32 command bug where hex values weren't being read
Updated makenumber() to call makeNum()
makeNum() will now check for x or X instead of just x
2001-09-13 18:54 darkangelab
* uox3.h:
2001-09-13 18:24 seank
* ChangeLog:
updated changelog
2001-09-13 07:20 toinzane
* combat.cpp:
Made use of an #ifdef for debugging combat spam
2001-09-13 03:36 darkangelab
* PageVector.h, boats.cpp, cAccount.cpp, cClick.cpp, cConsole.cpp,
cConsole.h, cGuild.cpp, cMagic.h, cRaces.cpp, cSocket.cpp,
cSocket.h, cSpawnRegion.cpp, classes.h, cmdtable.cpp, cmdtable.h,
combat.cpp, commands.cpp, effect.cpp, funcdecl.h, gumps.cpp,
house.cpp, items.cpp, magic.cpp, mapstuff.cpp, msgboard.cpp,
necro.cpp, network.cpp, pcmanage.cpp, power.h, skills.cpp,
speech.cpp, targeting.cpp, townregion.cpp, uox3.cpp, uoxstruct.h,
vendor.cpp, wholist.cpp, worldmain.cpp:
Started to improve STLPort compatability with VC6
Fixed some signed/unsigned errors
Forced some functions to take const char * instead of char *
General clean up / tidy ups
Greatly reduced number of cast's required by the source
2001-09-12 22:19 darkangelab
* cItem.cpp, cItem.h, cmdtable.cpp, commands.cpp, effect.cpp,
funcdecl.h, gump.h, gumps.cpp, magic.cpp, magic.h, targeting.cpp,
uox3.cpp, uoxstruct.h:
create.scp item creation now tracks which entry it was made from
CItem now has some more const'd functions (weather related)
Removed the unnecessary function hexnumber()
'Skin now takes 1 parameter, not 2 (combined ID)
'Dye now takes 1 parameter, not 2 (combined ID)
'sfx now takes 1 or 2 parameters (combined ID, or separate)
'gumpopen now takes 1 or 2 parameters (combined ID, or separate)
'delid now takes 1 or 2 parameters (combined ID, or separate)
cGump::Open() takes 3 params, not 4 (combined IDs)
DiamondSpell(), FloodSpell(), SquareSpell() and FieldSpell()
updated to take a combined ID, not separate
Smelting heavily rewritten, so that it returns half the resources
required to make it
2001-09-10 20:50 toinzane
* boats.cpp, cChar.cpp, cSpawnRegion.cpp:
Documented cSpawnRegion.cpp
Fixed an error where an Unsigned Char was possibly set with
negative values in boats.cpp
Fixed petguarding set to -1 in CChar constructor.
2001-09-10 20:48 seank
* ChangeLog, queue.cpp:
sort needs algorithm
2001-09-10 20:35 darkangelab
* PageVector.h, cmdtable.cpp, cmdtable.h, commands.cpp,
network.cpp, network.h, queue.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Changed the gmpage_st to a HelpRequest class
Updated and latered HelpRequest to lay groundwork for reorganized
GM queues
Cleaned up some code
Added PeakConnectionCount member to cNetworkStuff
Hid some unnecessary public functions in cNetworkStuff
Removed the 'wanim command completely
2001-09-10 20:30 darkangelab
* regions.cpp:
Fixed a crash bug that occurred when nearing the edge of a map
2001-09-10 19:53 darkangelab
* books.cpp, xgm.cpp, xgm.h:
Added placeholder for show queue request xGM packet
Updated the ping packet so that it will return the time of the
Simplified the Cns and GM logged in code
Cleaned up some code
2001-09-09 19:30 darkangelab
* cServerData.cpp, cServerData.h, funcdecl.h, globals.cpp,
house.cpp, uox3.cpp, uox3.h:
Removed hstr2num as it's no longer used
Converted last use of hstr2num to makeNum
Fixed the auto save bug
Simplified the uox3test.ini output, as well as reading it's input
2001-09-09 18:38 darkangelab
* cRaces.cpp:
Reorganized the layout of the code in race transformation
Fixed a bug where it would try and colourize a beard object that
didn't exist
2001-09-09 18:32 darkangelab
* cRaces.cpp:
REQUIREBEARD is off by default
2001-09-07 09:10 toinzane
* cClick.cpp, cSpawnRegion.cpp, cmdtable.cpp, cmdtable.h,
funcdecl.h, globals.cpp, pcmanage.cpp, skills.cpp, skills.h,
targeting.cpp, typedefs.h, uox3.h, weight.cpp:
Minor cleanups / fixes.
Removed some superfluous globals and #defines
2001-09-06 18:31 darkangelab
* trigger.cpp:
Fixed envoke.scp parsing under windows
NOTE This requires that you update your scpTrig.scp file to include
explicit 0x for denoting hex values
2001-09-06 18:14 darkangelab
* cThreadQueue.h, uox3.cpp:
Fixed the console broadcast corruption bug
2001-09-06 17:49 darkangelab
* uox3.cpp:
Add GUIINFORMATION to menus.scp valid tags, which is a gump based
display of current VERSION and INFORMATION tags
VERSION tag in menus.scp now properly displays the version
2001-09-05 21:33 toinzane
* boats.cpp, cChar.cpp, cItem.cpp, cmdtable.cpp, items.cpp,
npcs.cpp, targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp:
More work on mapregion stuff
Improved how CItem and CChar destructors clean up after themselves.
Misc minor cleanups / fixes
2001-09-05 20:59 darkangelab
* cmdtable.cpp, commands.cpp, gumps.cpp, house.cpp, items.cpp,
magic.cpp, npcs.cpp, targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Converted some calls to SetX and SetY to use SetLocation
Cleaned up some code
2001-09-04 18:11 darkangelab
* cServerData.cpp:
Fixed a linux path mapping bug
2001-09-03 18:29 toinzane
* cClick.cpp, cGuild.cpp, cItem.cpp, cRaces.cpp, commands.cpp,
gumps.cpp, items.cpp, magic.cpp, npcs.cpp, skills.cpp,
townregion.cpp, uox3.cpp:
makeNum() now handles octal, hex, and decimal (thanks seank).
Fixed a bug with guildstone names (and setting a name to any
Misc minor cleanups/fixes
2001-09-03 18:13 darkangelab
* globals.cpp, items.cpp, npcs.cpp, uox3.cpp, uox3.h:
Removed some unnecessary globals
Removed some crash bugs caused by faulty code ('remove on items
should work correctly, amongst other things)
2001-09-03 16:55 darkangelab
* cBaseobject.cpp, skills.cpp:
Believe the rename crash bug has been fixed (doesn't crash at all
for me)
Fixed the mining bug where no ore would come up
2001-09-02 17:56 darkangelab
* cScript.cpp:
Added GetLightLevel to the function table so that it can be called
2001-09-02 15:17 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, cBaseobject.cpp, cItem.cpp, skills.cpp:
Added harkon's fixes for the SE functions GetPackOwner, FindMulti
and SpawnItem
Updated CItem::SetLocation so that it updates the multi value
(should fix the guildstone placement bug)
Slight tidy up in cbaseobject.cpp to initialize a variable to NULL
2001-08-29 18:31 darkangelab
* cScript.cpp:
harkon fixed a script function lookup problem
2001-08-28 19:31 toinzane
* books.cpp, cAccount.cpp, cBaseobject.cpp, cChar.cpp, cGuild.cpp,
cItem.cpp, cMultiObj.cpp, cRaces.cpp, cServerData.cpp,
cServerDefinitions.cpp, cSpawnRegion.cpp, cWeather.cpp,
commands.cpp, funcdecl.h, gumps.cpp, house.cpp, html.cpp,
items.cpp, jail.cpp, magic.cpp, msgboard.cpp, necro.cpp,
network.cpp, newbie.cpp, npcs.cpp, skills.cpp, targeting.cpp,
townregion.cpp, trigger.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Changed many atoi() calls to makeNum() calls to allow support of
2001-08-28 17:05 toinzane
* books.cpp, books.h, cClick.cpp, cServerData.cpp, cServerData.h,
cSpawnRegion.cpp, itemhandler.cpp, network.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Fixed some issues with books.
Possible crash fixes with SpawnRegions
2001-08-23 22:46 seank
* ChangeLog, uox3.h:
minor linux fix for ioctl
2001-08-23 22:07 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, cAccount.cpp, cAccount.h, cBaseObject.h,
cBaseobject.cpp, cChar.cpp, cChar.h, cItem.cpp, cItem.h,
cMultiObj.cpp, cServerData.cpp, cServerData.h,
cServerDefinitions.cpp, cSocket.cpp, cSocket.h, cWeather.cpp,
cmdtable.cpp, fileio.cpp, funcdecl.h, hash.cpp, items.cpp,
mapstuff.cpp, network.cpp, network.h, npcs.cpp, speech.cpp,
teffect.h, trigger.cpp, typedefs.h, uox3.cpp, uox3.h:
Overall clean up and tidy ups
Removed the need for typedef'ing UINT, INT, UCHAR, CHAR, and TCHAR,
making use of their UI32 and such equivalents
Removed some of the need for #ifdef'ing (removing about 20
references to it)
2001-08-23 22:06 seank
added cSpawnRegion.cpp to the makefile
2001-08-23 19:56 darkangelab
* packets.cpp, packets.h:
Due to Beniam's information, been able to implement an input packet
class to handle packet 0xC8
2001-08-23 18:33 darkangelab
* itemhandler.cpp, xgm.cpp:
Updated xGM who packet, so that it properly reflects those who are
logging out / offline
Item handler now throws an exception (for debugging purposes) if a
valid items[] number is used, but the object is NULL
2001-08-22 21:15 darkangelab
* cItem.cpp, charhandle.cpp, handlers.h, itemhandler.cpp,
items.cpp, uox3.cpp:
CItem destructor does meaningful work now (and simplifies
Item and Char handlers now clean themselves up programmatically,
rather than automatically
Bit of code cleanliness
2001-08-22 20:21 darkangelab
* cChar.cpp, cItem.cpp, cMultiObj.cpp, charhandle.cpp,
cmdtable.cpp, html.cpp, itemhandler.cpp, items.cpp, npcs.cpp,
sound.cpp, targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Clean ups / tidy ups to various sections of code
Fixed the summon daemon death crash that was occurring
Changed deathstuff to not use invalid pointers after character
2001-08-22 19:15 toinzane
* UOX3_Official.dsp:
Added cSpawnRegion.cpp and cSpawnRegion.h to the project file.
2001-08-22 19:12 toinzane
* cSpawnRegion.cpp, cSpawnRegion.h:
Implemented cSpawnRegion
2001-08-22 19:04 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, UOX3_Official.dsp, cChar.cpp, classes.h,
cmdtable.cpp, commands.cpp, commands.h, funcdecl.h, globals.cpp,
items.cpp, necro.cpp, npcs.cpp, regions.cpp, targeting.cpp,
townregion.cpp, uox3.cpp, uox3.h, uoxstruct.h:
Many fixes / cleanups with spawnregions.
Broke spawnregions into their own class cSpawnRegion.
Minor fixes / cleanups.
