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This file is an adaptation of the file OgrePrerequisites.h from OGRE
and customised to our own needs
#ifndef __Prerequisites_H__
#define __Prerequisites_H__
// Platform-specific stuff
#include "Platform.h"
// Turn off warnings generated by long std templates
// This warns about truncation to 255 characters in debug/browse info
# pragma warning (disable : 4786)
// disable: "conversion from 'double' to 'float', possible loss of data
# pragma warning (disable : 4244)
// disable: "truncation from 'double' to 'float'
# pragma warning (disable : 4305)
// disable: "<type> needs to have dll-interface to be used by clients'
// Happens on STL member variables which are not public therefore is ok
# pragma warning (disable : 4251)
// disable: "non dll-interface class used as base for dll-interface class"
// Happens when deriving from Singleton because bug in compiler ignores
// template export
# pragma warning (disable : 4275)
// disable: "C++ Exception Specification ignored"
// This is because MSVC 6 did not implement all the C++ exception
// specifications in the ANSI C++ draft.
# pragma warning( disable : 4290 )
// disable: "no suitable definition provided for explicit template
// instantiation request" Occurs in VC7 for no justifiable reason on all
// #includes of Singleton
# pragma warning( disable: 4661)
#pragma warning( disable : 4511 ) // copy constructor could not be generated
#pragma warning( disable : 4512 ) // assignment operator could not be generated
#pragma warning( disable : 4663 ) // C++ language change: to explicitly specialize class template '' use the following syntax...
# if UOX_COMP_VER > 1300
# else
# endif
/* Include all the standard header *after* all the configuration
settings have been made.
#include "UOXStdHeaders.h"
// define the real number values to be used
// default to use 'float' unless precompiler option set
namespace UOX {
// Define UOX version
// define the Char type as either char or wchar_t
# define UOXChar wchar_t
# define _TO_CHAR( x ) L##x
# define UOXChar char
# define _TO_CHAR( x ) x
#ifdef GCC_3_1
# define HashMap ::__gnu_cxx::hash_map
# if UOX_COMP_VER > 1300 && !defined(_STLP_MSVC)
# define HashMap ::stdext::hash_map
# else
# define HashMap ::std::hash_map
# endif
# else
# define HashMap ::std::hash_map
# endif
/// Useful macros
#define UOX_DELETE(p) { if(p) { delete (p); (p)=NULL; } }
#define UOX_DELETE_ARRAY(p) { if(p) { delete[] (p); (p)=NULL; } }
// Pre-declare classes
// Allows use of pointers in header files without including individual .h
// so decreases dependencies between files
class CBaseTile;
class cAccountClass;
class CBaseObject;
class cBooks;
class CBoatObj;
class CChar;
class cCharStuff;
class cCommands;
class CConsole;
class cDice;
class CDictionary;
class CDictionaryContainer;
class cDirectoryListing;
class CEndL;
class cEffects;
class CEnvoke;
class CGuild;
class CGuildCollection;
class CGump;
class cHTMLTemplate;
class cHTMLTemplates;
class cItem;
class CItem;
class CJSMapping;
class CJSMappingSection;
class CLand;
class cMagic;
class CMagicMove;
class CMagicStat;
class CMapHandler;
class CMapRegion;
class CMulHandler;
class cMovement;
class CMultiObj;
class cNetworkStuff;
class CPUOXBuffer;
class CPInputBuffer;
class cRaces;
class CRace;
class cScript;
class CServerData;
class CServerDefinitions;
class CServerProfile;
class cSkillClass;
class cSkills;
class CSocket;
class CSpawnItem;
class CSpawnRegion;
class CSpeechEntry;
class CSpeechQueue;
class CTEffect;
class CThreadQueue;
class CTile;
class CTileUni;
class CTownRegion;
class CVersionClass;
class CWeather;
class cWeatherAb;
class CWeight;
class cWhoList;
class CWorldMain;
class GumpDisplay;
class HelpRequest;
class JailCell;
class JailSystem;
class ObjectFactory;
class Script;
class ScriptSection;
class SpellInfo;
class UOXFile;
class UString;
/** In order to avoid finger-aches :)
#include "enums.h"
#include "typedefs.h"
#endif // __Prerequisites_H__