2001-08-21 20:10 darkangelab
* npcs.cpp:
Updated DeleteChar() to reduce need to call calcCharFromSer, fixing
a potential delete bug
2001-08-21 19:38 darkangelab
* globals.cpp, items.cpp, uox3.h:
Removed an unnecessary global variable
Tidied up DeleItem() a little
2001-08-21 19:32 darkangelab
* cGuild.cpp, cGuild.h, items.cpp:
gList is now a map< GuildID, CGuild * > instead of vector< CGuild *
This allows for nonsequential guild numbers, and solves a guild
removal bug
Fixed a bug where characters were never actually removed from their
Fixed up DeleItem so that items.Delete() is called with a proper
var (as well as ispawnsp.Remove())
2001-08-21 17:24 toinzane
* cGuild.cpp:
Fixed some bad loops in CGuild (Should fix several crash bugs with
2001-08-21 15:07 toinzane
* cAccount.cpp, network.cpp:
Fixed auto-account creation bug (Thanks Fixit)
2001-08-21 06:44 toinzane
* cGuild.cpp, gumps.cpp:
Guildstones are now properly removed when last member resigns.
Fixed resign code so players who aren't in a guild can't resign
(thus crashing the server).
Fixed some possible endless loops.
Resized new tweak menus a bit.
2001-08-21 02:34 darkangelab
* funcdecl.h, trigger.cpp, typedefs.h, xgm.cpp:
Removed some dead and unused code
Updated some documentation in xgm.cpp
2001-08-20 19:18 darkangelab
* cAccount.cpp, network.cpp, pcmanage.cpp, typedefs.h, uox3.cpp,
xgm.cpp, xgm.h:
Added in Access Level Change Request and Response for xGM (courtesy
of JoeMC)
Added who's offline support
ACTREC's inworld is now a SERIAL instead of a char index, allowing
for better speed and flexibility
General code clean up / tidy ups
Must be online or an NPC to sustain hunger damage or change of
hunger status
2001-08-20 14:22 toinzane
* gumps.cpp:
Documented gumps.cpp
2001-08-20 13:52 toinzane
* gumps.cpp:
Removed an un-needed debug message.
2001-08-20 13:09 toinzane
* cGuild.cpp, cItem.cpp, cItem.h, cScript.cpp, cmdtable.cpp,
commands.cpp, funcdecl.h, gump.h, gumps.cpp, items.cpp, queue.cpp,
skills.cpp, targeting.cpp, townregion.cpp, wholist.cpp:
Removed ItemHand() stuff entirely, (This will cause your worldfile
to report invalid tags, this is normal, just save and reload the
world file).
Completely re-wrote the tweak menu. Divided it into two seperate
menus (Items and Characters) Looks much nicer, has far more
functionality, and is much easier to modify now.
Misc minor cleanups
2001-08-19 21:15 darkangelab
* uox3.h:
Version 0.95.04
2001-08-19 18:56 darkangelab
* cServerData.cpp, cServerData.h, globals.cpp, network.cpp, uox3.h:
Updated so that UOX_PORT is no longer required
GetServerPort and SetServerPort modify an internal listen port
Listen port now binds to GetServerPort of cServerData
Reads server.scp before uox3.ini now, to ensure proper PORTness
2001-08-19 17:49 darkangelab
* xgm.cpp:
Fixed a client version receive crash bug
2001-08-19 17:30 darkangelab
* xgm.cpp:
Updated GMLoggedIn and CnsLoggedIn to actually properly return the
GMs / Counselors logged in rather than the total number of them
2001-08-17 17:33 toinzane
* cBaseobject.cpp, cGuild.cpp, packets.cpp:
Weblaunch bug fixed.
Fixed guild name crash bug (caused by long guild names).
Changed Guildmaster Title length to max 15 characters. (was only 3
2001-08-17 16:23 toinzane
* boats.cpp, cServerData.cpp, cServerData.h, movement.cpp,
skills.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Cleaned up checkauto() and broke it down into more functions to
improve speed / readability.
Fixed boats dissapearing bug.
Got rid of BEGGINGTEXT stuff in favor of dictionary entries.
Misc minor cleanups / fixes.
2001-08-16 22:51 toinzane
* targeting.cpp:
Fixed a minor (stupid) bug with my latest source.
2001-08-16 21:27 toinzane
* targeting.cpp, targeting.h:
Removed some unneeded code.
2001-08-16 21:18 toinzane
* cServerDefinitions.cpp, npcs.cpp, targeting.cpp, targeting.h,
Minor cleanups in targeting.
Added support for CARVE.scp using the groundwork Abaddon put in
earlier. (note this requrires you add a new /carve/ dir in
/dfndata/ and put the carve.scp from the scripts CVS in it.)
Misc minor cleanups.
2001-08-16 18:46 darkangelab
* xgm.cpp:
Server version response actually sends the real version and not 0
2001-08-16 18:15 darkangelab
* xgm.cpp:
Fixed a crash bug when trying to get a serverstat and the object
was being destroyed
2001-08-16 14:10 toinzane
* combat.cpp, combat.h, funcdecl.h, skills.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Fixed up guards and guard spawning;
Will no longer attack the person who called guards.
Now ensures there's no other guard (who isn't busy) in the area
before spawning a new guard.
Guards will no longer dissapear while in the midst of battle.
Misc minor cleanups.
2001-08-15 18:44 toinzane
* cAccount.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Minor fix in cAccounts.cpp.
More error-checking added to checkRegion()
2001-08-15 14:03 seank
* xgm.cpp:
Updated xgm perl stuff a bit..
2001-08-15 13:08 toinzane
* cAccount.cpp, cAccount.h, cChar.cpp, funcdecl.h, movement.cpp,
pcmanage.cpp, uox3.cpp, wholist.cpp, xgm.cpp:
Fixed the 'footsteps' bug.
Fixed a bug when accountflush was set > 0
Minor cleanups in how accounts are looped through.
Minor bugfix to startChar().
Cleaned up checkRegion().
2001-08-14 22:51 darkangelab
* cSocket.cpp, xgm.cpp, xgm.h:
Fixed non XGM client login bug
Generic clean ups / tidy ups
2001-08-14 22:15 darkangelab
* network.cpp, network.h, pcmanage.cpp, uox3.cpp:
setLastOn takes a cSocket * instead of a UOXSOCKET
Cleaned up some startChar() code to work correctly
Corrected a checkregion() bug that did an invalid pack check
2001-08-14 21:39 toinzane
* cSocket.cpp, network.h, skills.cpp:
Linux compile fixes (Thanks seank / Kot )
GM's can now gain skill.
2001-08-14 21:06 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, SEFunctions.h, UOX3_Official.dsp, cScript.cpp:
Added Get/Set More XYZ
Moved jail.cpp and jail.h into subsystem folders
2001-08-14 08:55 toinzane
* cItem.cpp, combat.cpp, items.cpp, typedefs.h, uox3.cpp,
Added MAX_STACK to determine how large stackables can be set.
Moved AutoStacking into its own function.
Broke dropItem() into two functions, dropItem() and
Fixed a combat bug that could cause NPC's to never swing at their
Misc minor cleanups.
2001-08-13 19:01 darkangelab
* cItem.cpp:
Updated SetCont so that items won't disappear oddly (and they will
still be saved)
2001-08-13 18:53 toinzane
* cChar.cpp, items.cpp, targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Fixed some issues with item Layers.
Depreciated usage of ITEMHAND in favor of LAYER.
Cleaned up wearItem() a bit.
Misc minor cleanups.
2001-08-13 17:48 darkangelab
* Dictionary.cpp, cSocket.cpp, effect.cpp, enums.h, magic.cpp,
network.h, speech.cpp, speech.h, uox3.cpp:
Cleaned up some dead code / unreachable code / useless code
Added distinct language support, collapsing all english flavours
into a single file, all german into a single file, and so on
Now require only roughly half a dozen dictionary files
Copy dictionary.zro from the scripts/release archive to scripts/ in
the installed directory. Duplicate it and rename the duplicates to
have extensions of UNK and ENG
2001-08-13 15:26 toinzane
* dist.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Minor bugfix in checkItemRange()
Cleaned up grabItem().
2001-08-12 19:40 toinzane
* boats.cpp, classes.h, npcs.cpp, pcmanage.cpp:
Added some NULL checks for added crash protection.
Gave Zippy credit for boats.cpp functions.
Documented AddNpcCreation().
2001-08-11 09:19 toinzane
* ai.cpp, classes.h, combat.cpp, funcdecl.h, lineofsight.cpp,
magic.cpp, movement.cpp, movement.h, skills.cpp, targeting.cpp:
NPC's no longer loose their targets as easily.
Change line_of_sight to LineOfSight() and fixed it up a bit.
Misc minor cleanups.
2001-08-10 14:48 toinzane
* cChar.cpp, combat.cpp, effect.cpp, movement.cpp, movement.h:
Fixed a bug causing bandages not to be used up and spit out an
invalid item refrence.
Added a check so a player cannot use any fighting skill while
running or walking, if they are walking, they will begin fighting
as soon as they stop, if they are running, they must wait a short
amount of time (scriptable based on stamina_regen).
Attackers now turn to face their opponent in combat if they are not
Misc minor cleanups.
2001-08-10 09:36 toinzane
* combat.cpp, items.cpp, magic.cpp, movement.cpp, necro.cpp,
npcs.cpp, pcmanage.cpp, sound.cpp, targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Added a check so archers cannot fire arrows while running.
Added a distance check so archers must be 2 or more tiles from
their targets.
Fixed a crash bug when using a 'make command on an offline
Several minor bugfixes.
Moved around some code in combat.cpp to speed up processing a bit.
Moved a few funcs out of uox3.cpp to files better suited for them.
Misc minor cleanups.
2001-08-09 20:49 darkangelab
* network.cpp, xgm.cpp:
Fixed some cPIXGMLogin bugs
Automatically flushes the xGM buffers now
2001-08-09 08:06 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, cChar.cpp, cChar.h, cClick.cpp, cScript.cpp,
effect.cpp, funcdecl.h, gumps.cpp, house.cpp, mapstuff.cpp,
mapstuff.h, pcmanage.cpp, sound.cpp, targeting.cpp:
More object conversions done.
Fixed a bug in checktempeffects() that would cause any tempeffect
without a character as the dest to fail.
2001-08-08 20:16 darkangelab
* cClick.cpp, items.cpp, speech.cpp:
Proper use of GetOwner() and GetOwnerObj() (fixing few crashes)
Tidied up doubleClick a little more
2001-08-08 15:28 toinzane
* cClick.cpp:
Fixed a bug with doubleclick not opening players paperdolls
2001-08-08 14:23 toinzane
* ai.cpp, books.cpp, books.h, cClick.cpp, cGuild.cpp, cmdtable.cpp,
commands.cpp, commands.h, funcdecl.h, gump.h, gumps.cpp, html.cpp,
jail.cpp, necro.cpp, network.cpp, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp,
uox3.cpp, vendor.cpp:
Many more object conversions.
2001-08-08 09:26 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, cClick.cpp, cItem.cpp, cMagic.h, calcfuncs.cpp,
combat.cpp, commands.cpp, commands.h, effect.cpp, findfuncs.cpp,
funcdecl.h, gumps.cpp, house.cpp, items.cpp, magic.cpp,
movement.cpp, necro.cpp, network.cpp, skills.cpp, targeting.cpp,
uox3.cpp, vendor.cpp:
Many more object conversions, further depreciated &items[] and
calcItemFromSer() usage.
2001-08-08 08:15 toinzane
* cItem.cpp, classes.h, npcs.cpp, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp:
Cleaned up pet command code.
Added new func stopPetGuarding() to simplify some code.
Fixed a bug causing a crash on death (was trying to set a long to a
CChar * )
Misc minor cleanups.
2001-08-07 23:23 darkangelab
* cItem.cpp, funcdecl.h, items.cpp, magic.cpp, quantityfuncs.cpp,
skills.cpp, targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Cleaned up some more code
Removed some redundant code
Reduced the need of &items[] style code
2001-08-07 22:33 darkangelab
* cClick.cpp, dist.cpp, targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Used GetOwnerObj() where possible
Cleaned up doubleClick() a little more
General code tidy ups
2001-08-07 22:16 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp, targeting.h:
BuyShop updated to take a CChar *
Generic code cleanups
2001-08-07 22:01 darkangelab
* cMagic.h, magic.cpp, skills.cpp:
CheckStamina(), CheckMana() and CheckHealth() now use CChar *
instead of CHARACTER
DirectDamage was removed
CheckParry for CHARACTER was removed
Log() for magic was updated to use CChar * instead of CHARACTER
Other minor code clean up / tidy ups
2001-08-07 21:42 darkangelab
* cMagic.h, magic.cpp:
Removed PFireballTarget as it was never used
Removed an unnecessary version of CheckResist
2001-08-07 21:35 darkangelab
* targeting.cpp:
Converted MakeStatusTarget() to make use of CChar * instead of
2001-08-07 20:22 darkangelab
* cChar.cpp, cMagic.h, cWeather.cpp, cWeather.hpp, combat.cpp,
commands.cpp, commands.h, effect.cpp, funcdecl.h, magic.cpp,
npcs.cpp, pcmanage.cpp, targeting.cpp, townregion.cpp,
townregion.h, uox3.cpp:
Removed some need for calcCharFromSer
Converted some funcs to use CChar * instead of CHARACTER
Cleaned up some code to make it more readable
Reduced dependence on &chars[] style code
2001-08-07 19:27 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, cmdtable.cpp, combat.cpp, commands.cpp,
effect.cpp, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp, townregion.cpp,
townregion.h, trade.cpp, uox3.cpp, vendor.cpp:
Fixed a duping bug
Removed more uses of calcCharFromSer
Optimized some code
2001-08-07 18:38 toinzane
* cClick.cpp, cmdtable.cpp, commands.cpp, gumps.cpp, magic.cpp,
movement.cpp, msgboard.cpp, network.cpp, skills.cpp, targeting.cpp,
Changed many sysmessage() messages to dict entries (make sure you
update your dictionary.zro)
2001-08-07 18:12 darkangelab
* gumps.cpp, packets.cpp, skills.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Updated CPTrackingArrow to reset properly on one constructor
Updated tracking code so that the menus work correctly again
Minor clean ups
2001-08-07 17:40 toinzane
* cGuild.cpp, cmdtable.cpp, commands.cpp, house.cpp, html.cpp,
im.cpp, msgboard.cpp, network.cpp, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp,
uox3.cpp, wholist.cpp:
Added crash protection to unsafe CurrcharObj() calls.
2001-08-07 17:17 darkangelab
* effect.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Allmight's night sight fixes
2001-08-07 17:13 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, cRaces.cpp, cRaces.h, cmdtable.cpp, effect.cpp,
funcdecl.h, skills.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Converted cRaces::gate to use a CChar * instead of a CHARACTER, and
bool instead of an int
Miscellaneous other cleanups
Removed the CHARACTER based version of statwindow()
2001-08-07 15:47 toinzane
* uox3.cpp:
Linux compile fixes.
2001-08-07 15:19 toinzane
* targeting.h:
Fixed yet another linux compile issue.
2001-08-07 13:47 toinzane
* combat.cpp:
Fixed a Linux compile problem.
2001-08-07 12:50 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, ai.cpp, cGuild.cpp, cMagic.h, cWeather.cpp,
cmdtable.cpp, commands.cpp, gumps.cpp, house.cpp, im.cpp,
items.cpp, magic.cpp, msgboard.cpp, necro.cpp, network.cpp,
skills.cpp, townregion.cpp, uox3.cpp, wholist.cpp:
Depreciated Currchar() usage almost entirely.
Misc minor cleanups.
2001-08-07 11:23 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, ai.cpp, cChar.cpp, cClick.cpp, cMagic.h,
cWeather.cpp, calcfuncs.cpp, classes.h, combat.cpp, door.cpp,
funcdecl.h, gumps.cpp, html.cpp, magic.cpp, movement.cpp,
network.cpp, newbie.cpp, pcmanage.cpp, skills.cpp, speech.cpp,
targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp, vendor.cpp, wholist.cpp:
Many object conversions done.
Misc minor cleanups.
2001-08-07 10:31 toinzane
* classes.h, itemhandler.cpp, items.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Minor cleanups in items.cpp
Removed a superfluous function.
Fixed an issue with pet guarding.
2001-08-07 09:43 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, cClick.cpp, classes.h, combat.cpp, magic.cpp,
Changed AddRandomNPC() to CreateRandomNpc().
Removed some superfluous code.
Minor cleanups.
2001-08-06 23:43 toinzane
* cClick.cpp, classes.h, combat.cpp, funcdecl.h, magic.cpp,
npcs.cpp, targeting.cpp, targeting.h, uox3.cpp:
Broke NpcCreation() in npcs.cpp into two functions (
CreateScriptNpc() and ApplyNpcSection ).
Fixed up AddRandomNpc() to work with new NpcCreation() format.
Converted npcs.cpp to object-based.
Misc minor cleanups.
2001-08-06 21:23 toinzane
* mapstuff.cpp, npcs.cpp:
Fixed up AddRandomNPC().
Changed BuldFilePath() in mapstuff.cpp to use MAX_PATH.
2001-08-06 20:31 darkangelab
* classes.h, items.cpp:
CreateRandomItem is cleaned up / more efficient
CreateRandomScriptItem now returns a CItem * instead of an ITEM
CreateRandomScriptItem should no longer crash
Both CreateRandomItem and CreateRandomScriptItem no longer have
hard coded limits
2001-08-06 18:40 darkangelab
* cScript.cpp, magic.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Tidy up / clean up of some script code
The JS context scripts execute within are now 8k in size, rather
than 4k
2001-08-06 17:39 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, boats.cpp, cClick.cpp, cGuild.cpp, cGuild.h,
funcdecl.h, gumps.cpp, skills.cpp, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp,
townregion.cpp, townregion.h, uox3.cpp:
Added dictionary friendly versions of cTownRegion::TellMembers,
CGuild::TellMembers, npcEmote and npcEmoteAll
Converted more functions to use dictionary funcs instead
Tidied up speech in boats.cpp, making it more readable (but
potentially sacrificing a bit of speed)
General code clean up / tidy up
2001-08-06 16:00 toinzane
* classes.h, cmdtable.cpp, combat.cpp, magic.cpp, msgboard.cpp,
network.cpp, npcs.cpp, skills.cpp, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp,
Cleaned up some dictionary calls.
Added pet FRIEND command, can now add people to pets friend list
(currently capped at 20, may adjust later).
Changed checkPetFriend() to a bool.
Adjusted petGuardAttack() so pets will not attack friends.
Misc minor cleanups.
2001-08-06 13:14 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, cClick.cpp, classes.h, cmdtable.cpp, combat.cpp,
combat.h, commands.cpp, enums.h, funcdecl.h, items.cpp, magic.cpp,
movement.cpp, msgboard.cpp, msgboard.h, necro.cpp, npcs.cpp,
regions.cpp, skills.cpp, speech.cpp, uox3.cpp, uox3.h:
Converted msgboard.cpp functions to make use of cSocket and CChar.
Converted some npcs.cpp functions to make use of CChar and CItem.
Slowed down damage rate on Weapons/Armor in combat.
Misc minor cleanups.
2001-08-06 08:16 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, ai.cpp, boats.cpp, cClick.cpp, combat.cpp,
combat.h, door.cpp, effect.cpp, funcdecl.h, magic.cpp,
msgboard.cpp, necro.cpp, skills.cpp, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp,
uox3.cpp, vendor.cpp:
More cleanups / fixes in combat.cpp
Added Dictionary-Safe overloads of npcTalk() and npcTalkAll().
2001-08-05 21:01 darkangelab
* combat.cpp:
Slight clean up / tidy up
Adjusted 2 sysmessage calls
2001-08-05 19:49 toinzane
* cServerData.cpp, combat.cpp, combat.h, magic.cpp, uox3.cpp,
MAJOR Overhaul to Combat (When the system is completed I'll write
up a Doc on it).
Minor fixes.
Fixed a Recall / Weight Check bug.
2001-08-05 19:34 darkangelab
* uox3.h:
Updated build number
2001-08-05 19:30 darkangelab
* cChar.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Fixed regen problems with NPCs/PCs
Meditation overhaul by Spud allowing for better behaviour / greater
2001-08-04 19:21 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, cClick.cpp, cMagic.h, cWeather.cpp,
cmdtable.cpp, combat.cpp, funcdecl.h, jail.cpp, magic.cpp,
movement.cpp, npcs.cpp, skills.cpp, sound.cpp, speech.cpp,
targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp, wholist.cpp:
Generic code clean ups / tidy ups
Converted more functions to use CChar * and CItem *
Reduced calls to calcCharFromSer
Used calcCharObjFromSer more in targeting.cpp
2001-08-04 12:49 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, cClick.cpp, combat.cpp, effect.cpp, gumps.cpp,
skills.cpp, skills.h, uox3.cpp:
Fixed a small issue with NPCs in combat.
Converted skills.cpp functions to object-based.
Misc minor cleanups.
2001-08-03 23:09 darkangelab
* combat.cpp, skills.cpp, trade.cpp:
Cleaned up some usage of sysmessage
2001-08-03 21:53 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, cMagic.h, funcdecl.h, house.cpp, magic.cpp,
movement.cpp, movement.h, network.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Converted movement.cpp functions to object-based.
Further depreciated Currchar().
Misc minor cleanups.
2001-08-03 19:48 toinzane
* combat.cpp, movement.cpp:
NPC Combat sounds now play.
Major lag fix for NPC's in combat.
2001-08-03 17:43 toinzane
* cClick.cpp, cWeather.cpp, combat.cpp, effect.cpp, magic.cpp,
movement.cpp, npcs.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Fixed NPC spawning.
Fixed a crash for NPCs spellcasting during combat.
Fixed NPC archers producing an invalid socket error.
Several nasty crash bugs fixed.
Removed many -1 character refrence warnings.
2001-08-03 13:30 toinzane
* cChar.cpp, cGuild.cpp, combat.cpp, commands.cpp, effect.cpp,
funcdecl.h, gumps.cpp, items.cpp, magic.cpp, msgboard.cpp,
necro.cpp, network.cpp, skills.cpp, skills.h, targeting.cpp,
uox3.cpp, vendor.cpp:
Many object conversions done, far less usage of calcItemFromSer().
Cleaned up msgboard.cpp.
Misc minor cleanups.
2001-08-02 18:39 darkangelab
* enums.h, speech.cpp, speech.h:
Added all the Unicode language codes I could find. Please note
that as much as we track them now, we still don't put them in when
sending speech
Also, not all of those language codes will be translatable.
All english and other languages have commonality. Alter dictionary
so that all english is from one file, all german from another, and
so on
2001-08-02 17:37 darkangelab
* Dictionary.cpp, cServerDefinitions.cpp, cSocket.cpp,
cmdtable.cpp, commands.cpp, fileio.cpp, im.cpp, jail.cpp,
magic.cpp, mapstuff.cpp, regions.cpp, skills.cpp, speech.cpp,
trigger.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Source code clean up / tidy up
All filenames that build a path now use MAX_PATH, and should help
resolve some crashes
2001-08-02 16:46 darkangelab
* ai.cpp, boats.cpp, cChar.cpp, cClick.cpp, classes.h, house.cpp,
items.cpp, magic.cpp, pcmanage.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Removed some redundant code sequences
Changed '\xaa' type code to 0xaa type code (fixed one boat issue
Generic clean up / tidy up
2001-08-02 16:08 toinzane
* combat.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Fixed some -1 Character refrence warnings
2001-08-02 15:22 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, cItem.cpp, cMultiObj.cpp, calcfuncs.cpp,
funcdecl.h, items.cpp, network.cpp, npcs.cpp, pcmanage.cpp,
regions.cpp, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp, vendor.cpp:
Fixed a VERY nasty bug caused by one of my earlier commits.
More object conversions done.
2001-08-02 12:15 toinzane
* classes.h, cmdtable.cpp, funcdecl.h, network.cpp, npcs.cpp,
pcmanage.cpp, trade.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Fixed a nasty crash bug caused by adding NPC's
More object conversions
2001-08-02 08:37 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, boats.cpp, cClick.cpp, cItem.cpp, cWeather.cpp,
classes.h, cmdtable.cpp, combat.cpp, commands.cpp, effect.cpp,
funcdecl.h, gumps.cpp, house.cpp, html.cpp, items.cpp, magic.cpp,
movement.cpp, necro.cpp, network.cpp, npcs.cpp, pcmanage.cpp,
quantityfuncs.cpp, regions.cpp, skills.cpp, skills.h, speech.cpp,
targeting.cpp, targeting.h, townregion.cpp, trade.cpp, uox3.cpp,
vendor.cpp, wholist.cpp:
More object conversions.
Removed superfluous functions.
Further depreciated Currchar().
Minor code cleanups.
2001-08-01 19:06 darkangelab
* classes.h, uox3.h, xgm.cpp, xgm.h:
Updated xgm.h to no longer define cRemote
xgm.h now contains the class definitions for incoming / outgoing
xgm packets
Implemented incoming xGM packets 0x02, 0x08 and 0x09
2001-08-01 18:07 darkangelab
* boats.cpp, cBaseobject.cpp, cChar.cpp, cChar.h, npcs.cpp,
Fixed bug #446633 (boat exiting - mount copied)
Slight tidy up / clean ups
Fixed an invalid reference bug with IncX and IncY
Fixed a potential boat turning / movement bug
2001-08-01 16:59 toinzane
* combat.cpp, movement.cpp:
Fixed a bug allowing people to do melee combat from a distance.
Added error checking to PathFind() to kill bad direction errors.
2001-08-01 15:43 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, ai.cpp, cClick.cpp, cRaces.cpp, cWeather.cpp,
cmdtable.cpp, combat.cpp, commands.cpp, dist.cpp, door.cpp,
effect.cpp, funcdecl.h, gumps.cpp, magic.cpp, movement.cpp,
skills.cpp, sound.cpp, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Many more cleanups and object conversions.
Removed some superfluous functions.
2001-08-01 11:46 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, cClick.cpp, door.cpp, effect.cpp, funcdecl.h,
movement.cpp, skills.cpp, sound.cpp, uox3.cpp:
More object conversions
2001-08-01 11:07 toinzane
* cClick.cpp, door.cpp, globals.cpp:
Fixed a bug that would cause some items to spit out a slew of -1
refrences when doubleclicked.
Fixed doors so they open properly, and a possible invalid socket
2001-07-30 20:25 darkangelab
* cAccount.cpp, cWeather.cpp, cWeather.hpp, xgm.cpp:
Updated cWeather.hpp to use R32 and UI08 instead of float and
unsigned char
Added Count() to cWeatherAb
Documented a number of functions in cWeather.cpp
Added XGM output packet 0x12 / input packet 0x0F implementations
2001-07-30 18:49 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, boats.cpp, cClick.cpp, cGuild.cpp, cRaces.cpp,
classes.h, cmdtable.cpp, combat.cpp, commands.cpp, effect.cpp,
funcdecl.h, house.cpp, items.cpp, magic.cpp, movement.cpp,
necro.cpp, newbie.cpp, npcs.cpp, pcmanage.cpp, skills.cpp,
targeting.cpp, trade.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Converted SpawnItem() and SpawnItemToPack() to object-based
Minor code cleanups
2001-07-29 17:57 darkangelab
* uox3.h:
Updated version information
2001-07-26 02:38 darkangelab
* uox3.cpp:
Initialized a variable to prevent errors
2001-07-26 01:01 darkangelab
* commands.cpp, funcdecl.h, quantityfuncs.cpp, targeting.cpp:
Code tidy up, redundancy removal
Fixed a slight duping bug
2001-07-25 22:29 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, ai.cpp, cChar.cpp, combat.cpp, funcdecl.h,
magic.cpp, npcs.cpp, pcmanage.cpp, skills.cpp, skills.h,
targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp:
More object conversions.
Moved npcAttackTarget() and npcSimpleAttackTarget() to combat.cpp.
Further depreciated Currchar() usage.
2001-07-25 15:34 toinzane
* combat.cpp, combat.h, lineofsight.cpp, npcs.cpp, skills.cpp,
Consolidated weapon ID code in combat.cpp
Fixed a crash bug in combat.
Fixed some combat animation bugs.
Minor code cleanups and bugfixes.
2001-07-25 10:36 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, ai.cpp, cClick.cpp, cMagic.h, combat.cpp,
commands.cpp, effect.cpp, funcdecl.h, magic.cpp, magic.h,
movement.cpp, npcs.cpp, skills.cpp, targeting.cpp, targeting.h,
Converted all functions in magic.cpp to object-based.
Fixed a possibly nasty bug with adding NPC's.
Minor code cleanups.
2001-07-25 08:15 toinzane
* effect.cpp, funcdecl.h, house.cpp, lineofsight.cpp, magic.cpp,
movement.cpp, movement.h, network.cpp, skills.cpp, sound.cpp,
speech.cpp, targeting.cpp, trade.cpp, uox3.cpp, vendor.cpp:
Removed some superfluous functions.
Changed many UOXSOCKET calls to cSocket calls.
Minor code cleanups.
2001-07-24 23:16 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, boats.cpp, boats.h, funcdecl.h, house.cpp,
speech.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Removed some superfluous functions.
Minor code cleanups.
2001-07-24 22:15 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, boats.cpp, boats.h, cClick.cpp, cItem.cpp,
funcdecl.h, house.cpp, items.cpp, magic.cpp, movement.cpp,
network.cpp, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Converted boats.cpp functions to object-based.
Moved findMulti, inMulti, and sendInRange() to uox3.cpp.
Documented all functions in boats.cpp.
Changed cBoats:: Turn, Move, and Build to TurnBoat, MoveBoat, and
CreateBoat respectively.
Minor code cleanups.
2001-07-24 20:44 darkangelab
* jail.cpp, jail.h:
Jail system now reads in it's saved data
2001-07-24 20:17 darkangelab
* jail.cpp:
Added customized jail locations
2001-07-24 19:59 darkangelab
* boats.cpp, cmdtable.cpp, cmdtable.h, funcdecl.h, npcs.cpp,
pcmanage.cpp, speech.cpp, speech.h, targeting.cpp, targeting.h:
Updated itemtalk() and itemmessage() to add in delay support
Corrected the crash where an invalid dictionary reference would
crash the server
Added the 'deletechar command to delete a PC
Updated cCharStuff::DeleteChar() to fix the account reference for a
2001-07-24 19:07 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp:
Fixed SE_CommandDetails()
Implemented SE_GetLightLevel() properly
Did source cleanup / tidy ups
Added many debugging messages
Fixed SE_CalcRank()
2001-07-24 09:59 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, ai.cpp, boats.cpp, cClick.cpp, combat.cpp,
dist.cpp, effect.cpp, funcdecl.h, items.cpp, magic.cpp,
movement.cpp, msgboard.cpp, necro.cpp, pcmanage.cpp, skills.cpp,
speech.cpp, targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp, vendor.cpp:
Removed some superfluous functions
More object conversions
Renamed backpack() to openPack()
Minor code cleanups
2001-07-23 21:25 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, ai.cpp, boats.cpp, cBaseobject.cpp, cChar.cpp,
cClick.cpp, cGuild.cpp, cGuild.h, cItem.cpp, cMultiObj.cpp,
cSocket.cpp, commands.cpp, effect.cpp, house.cpp, itemhandler.cpp,
items.cpp, magic.cpp, movement.cpp, msgboard.cpp, necro.cpp,
network.cpp, npcs.cpp, skills.cpp, speech.cpp, speech.h,
targeting.cpp, townregion.cpp, uox3.cpp, vendor.cpp:
Changed many references to 0xFFFFFFFF to INVALIDSERIAL
2001-07-23 21:01 darkangelab
* items.cpp:
Fixed a bad SpawnItemToPack bug
2001-07-23 20:48 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, cScript.cpp, npcs.cpp:
Updated SE_SpawnNPC function to require less variables
Small tidy up
2001-07-23 14:58 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, ai.cpp, boats.cpp, cChar.cpp, cClick.cpp,
cItem.cpp, cmdtable.cpp, combat.cpp, dist.cpp, door.cpp,
effect.cpp, funcdecl.h, items.cpp, magic.cpp, movement.cpp,
necro.cpp, npcs.cpp, skills.cpp, sound.cpp, speech.cpp,
targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Overhauled dist.cpp, and removed many superfluous functions.
More object conversions done.
Minor code cleanups.
2001-07-23 08:21 toinzane
* cChar.cpp, cItem.cpp, dist.cpp, items.cpp, magic.cpp,
movement.cpp, pcmanage.cpp, skills.cpp, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp,
trade.cpp, vendor.cpp, weight.cpp, weight.h:
Overhauled weight, is now entirely object-based, also removed some
useless functions.
Further depreciated Currchar() use.
Minor code cleanups.
2001-07-22 23:44 darkangelab
* boats.cpp, cClick.cpp, cItem.cpp, cRaces.cpp, commands.cpp,
funcdecl.h, house.cpp, items.cpp, magic.cpp, movement.cpp,
npcs.cpp, pcmanage.cpp, pointer.cpp, skills.cpp, targeting.cpp,
trade.cpp, uox3.cpp, vendor.cpp:
Ripped out the guts of pointer.cpp
Changed all calls to setserial() to what setserial() actaully does,
thus making setserial() and unsetserial() redundant
pointer.cpp is now deprecated
2001-07-22 22:59 toinzane
* cClick.cpp, calcfuncs.cpp, commands.cpp, door.cpp, funcdecl.h,
gumps.cpp, house.cpp, items.cpp, magic.cpp, network.cpp, npcs.cpp,
pcmanage.cpp, quantityfuncs.cpp, skills.cpp, speech.cpp,
targeting.cpp, trade.cpp, trigger.cpp, uox3.cpp, vendor.cpp,
Changed getPack() from an ITEM to a CItem
Removed superfluous packitem()
Cleaned up more Currchar()'s in favor of CurrcharObj()
Fixed up cgold2()
Minor code cleanups
2001-07-22 22:11 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, boats.cpp, cChar.cpp, cChar.h, cClick.cpp,
cRaces.cpp, cWeather.cpp, cWeather.hpp, cmdtable.cpp, combat.cpp,
commands.cpp, effect.cpp, funcdecl.h, gumps.cpp, house.cpp,
jail.cpp, magic.cpp, movement.cpp, network.cpp, npcs.cpp,
pcmanage.cpp, skills.cpp, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp,
Updated CChar so that the functions Teleport(), Update(),
ExposeToView() and HideFromView() no longer need the index into the
chars[] array
Updated weather to take CChar * and cSocket * instead of CHARACTER
General code clean ups
2001-07-22 19:41 darkangelab
* cWeather.cpp, lineofsight.cpp, uox3.h:
Converted float to R32
Added explicit cast to BuildTimeValue to remove warnings
2001-07-22 19:22 darkangelab
* cChar.cpp:
Sped up FirstItemObj() and NextItemObj()
2001-07-22 19:20 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, books.cpp, cChar.cpp, cClick.cpp, cItem.cpp,
cWeather.cpp, cmdtable.cpp, combat.cpp, commands.cpp, effect.cpp,
funcdecl.h, globals.cpp, gumps.cpp, items.cpp, magic.cpp,
movement.cpp, msgboard.cpp, network.cpp, npcs.cpp, skills.cpp,
speech.cpp, targeting.cpp, townregion.cpp, uox3.cpp, uox3.h:
Slight source tidy up / clean ups
Removed some dead global variables
Implemented and converted almost all uses of CLOCKS_PER_SEC to use
the function BuildTimeValue
Lowered dependence on script1 and script2 from a global perspective
Fixed a potential bug in choice()
Slightly sped up some town region loading code
2001-07-22 18:24 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, ai.cpp, boats.cpp, books.cpp, books.h,
cBaseobject.cpp, cChar.cpp, cChar.h, cClick.cpp, cGuild.cpp,
cItem.cpp, cMagic.h, calcfuncs.cpp, charhandle.cpp, classes.h,
combat.cpp, combat.h, commands.cpp, dist.cpp, door.cpp, effect.cpp,
funcdecl.h, gumps.cpp, handlers.h, house.cpp, itemhandler.cpp,
items.cpp, magic.cpp, movement.cpp, necro.cpp, network.cpp,
network.h, npcs.cpp, pcmanage.cpp, pointer.cpp, quantityfuncs.cpp,
skills.cpp, skills.h, sound.cpp, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp,
trade.cpp, uox3.cpp, vendor.cpp, weight.cpp, weight.h:
MANY Cleanups
Converted many functions to being object-based
Added in preliminary support for pet friends
Rewrote much of combat.cpp
Changed packitem() to getPack()
Greatly reduced Currchar() usage ( in favor of CurrcharObj() )
Some minor possible bugfixes
2001-07-22 17:21 darkangelab
* worldconverter/: cChar.cpp, cChar.h, cItem.cpp, globals.cpp,
uox3.cpp, uox3.h:
Added multiple item on layer support, to alleviate the issue with
CONT and LAYER being around the wrong way
Added some basic error logging
Slight tidy ups
2001-07-22 14:30 seank
* trigger.cpp, uox3.cpp:
more sscanf replacements (linux only)
2001-07-22 13:29 seank
* ChangeLog, boats.cpp, cBaseobject.cpp, cChar.cpp, cMultiObj.cpp,
cRaces.cpp, cWeather.cpp, cWeather.hpp, cmdtable.cpp, combat.cpp,
dist.cpp, effect.cpp, globals.cpp, itemhandler.cpp:
removed a ton of warnings
2001-07-22 11:23 seank
* cChar.cpp:
Removed the ifdefs, now sstream stuff is for windows too..
Someone verify that this method works under windows
2001-07-22 10:43 seank
* cChar.cpp:
More linux fixes (sstream instead of scanf)
2001-07-19 19:26 darkangelab
* cClick.cpp, effect.cpp, funcdecl.h, necro.cpp, quantityfuncs.cpp,
skills.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Added DecItemAmount() which replaces a lot of repeated item code
and adds a slight optimization
2001-07-19 18:29 darkangelab
* network.cpp:
Fixed a slight bug where xGM would never receive any packets
2001-07-19 18:21 darkangelab
* combat.cpp:
Tweaked a SERIAL check to compare against INVALIDSERIAL, and not -1
2001-07-19 18:08 darkangelab
* cChar.cpp, magic.cpp, movement.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Optimized Teleport() in CChar a lot, removes a lot of hash table
Generic code clean up / slight optimizations
2001-07-19 17:59 darkangelab
* cChar.cpp, cChar.h, cScript.cpp, movement.cpp:
Added OutOfRange and InRange support for characters
Added SendToSocket( cSocket *, bool, CChar * ) to CChar
Fixed a nasty cScript bug that would prevent events from being
flagged as available
2001-07-19 17:26 toinzane
* cChar.cpp, cChar.h, cClick.cpp, cItem.cpp, cItem.h, classes.h,
cmdtable.cpp, combat.cpp, commands.cpp, commands.h, funcdecl.h,
items.cpp, network.cpp, newbie.cpp, npcs.cpp, pcmanage.cpp,
pointer.cpp, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Enhanced Pet Guarding (still needs work)
Added in object support to many functions
Many cleanups
Documented commands.cpp
2001-07-18 22:37 darkangelab
* enums.h, network.cpp, xgm.cpp:
Added xGM option to ClientTypes for cSocket
Added simple class and implementation of xGM input/output packets 0
On accept, cSocket is set to xGM for the xgm connected sockets
Real authentication on xGM
2001-07-18 21:39 darkangelab
* cChar.cpp, globals.cpp, items.cpp, magic.cpp, necro.cpp,
pcmanage.cpp, skills.cpp, uox3.cpp, uox3.h, xgm.cpp:
Slight code tidy ups / tweaks
Changed hard coded 2 to a global var for GM command level
Changed hard coded 1 to a global var for CNS command level
Added 2 more empty packet handlers in WhichXGMPacket
2001-07-18 20:12 seank
* cChar.cpp:
see the start of the strtok/sscanf replacement here (stringstream)
2001-07-18 19:00 seank
* cChar.cpp:
temporary linux fix... strtok and sscanf misbehaving in BaseSkills
2001-07-18 15:27 seank
* cServerData.cpp, cServerDefinitions.cpp, calcfuncs.cpp:
Fixed the linux directory functions
2001-07-18 14:15 toinzane
* classes.h, items.cpp:
Cleaned up and documented items.cpp
2001-07-18 12:29 toinzane
* calcfuncs.cpp, cmdtable.cpp, door.cpp, funcdecl.h,
lineofsight.cpp, magic.cpp, magic.h, mapstuff.cpp, mapstuff.h,
movement.cpp, network.cpp, npcs.cpp, regions.cpp, regions.h,
skills.cpp, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp:
MSVC Warning level 4 fixes.
2001-07-18 11:06 toinzane
* cClick.cpp:
Linux compile fix
Added in a check I missed for pet guarding.
2001-07-18 10:52 toinzane
* cClick.cpp, combat.cpp:
Pets will now guard your corpse if they were guarding you when you
Fixed pet guarding in PlayerAttack().
2001-07-18 10:29 toinzane
* calcfuncs.cpp, funcdecl.h, quantityfuncs.cpp, uox3.cpp:
More minor code cleanups.
Added an object-based RefreshItem()
2001-07-18 09:56 toinzane
* cClick.cpp, funcdecl.h, movement.cpp, movement.h,
Added in object-based getSubItemAmt(), DeleItemAmt(), and
DeleSubItemAmt() functions.
Cleaned up quantityfuncs.cpp and converted int's to SI32's (to
avoid cross-platform container size issues).
Minor code cleanups.
Fixed some signed / unsigned mismatches.
2001-07-18 08:45 toinzane
* cClick.cpp:
Fixed a minor issue with an isCorpse check.
2001-07-18 07:21 toinzane
* cClick.cpp, funcdecl.h:
Added in color highlighting for corpses, corpses of murderers will
be red, innocents blue, racial/guild enemies orange, ect.
2001-07-18 02:29 darkangelab
* cSocket.cpp, cSocket.h, network.cpp, xgm.cpp:
Laying down basic framework for xGM support
2001-07-17 23:57 darkangelab
* magic.cpp, movement.cpp:
Adjusted field spells so that caster only turns criminal if the
people in the field are innocent
2001-07-17 23:30 darkangelab
* cClick.cpp:
Updated corpse flagging code so that guild enemies/allies and
racial enemies/allies will not flag criminal if looting
2001-07-17 22:21 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, funcdecl.h, items.cpp, quantityfuncs.cpp,
skills.cpp, skills.h:
Renamed GetIngotAmt(), GetSubIngotAmt(), DeleIngot(), and
DeleSubIngot(), to getItemAmt(), getSubItemAmt(), DeleIngotAmt(),
and DeleSubIngotAmt() respectively, And moved them to
2001-07-17 21:57 darkangelab
* townregion.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Slight tweaks/tidy ups to cTownRegion::InitFromScript and
2001-07-17 21:42 darkangelab
* skills.cpp, townregion.h, uox3.cpp:
Changed regionNum in CTownRegion to a UI08
Added periodic sound playback support in for making items
Added checks to ensure that you really CAN make an item (and not
skill busy)
Slight optimizations to checkauto() and checkPC()
2001-07-17 20:37 darkangelab
* cConsole.cpp, cSocket.cpp, commands.cpp, magic.cpp, speech.cpp,
Updated logging code so that all log files are written into the
logs subdirectory
2001-07-17 20:19 darkangelab
* packets.cpp, pcmanage.cpp:
startchar() now sends the correct hours/minutes/seconds
CPTime now sets minutes/seconds properly
2001-07-17 20:09 darkangelab
* network.cpp:
Removed DNS-list style wholist due to plans for similar system
under xGM
2001-07-17 19:46 darkangelab
* cClick.cpp:
GMs don't go criminal for looking at corpses
2001-07-17 18:51 darkangelab
* skills.cpp, skills.h:
Removed redundant GetIngotAmt function
Added GetIngotAmt function to deal with CChar *
Added gold exploitation due to begging removal
2001-07-17 18:41 darkangelab
* skills.cpp:
Added line of sight check and range check to forensics target
2001-07-17 17:47 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, boats.cpp, cClick.cpp, calcfuncs.cpp, classes.h,
cmdtable.cpp, combat.cpp, door.cpp, effect.cpp, funcdecl.h,
items.cpp, npcs.cpp, sound.cpp, trade.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Now only items inside multis will display [Locked Down] if movable
is set to 3.
Fixed some minor possible issues.
Miscellaneous minor code cleanups.
2001-07-17 17:26 seank
* cServerData.cpp, cSkillClass.h, cmdtable.cpp, enums.h, html.cpp,
im.h, jail.h, npcs.cpp, packets.h, pointer.cpp, queue.cpp,
scriptc.cpp, teffect.cpp, townregion.cpp, xgm.cpp:
linux compile fixes and some runtime issues fixed
2001-07-17 17:26 gimmles
* network.cpp:
I fixed another visual error, for the console.
so it prints the correct IP address
2001-07-17 09:37 toinzane
* uox3.cpp:
Oops, programming whilst tired is a bad thing :P
2001-07-17 09:31 toinzane
* books.cpp, cRaces.cpp, commands.cpp, door.cpp, funcdecl.h,
magic.cpp, npcs.cpp, pcmanage.cpp, pointer.cpp, targeting.cpp,
trade.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Fixed a int/bool mismatch with fielddir()
Changed setserial() to a bool
Misc minor code cleanups
2001-07-17 01:30 darkangelab
* speech.cpp:
Changed a -1 to INVALIDSERIAL to fix signedness
2001-07-16 22:41 darkangelab
* door.cpp:
Doors are no longer blocked by offline characters
2001-07-16 22:33 darkangelab
* cRaces.h, cScript.h, cServerData.h, cSocket.h, cdice.h, fileio.h,
handlers.h, hash.h, regions.h, scriptc.h, skills.h, speech.h,
threadsafeobject.h, townregion.h, wholist.h:
Updated some destructors so that they were flagged virtual (and
thus, if derived from, would destroy in the proper order)
2001-07-16 22:09 seank
* cAccount.cpp:
sizeof converted to strlen
2001-07-16 22:08 darkangelab
* uox3.cpp:
Using an explosion potion that damages an innocent turns the user
2001-07-16 21:41 darkangelab
* skills.cpp:
Inscribing will no longer gain you skill if you don't have enough
reagants or mana
2001-07-16 21:30 darkangelab
* cAccount.cpp, cClick.cpp, cSocket.cpp, cmdtable.cpp, html.cpp,
mapstuff.cpp, network.cpp, regions.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Changed \\ to / to help with Linux compatability
Updated cSocket constructors so that bytesReceived and bytesSent
are init'd to 0
Looting an innocent corpse that is not your own will result in
Seemingly fixed the xGM packet crash
2001-07-16 20:13 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp:
More debugging message updates for the SE functions
2001-07-16 19:45 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp:
Updated more SE functions to drop out debugging information
Slight improvements to some existing debugging writes
Slight code tidy ups
2001-07-16 18:47 darkangelab
* network.cpp:
Tweaks and clean ups to the code
Removed global use of conn for both CheckConn() and CheckXGMConn()
2001-07-16 18:25 darkangelab
* cAccount.cpp, cAccount.h, worldmain.cpp, worldmain.h:
Code cleanup / tidy ups
Removed redundant save routine in worldmain for accounts
Updated accounts save routine to write out correctly (although
still to accounts2.adm)
2001-07-16 18:04 darkangelab
* worldconverter/: cChar.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Updates to support new jailing system
2001-07-13 18:52 darkangelab
* targeting.cpp:
Slight tweaks to 'make, calling Teleport on body change not Update
2001-07-13 16:53 darkangelab
* jail.cpp:
Minor bug fix so that the cell with minimum # of jailees is
actually used
2001-07-13 15:45 gimmles
* network.cpp:
changed the output format of the ignored packet of the GetMSG() ,
GetLoginMSG(), and GetxGMMsg().
2001-07-13 15:23 seank
*,, jail.cpp:
added jail to the makefile
2001-07-13 02:32 darkangelab
* combat.cpp:
Fixed slight overflow bug (UI08 cannot be < 0)
2001-07-12 23:59 toinzane
* boats.cpp, boats.h, combat.cpp, dist.cpp, funcdecl.h,
movement.cpp, movement.h, uox3.cpp:
Minor code cleanups, cleaning up MSVC Level 4 Warnings
2001-07-12 23:02 darkangelab
* UOX3_Official.dsp, cChar.cpp, cChar.h, classes.h, funcdecl.h,
globals.cpp, jail.cpp, jail.h, magic.cpp, targeting.cpp,
townregion.cpp, uox3.cpp, uox3.h, uoxstruct.h, worldmain.cpp:
Rewrote jail system, removing jail_st and writing a wrapper system
Added jail.h and jail.cpp
Removed OldXYZ from CChar
Added jail saving
Add jail loading
Add jail scriptable locations
Write util to convert existing Reserved=0 to Reserved=-1 for
existing chars (so they're not "stuck" in jail)
2001-07-12 20:25 toinzane
* combat.cpp:
Duh, I really need some sleep :P
2001-07-12 20:21 toinzane
* combat.cpp, combat.h, skills.cpp:
Minor code cleanups in skills.cpp and combat.cpp
2001-07-12 20:21 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp:
Updated SE Gump functions to solve some bugs and print out correct
debugging information
2001-07-12 20:03 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp:
Updated some SE funcs to properly reflect their parameter
2001-07-12 18:55 darkangelab
* funcdecl.h, network.cpp, pcmanage.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Committed fix for character deletion packet issues (thanks to Gimli
for diagnosing and suggesting fix)
Added more tweak's to the UO3D mounts thanks to Weazel
2001-07-11 22:14 darkangelab
* effect.cpp, skills.cpp:
Added skill use turning on/off when creating items (as a start for
blocking multiple skill creation exploits)
2001-07-11 21:42 toinzane
* combat.cpp, skills.cpp, targeting.cpp:
Cleaned up CalcDef() a bit
Added weapon damage to CalcAtt()
Fixed a minor bug with Meditation
Minor cleanup in targeting.cpp
2001-07-11 21:14 darkangelab
* cChar.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Updated MountCreature / IsValidMount to reflect UO3D creatures that
are now available
Note that the NPCs and mounted creatures don't match up quite right
Courtesy of Weazel
2001-07-11 19:27 darkangelab
* globals.cpp, typedefs.h, uox3.h:
Removed some superfluous #defines and variables
2001-07-11 19:10 darkangelab
* effect.cpp:
Added delayed sound effect support (on a character)
2001-07-11 18:53 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, effect.cpp, funcdecl.h, skills.cpp, skills.h,
Adjusted cSkills::MakeItem() to take a 4th parameter (item #)
Completed delay support for success so that it uses scriptable
delays (on per item basis)
Deleted superfluous functions
2001-07-11 18:07 toinzane
* targeting.cpp:
Minor bugfix: 'unhide will now strip PermHidden attribute from
normal players (who were given it by 'hide)
2001-07-11 15:18 toinzane
* pcmanage.cpp:
Fixed bugs causing players hidden wth 'hide to be unhidden at
2001-07-11 13:32 toinzane
* commands.cpp, commands.h, magic.cpp, npcs.cpp, skills.cpp,
targeting.cpp, targeting.h:
Minor cleanups in commands.cpp, magic.cpp, npcs.cpp, skills.cpp,
and targeting.cpp,
Trimmed down excessive use of SERIAL container where it wasn't
2001-07-11 11:44 toinzane
* ai.cpp, cMagic.h, classes.h, magic.cpp, skills.h:
Cleaned up magic.cpp
Minor cleanups in misc areas of the source.
2001-07-11 10:09 toinzane
* boats.cpp, boats.h, cItem.cpp, calcfuncs.cpp, dist.cpp,
effect.cpp, funcdecl.h, house.cpp, magic.cpp, necro.cpp,
network.cpp, skills.cpp, sound.cpp, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp,
trade.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Minor code cleanups all over the source.
Moved a few functions out of uox3.cpp to more appropriate files.
2001-07-10 22:51 darkangelab
* speech.cpp:
Converted speech language string to uppercase for comparison
purposes (so kor and KOR would be the same)
2001-07-10 21:58 darkangelab
* cChar.cpp, cClick.cpp, classes.h, effect.cpp, house.cpp,
items.cpp, magic.cpp, skills.cpp, targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp,
Updated createEntry to hold a member delay
Changed createEntry.addItem to a string
Added string based SpawnItemToPack and CreateScriptItem (in
preperation for DFN system)
Changed CreateScriptItem's final parameter to bool, and adjusted
all calls to it
Added constructor initialization of skillUsed[] for CChar
Added some prelim support for avoiding alchemy grinding exploits
Corrected singleclick to only show creator for items made with very
high skill
2001-07-10 21:52 seank
* magic.cpp:
pow call was ambiguous, typecast to int
2001-07-10 21:14 seank
* SEFunctions.h, magic.cpp, skills.h, targeting.h:
temporary gcc 3.0 fixes (stupid gcc3 and it's typedef funcdecl
2001-07-10 20:05 seank
* lineofsight.cpp:
missed one, another sqrt improprietry
2001-07-10 20:03 seank
* lineofsight.cpp:
sqrt doesn't take ints.. only floating points
2001-07-10 20:03 darkangelab
* fileio.cpp, gumps.cpp, html.cpp, items.cpp, mapclasses.h,
mapstuff.cpp, npcs.cpp, skills.cpp, ssection.cpp, ssection.h,
Tidied up ScriptSection, allowing for better definition support
(still not active)
Added crash avoidance to HTML server display
Generic code tidy ups
Repositioned create.scp menu buttons on gump properly
Extended max skill range to maxrange * 1.5 for making items
2001-07-10 15:36 seank
* ChangeLog, network.cpp:
FIONBIO is located in sys/ioctl.h, fixed
2001-07-09 22:28 darkangelab
* network.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Slight tidy up
Corpse generated is now put in a multi (if created inside one)
Added nonblocking listening socket
Tinkered with select and accept calls to work cleaner
*known issue*
login/disconnect before shard list, with proper username/pass,
seems to stop it from going further
2001-07-09 21:07 darkangelab
* uox3.cpp:
Updated monstergate() and advancementobjects(), just doing generic
clean ups
2001-07-09 20:19 seank
* ChangeLog,,
Updated the makefile
2001-07-09 19:31 darkangelab
* cClick.cpp, cItem.cpp, cItem.h, commands.cpp, house.cpp,
items.cpp, magic.cpp, newbie.cpp, npcs.cpp, skills.cpp,
targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Added Set / is Newbie(), Decayable() and Dispellable() to CItem
Adjusted all calls to GetPriv() that does bit comparisons to use
the new functions
2001-07-09 19:13 darkangelab
* uox3.cpp:
Moved the poison wear off code from checkPC and checkNPC to
genericCheck, resulting in common (cleaner) behaviour of poison
2001-07-09 19:06 darkangelab
* findfuncs.cpp:
Added findfuncs.cpp
2001-07-09 18:58 darkangelab
* classes.h, combat.cpp, SEFunctions.cpp, UOX3_Official.dsp,
cRaces.cpp, commands.cpp, effect.cpp, funcdecl.h, magic.cpp,
network.cpp, npcs.cpp, pcmanage.cpp, quantityfuncs.cpp, skills.cpp,
targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp, vendor.cpp:
Deleted redundant search functions from cCharStuff
Moved FindItemOfType, FindItemOnLayer and FindItem, along with
helper funcs, into findfuncs.cpp
General code clean ups
Better error checking on some search funcs
2001-07-09 18:29 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, SEFunctions.h, cScript.cpp, cScript.h, uox3.cpp:
Added onEnterRegion and onLeaveRegion events for characters
Added GetClientVersion and GetClientType SE functions
Added onEnterRegion and onLeaveRegion support to TriggerEvent
Put in handles so that onEnterRegion and onLeaveRegion will fire
2001-07-09 18:06 toinzane
* npcs.cpp:
Oopsie, fixed a couple minor errors :P
2001-07-09 18:02 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, classes.h, items.cpp, necro.cpp, npcs.cpp,
targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp:
More cleanups in npcs.cpp
Broke AddRespawnNPC() into two functions, AddNPC() is called with a
socket, SpawnNPC() is called with an item, removed the need for
calling it with a type
Cleaned up items.cpp
2001-07-09 15:37 toinzane
* classes.h, funcdecl.h, npcs.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Many cleanups and fixes done to npcs.cpp
Renamed getstatskillvalue() to getStringValue()
2001-07-09 12:04 toinzane
* calcfuncs.cpp, cmdtable.cpp, funcdecl.h, items.cpp, npcs.cpp,
skills.cpp, speech.cpp, uox3.cpp, vendor.cpp:
Cleaned up and documented vendor.cpp
Fixed a problem in npcs.cpp where vendor shop packs were mis-labled
Cleaned up getname() and changed it to getTileName()
2001-07-08 22:11 seank
* ChangeLog,
added changelog utility
2001-07-08 21:55 darkangelab
* network.cpp:
Seemingly fixed the invalid IP connection display
2001-07-08 21:49 darkangelab
* movement.cpp:
Added xyblock[] overflow checking (avoids crashing in really
overloaded squares)
2001-07-08 21:45 darkangelab
* mapclasses.h, mapstuff.cpp, mapstuff.h, movement.cpp, movement.h,
packets.cpp, skills.cpp, uoxstruct.h:
Changed unitile_st to CTileUni and moved it to mapclasses.h
Abstracted away flags for unitile_st so it's member function based
(and more meaningful)
Slight tweaks and tidy ups
2001-07-08 21:34 seank
* ChangeLog:
cvs2pl changelog test
2001-07-08 20:57 seank
*,, cServerData.h, skills.cpp:
gcc 2.95 fixes
2001-07-08 20:14 darkangelab
* UOX3_Official.dsp, cClick.cpp, items.cpp, pcmanage.cpp,
skills.cpp, targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Added pcmanage.cpp, to contain character management functions
Removed the setting of HiDamage and LoDamage to 5 of a lot of
items, preventing them being engraved
General code tidy ups
2001-07-08 19:11 toinzane
* cClick.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Fixed a possible UOE/UOP exploit that would allow users to steal
items from outside houses by tricking the client into thinking the
house wasn't there.
Added a temporary hack to make offline players unkillable until
Deathstuff() can be fixed up.
2001-07-08 18:57 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, SEFunctions.h, cItem.cpp, cItem.h, cRaces.cpp,
cRaces.h, cScript.cpp, network.cpp, packets.cpp, packets.h,
speech.cpp, speech.h, targeting.cpp, typedefs.h, uox3.cpp:
Changed COLOUR to a UI16 from a UI32
Used COLOUR more usefully
Added GetTileIDAtMapCoord SE function
Changed amount to an SI32 from UI32
Extending stacking to 65535 from 60000
Uncommented code that will fix player vendor purchasing exploit
2001-07-08 13:29 toinzane
* movement.cpp:
Added more error checking to trim down on Walking console spam.
2001-07-08 11:13 toinzane
* packets.cpp:
Skill Window Stuff, accidentally left debug stuff in with my last
commit. :P
2001-07-08 11:08 toinzane
* packets.cpp:
Fixed the SkillWindow bug
2001-07-07 23:24 toinzane
* PageVector.h, SEFunctions.cpp, boats.cpp, books.cpp, books.h,
cChar.cpp, cGuild.cpp, cGuild.h, cMagic.h, cMultiObj.cpp,
cMultiObj.h, cRaces.cpp, cRaces.h, cServerData.cpp, cServerData.h,
cSocket.cpp, cSocket.h, cWeather.cpp, calcfuncs.cpp,
charhandle.cpp, cmdtable.cpp, combat.cpp, combat.h, effect.cpp,
funcdecl.h, globals.cpp, gumps.cpp, handlers.h, html.cpp, im.cpp,
im.h, lineofsight.cpp, magic.cpp, mapclasses.h, movement.cpp,
movement.h, network.cpp, network.h, npcs.cpp, packets.cpp,
queue.cpp, skills.cpp, speech.cpp, speech.h, targeting.cpp,
townregion.cpp, townregion.h, typedefs.h, uox3.cpp, uox3.h,
uoxstruct.h, weight.cpp, weight.h:
Minor code cleanups
Many MSVC Warning Level 4 Fixes
Several unrefrenced variables removed.
Converted all floats to R32, and all doubles to R64
Overhauled and cleaned up im.cpp and im.h
2001-07-07 11:25 toinzane
* combat.cpp, combat.h, movement.cpp, skills.cpp, skills.h,
Minor changes and cleanups in combat.cpp
Moved GetShield() and GetCombatSkill() from skills.cpp to
Minor code cleanups in uox3.cpp
2001-07-07 09:24 toinzane
* uox3.cpp:
More fixes to dropping items on players.
Improved autostacking code.
Fixed some minor weight issues.
2001-07-06 23:11 toinzane
* cItem.cpp, cItem.h, skills.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Fixed bug causing items to vanish when dragged onto another player
or yourself (note you need to refresh your pack after dragging an
item onto yourself)
Fixed a minor Linux compile issue (thanks seank)
Fixed the bane of UOX.. The item-dupe bug (Item would automatically
dupe itself when moved), this was caused by items being set to an
amount larger than their container would hold, when that happened,
it would wrap the amount and continue to spawn the item when moved
until it reached that amount, SetAmount() now has a limit of 60k,
note UOX will fix any invalidated items at worldsave
2001-07-06 19:14 toinzane
* skills.cpp, uox3.cpp:
More minor updates to weight checks on stealing
Fixed bug allowing players to drop items into other characters
packs, now only GMs and Counsellors may put an item in another
characters pack.
2001-07-06 17:32 toinzane
* skills.cpp:
Stealing is now based on the thiefs armor as well as skill, higher
the AR, more skill it takes to steal (as with weight), at >40 AR,
you will not be able to steal at all.
2001-07-06 15:57 toinzane
* skills.cpp, skills.h:
More minor fixes in skills.cpp
Fixed up RandomSteal() and StealingTarget()
Added a new function: calcStealDiff(), will determine based on an
items type and weight, and players skill if he is able to steal it,
will then returns the minimum skill needed to steal that item based
on its weight.
2001-07-06 13:32 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, classes.h, combat.cpp, combat.h, items.cpp,
newbie.cpp, skills.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Minor code cleanups
Rewrote StealingTarget() (Still needs some work, but looks/works
much better now)
Fixed a bug with CalcDef() that could cause infinite loops as well
as causing damage to armor when it shouldn't (Should GREATLY reduce
armor damage rate)
Fixed some issues that could potentially lead to serious bugs
2001-07-06 09:08 toinzane
* cClick.cpp, cRaces.cpp:
Cleaned up cClick.cpp and documented its functions
Incorporated some changes from Abaddon to slim down singleclick()
and fix some problems.
Fixed some problems for GM's seeing items as # instead of the
proper name.
Fixed a small issue in cRaces.cpp regarding skill counting.
2001-07-06 01:42 darkangelab
* cSocket.cpp, cSocket.h, enums.h, network.cpp, packets.cpp,
Added ClientTypes enumeration (regular, t2a, uo3d, unknown)
Added ClientTypes support to socket (defaulting to regular)
Added ClientVersion tracking (stores as 32 bit integer)
Added CPIClientVersion packet that copes with the client version
packet (assuming a format of x.x.xa)
2001-07-06 00:29 darkangelab
* cAccount.cpp, globals.cpp, uox3.cpp, uox3.h, worldmain.cpp:
Reduced the use of scpfile back to a small number of functions
General small tidyups
Eliminated global wscfile variable (superfluous)
Updated build number
2001-07-05 23:09 darkangelab
* cChar.cpp, npcs.cpp, scriptc.cpp, skills.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Generic tidy ups
Fixed a few updateSkillLevel loops iterating too far
Added an updateSkillLevel loop to PostLoadProcessing of CChar,
fixing the 0 effective skill bug (but NOT fixing skill window)
2001-07-05 21:35 darkangelab
* enums.h, speech.cpp, speech.h:
Added ENA language code (English, Australian)
Unicode speech now sets the language correctly (ensure you have a
dictionary of the right language!)
2001-07-05 20:46 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, ai.cpp, cClick.cpp, calcfuncs.cpp, combat.cpp,
funcdecl.h, magic.cpp, npcs.cpp, skills.cpp, targeting.cpp,
Code cleanups in npcs.cpp
Moved some more calc functions from uox3.cpp to calcfuncs.cpp
Documented all functions in calcfuncs.cpp
Changed backpack2() to openCorpse()
Cleaned up backpack() and openCorpse()
2001-07-05 20:36 darkangelab
* Dictionary.cpp, ssection.cpp:
Minor dictionary tweaks
Added function headers for ScriptSection
Tidied up ScriptSection constructors
2001-07-05 19:54 darkangelab
* worldconverter/uox3.cpp:
Fixed old world save to increment item/char counter
Minor cleanups
2001-07-05 19:15 darkangelab
* worldconverter/: cBaseobject.cpp, cChar.cpp, cItem.cpp,
globals.cpp, regions.cpp, uox3.cpp, uox3.h:
Remvoed garbage collection / item testing
Updated SetCont to deal with nonexistent character/item containers
Wrote a pretend save for old style multis -> new
Test worldfile of 963 items / 3 characters works
Note that the world size WILL increase, as old worldfiles write
minimalist information, new world files write everything
2001-07-05 18:17 seank
* configure,
linux debugging turned off for speed
2001-07-05 17:56 darkangelab
* cGuild.cpp, effect.cpp, funcdecl.h, gumps.cpp, movement.cpp,
packets.cpp, packets.h, skills.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Other option, heaven forbid, is use ISO scoping, and use more
variable names (can eleminate need for count outside loop)
Updated gump code to deal better with SERIAL, rather than multibyte
Updated gumpentry() to use dictionary entries
Corrected more sysmessage() calls to use dictionary stuff
Used const char *on gump text entry packet, rather than char *
2001-07-05 17:20 seank
* uox3.cpp:
linux fixes. Ok people, you have to stop using iso-incompatible
scoping. for (int i; .. ) { } i is only scoped for inside the for
not outside it.
2001-07-05 16:47 toinzane
* SEFunctions.cpp, boats.cpp, cClick.cpp, calcfuncs.cpp, classes.h,
combat.cpp, effect.cpp, funcdecl.h, gumps.cpp, house.cpp,
items.cpp, movement.cpp, necro.cpp, newbie.cpp, npcs.cpp,
skills.cpp, targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Fully documented uox3.cpp functions
Moved calcRegionFromXY() from uox3.cpp to calcfuncs.cpp
Moved npcsimpleattacktarget(), npcattacktarget(),
npcToggleCombat(), npcToggleCombat(), npcact(), and npcaction()
from uox3.cpp to npcs.cpp
Renamed mounthorse() to MountCreature() and unmounthorse() to
Misc minor code cleanups
2001-07-05 08:53 toinzane
* funcdecl.h, mapstuff.cpp, skills.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Some minor code cleanups.
Beginning of function documentation in uox3.cpp
2001-07-05 03:09 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, boats.cpp, books.cpp, cChar.cpp, cClick.cpp,
cGuild.cpp, cRaces.cpp, cScript.cpp, cWeather.cpp, calcfuncs.cpp,
cmdtable.cpp, cmdtable.h, combat.cpp, commands.cpp, dist.cpp,
effect.cpp, funcdecl.h, gumps.cpp, house.cpp, html.cpp, items.cpp,
lineofsight.cpp, movement.cpp, msgboard.cpp, npcs.cpp, magic.cpp,
skills.cpp, sound.cpp, speech.cpp, targeting.cpp, targeting.h,
townregion.cpp, trade.cpp, uox3.cpp, vendor.cpp, weight.cpp,
Encapsulated Network->GetSockPtr() in calcSocketObjFromSock
Encapsulated Network->FindNetworkPtr() in calcSocketFromSockObj()
Changed many sysmessages() to be more dictionary friendly
Wrote 2 more target() functions that are dictionary friendly, and
converted all target() calls to these 2
Small miscellaneous tidy ups
2001-07-05 00:56 darkangelab
* msgboard.cpp, necro.cpp, network.cpp, skills.cpp:
Slight fix for magic
Changed lots of sysmessage() to dictionary friendly ones
2001-07-04 23:16 seank
* threadsafeobject.cpp:
Windows compile fix
2001-07-04 23:13 seank
* uox3.cpp:
Windows compile fix
2001-07-04 23:01 seank
Linux compile fixes
2001-07-04 22:56 seank
SEFunctions.h, boats.cpp, books.cpp, cAccount.cpp, cBaseObject.h,
cChar.h, cClick.cpp, cConsole.cpp, cConsole.h, cGuild.cpp,
cGuild.h, cItem.h, cMagic.h, cMultiObj.h, cScript.h, cServerData.h,
cServerDefinitions.h, cSocket.cpp, cSocket.h, cThreadQueue.cpp,
cThreadQueue.h, calcfuncs.cpp, cdice.h, classes.h, combat.h,
commands.h, configure,, enums.h, fileio.cpp,
funcdecl.h, gump.h, handlers.h, hash.h, install-sh, magic.cpp,
magic.h, mapclasses.h, mapstuff.cpp, mapstuff.h, missing,
mkinstalldirs, movement.h, network.cpp, network.h, packets.h,
regions.h, skills.h, speech.h, ssection.h, targeting.cpp,
targeting.h, teffect.h, threadsafeobject.cpp, threadsafeobject.h,
townregion.h, trigger.h, typedefs.h, uox3.cpp, uox3.h, uoxlinux.h,
weight.h, wholist.h, worldmain.cpp,
Linux compile fixes
2001-07-04 21:37 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, cMagic.h, magic.cpp, skills.cpp, targeting.cpp,
Fixed magery casting bug which had reagent errors
Removed extraneous DeleReagents function from magic
Fixed a potential spell blocking bug
Added a default constructor to reag_st to initialize all values
2001-07-04 21:23 toinzane
* cServerData.cpp, cServerData.h, skills.cpp:
Made engrave toggleable with ENGRAVEENABLED in server.scp
2001-07-04 20:35 darkangelab
* cRaces.cpp, cWeather.cpp, house.cpp, packets.cpp:
Fixed a crash issue doing an 'add which involved invalid skill
values calling a race function
Fixed multiplacement view packet so houses/boats ghost properly
More code tidy ups
Updated weather periodic update to take into account light changes
on a minutely basis
2001-07-04 19:59 toinzane
* weight.cpp:
More error-checking added to weight, now will not fall below 0 or
above 32,000.
Minor cleanups in weight.cpp, along with better function
2001-07-04 19:34 darkangelab
* fileio.cpp, fileio.h, magic.cpp, movement.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Fixed a nonupdating stamina issue with overloaded walking
More sysmessage() changes
Changed ioBuff to UI08 * from char *
Fixed crash bug when entering an area with nonexistent midi
2001-07-04 18:21 darkangelab
* cItem.cpp, cMagic.h, classes.h, effect.cpp, fileio.cpp,
funcdecl.h, gumps.cpp, house.cpp, items.cpp, lineofsight.cpp,
magic.cpp, npcs.cpp, regions.cpp, sound.cpp, targeting.cpp,
Much greater usage of dictionary safe sysmessage
Removed InitChar function, as it was already empty
Tidied up magic.cpp
Reduced parameter count for cMagic::SummonMonster
Fixed PoisonDamage bug
2001-07-04 17:02 darkangelab
* door.cpp, effect.cpp, skills.cpp:
Fixed a tempeffect2 bug which didn't store source correctly
Fixed dooruse to use either active char or invalid char, rather
than character 0
Fixed checktempeffects to calculate proper character for door
Fixed door not closing bug
2001-07-04 16:45 darkangelab
* cChar.cpp, cChar.h, skills.cpp, speech.cpp:
Removal of the Get/Set BankBox functions in CChar
Removed all references to Get/Set BankBox functions, fixing
non-reopening bank box
Tidied up some of the CChar member code
2001-07-04 16:32 uid43025
* network.cpp:
More meaningful message displayed when a client disconnects
2001-07-04 16:31 uid43025
* mapstuff.cpp:
Fixed a minor invalid return
2001-07-04 08:33 uid55407
* dist.cpp, funcdecl.h, gumps.cpp, house.cpp, html.cpp, im.cpp,
mapstuff.cpp, mapstuff.h, msgboard.cpp, msgboard.h, necro.cpp,
Few minor code cleanups throughout the source with a couple
possible bugfixes
2001-07-04 00:11 uid55407
* calcfuncs.cpp, funcdecl.h, uox3.cpp:
Minor cleanups in uox3.cpp
Moved calcLastContainerFromSer to calcfuncs.cpp
Testing Commit to CVS ability :P
2001-07-03 21:52 uid43025
* cmdtable.cpp, commands.cpp, items.cpp, mapstuff.cpp, scriptc.cpp,
targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Soundfx properly played for picking up items from ground
'set kills added, 'setmurder removed (code commented)
ItemSpawn() and ItemSpawnBackpack2() automatically add the items
weight to the calling character (if any)
Minor cleanups in targeting.cpp
Started work on definition section header support
2001-07-03 21:16 uid43025
* SEFunctions.cpp, cClick.cpp, cSocket.cpp:
Fixed an SE InRange issue where items were in a pack
Fixed a doubleclick issue that would put an item out of range (if
not on ground)
Updated second cSocket constructor to have default language
2001-07-03 20:36 darkangelab
* combat.cpp, commands.cpp, door.cpp, effect.cpp:
Updated sysmessage calls to call the dictionary friendly sysmessage
One or two minor code cleanups
2001-07-03 19:26 darkangelab
* boats.cpp, cChar.cpp, cClick.cpp:
Updated boats.cpp, cChar.cpp and cClick.cpp to replace sysmessage
calls wtih dictionary friendly sysmessage calls
2001-07-03 18:59 darkangelab
* cChar.cpp, door.cpp, funcdecl.h, lineofsight.cpp, movement.cpp,
movement.h, sound.cpp, targeting.cpp, trade.cpp, uox3.cpp,
GM's don't lose stamina when running
Added commented line of sight proposed algorithm
Added few more func decl headers
(on behalf of Zane)
Cleaned up movement.cpp functions
Cleaned up uox3.cpp along with fixing several issues with weight
fixed soundeffects() bug causing sound not to always play to
calling socket
2001-07-03 17:04 darkangelab
* calcfuncs.cpp:
Late addition of calcfuncs.cpp
2001-07-03 03:31 darkangelab
* SEFunctions.cpp, UOX3_Official.dsp, ai.cpp, boats.cpp,
cClick.cpp, cGuild.cpp, cRaces.cpp, cWeather.cpp, cmdtable.cpp,
combat.cpp, effect.cpp, enums.h, funcdecl.h, globals.cpp,
magic.cpp, msgboard.cpp, necro.cpp, network.cpp, network.h,
packets.cpp, packets.h, regions.h, skills.cpp, speech.cpp,
targeting.cpp, uox3.cpp, uox3.h, vendor.cpp, wholist.cpp:
Addition of the LoginDenyReason enumeration
Added CPLoginDeny packet, allowing removal of some global arrays
for packets
Deprecation of cNetworkStuff::CharList and cNetworkStuff::Relay by
implementing the CPISecondLogin and CPIServerSelect packets
Declaration of dictionary based sysmessage
Conversion of cmdtable.cpp, cRaces.cpp, wholist.cpp and
cWeather.cpp to using new dictionary based sysmessage
Changed all references to antispam to use booleans rather than char
Adjusted speech functions to use a single UI16 for colour rather
than 2 UI08s
Deprecated 2 itemmessage() functions and converted other serial
based references to char/item references
2001-07-03 03:25 darkangelab
* door.cpp, lineofsight.cpp, quantityfuncs.cpp:
Breaking out some functions from uox3.cpp and moving them into
their own file
2001-07-03 00:18 darkangelab
* combat.cpp, combat.h, funcdecl.h, magic.cpp, targeting.cpp,
Addition of a cBaseObject based LOS call, turning a number of calls
into that
Broke out a few more functions in combat.cpp
General code tidy up in combat.cpp
2001-07-02 20:24 darkangelab
* UOX3_Official.dsp, cServerData.cpp, cServerDefinitions.cpp,
magic.cpp, uox3.cpp:
Fixed release crash bug when loading spells
Adjusted Release part of the project to have the proper defines
Updated multiple SCP file scanning to work better with directory
General code tidy ups
2001-07-01 22:42 darkangelab
* uox3.cpp:
Cannot damage invulnerable players with explosion potions
Tidied up spawnregion code and added CALL support, fixing a slight
map region bug
2001-07-01 22:34 darkangelab
* UOX3_Official.dsp:
Adjustments to the link part of the profiles to remove a bad
reference to JavaScript/
2001-07-01 22:33 darkangelab
* cClick.cpp, skills.cpp, targeting.cpp, uoxstruct.h:
Tidy up of the make_st to work more cleanly with structure
2001-07-01 21:55 darkangelab
* worldconverter/: UOX3WorldConverter.dsp, UOX3WorldConverter.dsw,
cBaseObject.h, cBaseobject.cpp, cChar.cpp, cChar.h, cItem.cpp,
cItem.h, cMultiObj.cpp, cMultiObj.h, charhandle.cpp, classes.h,
enums.h, funcdecl.h, globals.cpp, handlers.h, hash.cpp, hash.h,
itemhandler.cpp, power.h, regions.cpp, regions.h, resource.h,
typedefs.h, uox3.cpp, uox3.h, uox3.ico, uox3.rc, uoxstruct.h:
Creation of worldconverter project
2001-07-01 21:52 darkangelab
* uoxlist.h:
Removal of excess files
2001-07-01 21:44 darkangelab
* worldconverter/readme.txt:
Creation of worldconverter project
2001-07-01 21:26 darkangelab
* UOX3_Official.dsp, UOX3_Official.dsw, uox3.cpp, uox3.h, uox3.ico,
uox3.rc, uoxlist.h, uoxstruct.h, vendor.cpp, weight.cpp, weight.h,
wholist.cpp, wholist.h, worldmain.cpp, worldmain.h, xgm.cpp, xgm.h,
Initial commit of 0.95 source
2001-07-01 21:23 darkangelab
* Dictionary.cpp, Dictionary.h, cSkillClass.h, cSocket.cpp,
cSocket.h, cThreadQueue.cpp, cThreadQueue.h, cWeather.cpp,
cWeather.hpp, debug.cpp, debug.h, dist.cpp, effect.cpp, enums.h,
fileio.cpp, fileio.h, funcdecl.h, globals.cpp, gump.h, gumps.cpp,
handlers.h, hash.cpp, hash.h, house.cpp, html.cpp, im.cpp, im.h,
itemhandler.cpp, PageVector.h, items.cpp, magic.cpp, magic.h,
mapclasses.h, mapstuff.cpp, mapstuff.h, movement.cpp, movement.h,
msgboard.cpp, msgboard.h, necro.cpp, network.cpp, network.h,
newbie.cpp, npcs.cpp, packets.cpp, packets.h, pointer.cpp, power.h,
queue.cpp, SEFunctions.cpp, SEFunctions.h, regions.cpp, regions.h,
resource.h, scriptc.cpp, scriptc.h, skills.cpp, skills.h,
sound.cpp, speech.cpp, speech.h, ssection.cpp, ssection.h,
targeting.cpp, targeting.h, teffect.cpp, teffect.h,
threadsafeobject.cpp, threadsafeobject.h, townregion.cpp,
townregion.h, trade.cpp, trigger.cpp, trigger.h, typedefs.h:
Initial commit of 0.95 source
2001-07-01 21:19 darkangelab
* archive.cpp, boats.cpp, boats.h, books.cpp, books.h,
cAccount.cpp, cAccount.h, cBaseObject.h, cBaseobject.cpp,
cChar.cpp, cChar.h, cClick.cpp, cConsole.cpp, cConsole.h,
cDice.cpp, cGuild.cpp, cGuild.h, cdice.h, charhandle.cpp,
cItem.cpp, cItem.h, cMagic.h, cMultiObj.cpp, cMultiObj.h,
classes.h, cmdtable.cpp, cmdtable.h, combat.cpp, cRaces.cpp,
cRaces.h, cScript.cpp, cScript.h, cServerData.cpp, cServerData.h,
cServerDefinitions.cpp, cServerDefinitions.h, combat.h,
commands.cpp, commands.h:
Initial commit of 0.95 source
2001-07-01 21:15 darkangelab
* ai.cpp:
Initial commit of 0.95 source
2001-06-06 08:54 yeshe
* readme.txt: