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#ifndef __CCHAR_H__
#define __CCHAR_H__
namespace UOX
enum cNPC_FLAG
enum cC_TID
// Global Character Timers
// NPC Timers
// PC Timers
struct DamageTrackEntry
DamageTrackEntry() : damager( INVALIDSERIAL ), damageDone( 0 ), lastDamageDone( INVALIDSERIAL ) { }
DamageTrackEntry( SERIAL dmgr, SI32 dmgDn, TIMERVAL lstDmgDn ) : damager( dmgr ), damageDone( dmgDn ), lastDamageDone( lstDmgDn ) { }
SERIAL damager; // who did the damage?
SI32 damageDone; // how much damage has been accumulated?
TIMERVAL lastDamageDone; // when was the last time that damage was done?
bool DTEgreater( DamageTrackEntry &elem1, DamageTrackEntry &elem2 );
class CChar : public CBaseObject
typedef std::map< ItemLayers, CItem * > LAYERLIST;
typedef std::map< ItemLayers, CItem * >::iterator LAYERLIST_ITERATOR;
typedef CDataList< DamageTrackEntry * > DAMAGETRACK;
struct NPCValues_st
void DumpBody( std::ofstream& outStream );
SI16 aiType;
CBaseObject * petGuarding;
SI16 taming;
SI16 peaceing;
SI16 provoing;
UI08 trainingPlayerIn;
UI32 goldOnHand;
UI08 splitNum;
UI08 splitChance;
SI16 fx[2]; //NPC Wander Point x
SI16 fy[2]; //NPC Wander Point y
SI08 fz; //NPC Wander Point z
SI08 wanderMode; // NPC Wander Mode
SI08 oldWanderMode; // Used for fleeing npcs
std::deque< UI08 > pathToFollow; // let's use a queue of directions to follow
SI16 spellAttack;
SI08 spellDelay; // won't time out for more than 255 seconds!
UI08 questType;
UI08 questDestRegion;
UI08 questOrigRegion;
SI16 fleeAt; // HP Level to flee at
SI16 reAttackAt; // HP Level to re-Attack at
CHARLIST petFriends;
UI16 tamedHungerRate; // The rate at which hunger decreases when char is tamed
UI08 hungerWildChance; // The chance that the char get's wild when hungry
UString foodList;
SERIAL fTarg; // NPC Follow Target
cNPC_FLAG npcFlag;
std::bitset< 8 > boolFlags;
R32 walkingSpeed;
R32 runningSpeed;
R32 fleeingSpeed;
struct PlayerValues_st
void DumpBody( std::ofstream& outStream );
CSocket * socket;
SERIAL robe;
SERIAL trackingTarget; // Tracking target ID
CHARLIST trackingTargets;
UI16 accountNum;
UI16 origID; // Backup of body type for polymorph
UI16 origSkin;
std::string origName; // original name - for Incognito
UI16 hairStyle;
UI16 beardStyle;
COLOUR hairColour;
COLOUR beardColour;
std::string lastOn; //Last time a character was on
UI32 lastOnSecs; //Last time a character was on in seconds.
UI08 commandLevel; // 0 = player, 1 = counselor, 2 = GM
UI08 postType;
SI16 callNum; // Callnum GM or Counsellor is on
SI16 playerCallNum; // Players call number in GM or Counsellor Queue
UI08 squelched; // zippy - squelching
UI08 fixedLight; // Fixed lighting level (For chars in dungeons, where they dont see the night)
UI16 deaths;
SERIAL townvote;
SI08 townpriv; //0=non resident (Other privledges added as more functionality added)
UI08 atrophy[INTELLECT+1];
SkillLock lockState[INTELLECT+1]; // state of the skill locks
CItem * speechItem;
UI08 speechMode;
UI08 speechID;
cScript * speechCallback;
// speechMode valid values
// 0 normal speech
// 1 GM page
// 2 Counselor page
// 3 Player Vendor item pricing
// 4 Player Vendor item describing
// 5 Key renaming
// 6 Name deed
// 7 Rune renaming
// 8 Sign renaming
// 9 JavaScript speech
// Base Characters
NPCValues_st * mNPC;
PlayerValues_st * mPlayer;
SI08 hunger; // Level of hungerness, 6 = full, 0 = "empty"
UI08 town; // Matches Region number in regions.scp
UI08 regionNum;
UI08 brkPeaceChanceGain;
UI08 brkPeaceChance;
std::bitset< 32 > bools; // lots of flags
std::bitset< 16 > priv;
SI16 guildnumber; // Number of guild player is in (0=no guild) (DasRaetsel)
SERIAL guildfealty; // Serial of player you are loyal to (default=yourself) (DasRaetsel)
std::string guildtitle; // Title Guildmaster granted player (DasRaetsel)
TIMERVAL regen[3];
TIMERVAL weathDamage[WEATHNUM]; // Light Damage timer
UI08 nextact; //time to next spell action..
SI08 fonttype; // Speech font to use
COLOUR saycolor;
COLOUR emotecolor;
SI08 stealth; // stealth ( steps already done, -1=not using )
SI08 cell; // Reserved for jailing players
UI08 running; // Stamina Loose while running
UI08 step; // 1 if step 1 0 if step 2 3 if step 1 skip 2 if step 2 skip
CItem * packitem; // Characters backpack
SERIAL targ; // Current combat target
SERIAL attacker; // Character who attacked this character
UI16 advobj; //Has used advance gate?
RACEID raceGate; // Race gate that has been used
SI08 spellCast;
SKILLVAL baseskill[ALLSKILLS]; // Base skills without stat modifiers
SKILLVAL skill[INTELLECT+1]; // List of skills (with stat modifiers)
UI08 flag; //1=red 2=grey 4=Blue 8=green 10=Orange // should it not be 0x10??? sounds like we're trying to do
LAYERLIST itemLayers;
CDataList< CChar * > petsControlled;
ITEMLIST ownedItems;
std::bitset< 32 > skillUsed[2]; // no more than 64 skills
std::bitset< UT_COUNT > updateTypes;
UI16 maxHP;
UI16 maxHP_oldstr;
SI16 maxMana;
UI16 maxMana_oldint;
SI16 maxStam;
UI16 maxStam_olddex;
RACEID oldRace;
UI08 PoisonStrength;
DAMAGETRACK damageDealt;
DAMAGETRACK damageHealed;
virtual bool DumpHeader( std::ofstream &outStream ) const;
virtual bool DumpBody( std::ofstream &outStream ) const;
virtual bool HandleLine( UString &UTag, UString &data );
virtual bool LoadRemnants( void );
void CopyData( CChar *target );
void CreateNPC( void );
void CreatePlayer( void );
bool IsValidNPC( void ) const;
bool IsValidPlayer( void ) const;
virtual void SetWeight( SI32 newVal, bool doWeightUpdate = true );
bool GetUpdate( UpdateTypes updateType ) const;
void ClearUpdate( void );
virtual void Dirty( UpdateTypes updateType );
void UpdateDamageTrack( void );
void SetPoisonStrength( UI08 value );
UI08 GetPoisonStrength( void ) const;
CDataList< CChar * > * GetPetList( void );
ITEMLIST * GetOwnedItems( void );
void AddOwnedItem( CItem *toAdd );
void RemoveOwnedItem( CItem *toRemove );
void DoHunger( CSocket *mSock );
void checkPetOfflineTimeout( void );
SI08 GetHunger( void ) const;
UI16 GetTamedHungerRate( void ) const;
UI08 GetTamedHungerWildChance( void ) const;
UI08 GetTown( void ) const;
std::string GetFood( void ) const;
bool SetHunger( SI08 newValue );
void SetTamedHungerRate( UI16 newValue );
void SetTamedHungerWildChance( UI08 newValue );
void SetTown( UI08 newValue );
void SetFood( std::string food );
UI08 GetBrkPeaceChanceGain( void ) const;
void SetBrkPeaceChanceGain( UI08 newValue );
UI08 GetBrkPeaceChance( void ) const;
void SetBrkPeaceChance( UI08 newValue );
void SetMounted( bool newValue );
bool GetMounted( void ) const;
void SetStabled( bool newValue );
bool GetStabled( void ) const;
void SetMaxHPFixed( bool newValue );
bool GetMaxHPFixed( void ) const;
void SetMaxManaFixed( bool newValue );
bool GetMaxManaFixed( void ) const;
void SetMaxStamFixed( bool newValue );
bool GetMaxStamFixed( void ) const;
bool DecHunger( const SI08 amt = 1 );
bool isUnicode( void ) const;
bool IsNpc( void ) const;
bool IsShop( void ) const;
bool IsDead( void ) const;
bool GetCanAttack( void ) const;
bool IsAtWar( void ) const;
bool DidAttackFirst( void ) const;
bool IsOnHorse( void ) const;
bool GetTownTitle( void ) const;
bool GetReactiveArmour( void ) const;
bool CanTrain( void ) const;
bool GetGuildToggle( void ) const;
bool IsTamed( void ) const;
bool IsGuarded( void ) const;
bool CanRun( void ) const;
bool IsUsingPotion( void ) const;
bool MayLevitate( void ) const;
bool WillHunger( void ) const;
bool IsMeditating( void ) const;
bool IsCasting( void ) const;
bool IsJSCasting( void ) const;
void setUnicode( bool newVal );
void SetNpc( bool newVal );
void SetShop( bool newVal );
void SetDead( bool newValue );
void SetCanAttack( bool newValue );
void SetPeace( UI32 newValue );
void SetWar( bool newValue );
void SetAttackFirst( bool newValue );
void SetOnHorse( bool newValue );
void SetTownTitle( bool newValue );
void SetReactiveArmour( bool newValue );
void SetCanTrain( bool newValue );
void SetGuildToggle( bool newValue );
void SetTamed( bool newValue );
void SetGuarded( bool newValue );
void SetRun( bool newValue );
void SetUsingPotion( bool newVal );
void SetLevitate( bool newValue );
void SetHungerStatus( bool newValue );
void SetMeditating( bool newValue );
void SetCasting( bool newValue );
void SetJSCasting( bool newValue );
void SetInBuilding( bool newValue );
void SetTownVote( UI32 newValue );
void SetGuildFealty( UI32 newValue );
UI32 GetTownVote( void ) const;
UI32 GetGuildFealty( void ) const;
std::string GetGuildTitle( void ) const;
void SetGuildTitle( std::string newValue );
TIMERVAL GetTimer( cC_TID timerID ) const;
TIMERVAL GetRegen( UI08 part ) const;
TIMERVAL GetWeathDamage( UI08 part ) const;
UI08 GetNextAct( void ) const;
void SetTimer( cC_TID timerID, TIMERVAL value );
void SetRegen( TIMERVAL newValue, UI08 part );
void SetWeathDamage( TIMERVAL newValue, UI08 part );
void SetNextAct( UI08 newVal );
COLOUR GetEmoteColour( void ) const;
COLOUR GetSayColour( void ) const;
UI16 GetSkin( void ) const;
void SetSkin( UI16 value );
void SetEmoteColour( COLOUR newValue );
void SetSayColour( COLOUR newValue );
SI08 GetStealth( void ) const;
SI08 GetCell( void ) const;
UI08 GetRunning( void ) const;
UI08 GetStep( void ) const;
CTownRegion *GetRegion( void ) const;
UI08 GetRegionNum( void ) const;
void SetCell( SI08 newVal );
void SetStealth( SI08 newValue );
void SetRunning( UI08 newValue );
void SetStep( UI08 newValue );
void SetRegion( UI08 newValue );
virtual void SetLocation( SI16 newX, SI16 newY, SI08 newZ, UI08 world );
virtual void SetLocation( SI16 newX, SI16 newY, SI08 newZ );
virtual void SetLocation( const CBaseObject *toSet );
void WalkZ( SI08 newZ );
void WalkDir( SI08 newDir );
CItem * GetPackItem( void );
CChar * GetTarg( void ) const;
CChar * GetAttacker( void ) const;
UI16 GetAdvObj( void ) const;
RACEID GetRaceGate( void ) const;
void SetPackItem( CItem *newVal );
void SetTarg( CChar *newTarg );
void SetAttacker( CChar *newValue );
void SetAdvObj( UI16 newValue );
void SetRaceGate( RACEID newValue );
SI08 GetSpellCast( void ) const;
void SetSpellCast( SI08 newValue );
UI16 GetPriv( void ) const;
SI08 GetTownPriv( void ) const;
bool IsGM( void ) const;
bool CanBroadcast( void ) const;
bool IsInvulnerable( void ) const;
bool GetSingClickSer( void ) const;
bool NoSkillTitles( void ) const;
bool IsGMPageable( void ) const;
bool CanSnoop( void ) const;
bool IsCounselor( void ) const;
bool AllMove( void ) const;
bool IsFrozen( void ) const;
bool ViewHouseAsIcon( void ) const;
bool NoNeedMana( void ) const;
bool IsDispellable( void ) const;
bool IsPermReflected( void ) const;
bool NoNeedReags( void ) const;
void SetGM( bool newValue );
void SetBroadcast( bool newValue );
void SetInvulnerable( bool newValue );
void SetSingClickSer( bool newValue );
void SetSkillTitles( bool newValue );
void SetGMPageable( bool newValue );
void SetSnoop( bool newValue );
void SetCounselor( bool newValue );
void SetAllMove( bool newValue );
void SetFrozen( bool newValue );
void SetViewHouseAsIcon( bool newValue );
void SetNoNeedMana( bool newValue );
void SetDispellable( bool newValue );
void SetPermReflected( bool newValue );
void SetNoNeedReags( bool newValue );
void SetPriv( UI16 newValue );
void SetTownpriv( SI08 newValue );
UI16 GetBaseSkill( UI08 skillToGet ) const;
UI16 GetSkill( UI08 skillToGet ) const;
void SetBaseSkill( SKILLVAL newSkillValue, UI08 skillToSet );
void SetSkill( SKILLVAL newSkillValue, UI08 skillToSet );
UI16 GetDeaths( void ) const; // can we die 4 billion times?!
SI16 GetGuildNumber( void ) const;
UI08 GetFlag( void ) const;
void SetDeaths( UI16 newVal );
void SetFlag( UI08 newValue );
void SetGuildNumber( SI16 newValue );
SI08 GetFontType( void ) const;
void SetFontType( SI08 newType );
CSocket * GetSocket( void ) const;
void SetSocket( CSocket *newVal );
virtual ~CChar();
CChar * Dupe( void );
virtual void RemoveFromSight( CSocket *mSock = NULL );
void SendWornItems( CSocket *s );
void Teleport( void );
void ExposeToView( void );
virtual void Update( CSocket *mSock = NULL );
virtual void SendToSocket( CSocket *s );
CItem * GetItemAtLayer( ItemLayers Layer );
bool WearItem( CItem *toWear );
bool TakeOffItem( ItemLayers Layer );
CItem * FirstItem( void );
CItem * NextItem( void );
bool FinishedItems( void );
void BreakConcentration( CSocket *sock = NULL );
virtual bool Save( std::ofstream &outStream );
virtual void PostLoadProcessing( void );
SI16 ActualStrength( void ) const;
virtual SI16 GetStrength( void ) const;
SI16 ActualDexterity( void ) const;
virtual SI16 GetDexterity( void ) const;
SI16 ActualIntelligence( void ) const;
virtual SI16 GetIntelligence( void ) const;
void IncStrength2( SI16 toAdd = 1 );
void IncDexterity2( SI16 toAdd = 1 );
void IncIntelligence2( SI16 toAdd = 1 );
bool IsMurderer( void ) const;
bool IsCriminal( void ) const;
bool IsInnocent( void ) const;
bool IsNeutral( void ) const;
void SetFlagRed( void );
void SetFlagBlue( void );
void SetFlagGray( void );
void SetFlagNeutral( void );
void StopSpell( void );
bool SkillUsed( UI08 skillNum ) const;
void SkillUsed( bool value, UI08 skillNum );
bool IsPolymorphed( void ) const;
bool IsIncognito( void ) const;
void IsPolymorphed( bool newValue );
void IsIncognito( bool newValue );
bool IsJailed( void ) const;
void SetMaxHP( UI16 newmaxhp, UI16 newoldstr, RACEID newoldrace );
void SetFixedMaxHP( SI16 newmaxhp );
void SetMaxMana( SI16 newmaxmana, UI16 newoldint, RACEID newoldrace );
void SetFixedMaxMana( SI16 newmaxmana );
void SetMaxStam( SI16 newmaxstam, UI16 newolddex, RACEID newoldrace );
void SetFixedMaxStam( SI16 newmaxstam );
virtual UI16 GetMaxHP( void );
SI16 GetMaxMana( void );
SI16 GetMaxStam( void );
virtual void SetMana( SI16 newValue );
virtual void SetHP( SI16 newValue );
virtual void SetStamina( SI16 newValue );
virtual void SetStrength( SI16 newValue );
virtual void SetDexterity( SI16 newValue );
virtual void SetIntelligence( SI16 newValue );
virtual void SetStrength2( SI16 newValue );
virtual void SetDexterity2( SI16 newValue );
virtual void SetIntelligence2( SI16 newValue );
void IncStamina( SI16 toInc );
void IncMana( SI16 toInc );
void ToggleCombat( void );
virtual void SetPoisoned( UI08 newValue );
bool isHuman( void );
bool inDungeon( void );
bool inBuilding( void );
void TextMessage( CSocket *s, std::string toSay, SpeechType msgType, bool spamTimer );
void TextMessage( CSocket *s, SI32 dictEntry, SpeechType msgType, bool spamTimer, ... );
virtual void Cleanup( void );
virtual void Delete( void );
virtual bool CanBeObjType( ObjectType toCompare ) const;
FlagColors FlagColour( CChar *toCompare );
void Heal( SI16 healValue, CChar *healer = NULL );
void Damage( SI16 damageValue, CChar *attacker = NULL, bool doRepsys = false );
void ReactOnDamage( WeatherType damageType, CChar *attacker = NULL );
void Die( CChar *attacker, bool doRepsys );
// Values determining if the character is in a party or not, save us shortcutting in a few places
// These values don't get saved or loaded, as only NPC parties get rebuilt, and that will be done
// via the PartyFactory Load/Save routines, and not through here
void InParty( bool value );
bool InParty( void ) const;
// NPC Characters
virtual void RemoveSelfFromOwner( void );
virtual void AddSelfToOwner( void );
CHARLIST * GetFriendList( void );
void AddFriend( CChar *toAdd );
void RemoveFriend( CChar *toRemove );
SI16 GetNPCAiType( void ) const;
SI16 GetTaming( void ) const;
SI16 GetPeaceing( void ) const;
SI16 GetProvoing( void ) const;
UI08 GetTrainingPlayerIn( void ) const;
UI32 GetHoldG( void ) const;
UI08 GetSplit( void ) const;
UI08 GetSplitChance( void ) const;
void SetNPCAiType( SI16 newValue );
void SetTaming( SI16 newValue );
void SetPeaceing( SI16 newValue );
void SetProvoing( SI16 newValue );
void SetTrainingPlayerIn( UI08 newValue );
void SetHoldG( UI32 newValue );
void SetSplit( UI08 newValue );
void SetSplitChance( UI08 newValue );
void SetGuarding( CBaseObject *newValue );
CBaseObject * GetGuarding( void ) const;
SI16 GetFx( UI08 part ) const;
SI16 GetFy( UI08 part ) const;
SI08 GetFz( void ) const;
SI08 GetNpcWander( void ) const;
SI08 GetOldNpcWander( void ) const;
void SetFx( SI16 newVal, UI08 part );
void SetFy( SI16 newVal, UI08 part );
void SetFz( SI08 newVal );
void SetNpcWander( SI08 newValue );
void SetOldNpcWander( SI08 newValue );
CChar * GetFTarg( void ) const;
void SetFTarg( CChar *newTarg );
SI16 GetSpAttack( void ) const;
SI08 GetSpDelay( void ) const;
void SetSpAttack( SI16 newValue );
void SetSpDelay( SI08 newValue );
UI08 GetQuestType( void ) const;
UI08 GetQuestOrigRegion( void ) const;
UI08 GetQuestDestRegion( void ) const;
void SetQuestDestRegion( UI08 newValue );
void SetQuestType( UI08 newValue );
void SetQuestOrigRegion( UI08 newValue );
SI16 GetFleeAt( void ) const;
SI16 GetReattackAt( void ) const;
void SetFleeAt( SI16 newValue );
void SetReattackAt( SI16 newValue );
UI08 PopDirection( void );
void PushDirection( UI08 newDir, bool pushFront = false );
bool StillGotDirs( void ) const;
void FlushPath( void );
cNPC_FLAG GetNPCFlag( void ) const;
void SetNPCFlag( cNPC_FLAG flagType );
R32 GetWalkingSpeed( void ) const;
void SetWalkingSpeed( R32 newValue );
R32 GetRunningSpeed( void ) const;
void SetRunningSpeed( R32 newValue );
R32 GetFleeingSpeed( void ) const;
void SetFleeingSpeed( R32 newValue );
// Player Characters
void SetAccount( CAccountBlock& actbAccount );
CAccountBlock & GetAccount(void);
UI16 GetAccountNum( void ) const;
void SetAccountNum( UI16 newVal );
void SetRobe( SERIAL newValue );
SERIAL GetRobe( void ) const;
UI16 GetOrgID( void ) const;
void SetOrgSkin( UI16 value );
void SetOrgID( UI16 value );
UI16 GetOrgSkin( void ) const;
std::string GetOrgName( void ) const;
void SetOrgName( std::string newName );
UI08 GetCommandLevel( void ) const;
void SetCommandLevel( UI08 newValue );
UI08 GetPostType( void ) const;
void SetPostType( UI08 newValue );
void SetPlayerCallNum( SI16 newValue );
void SetCallNum( SI16 newValue );
SI16 GetCallNum( void ) const;
SI16 GetPlayerCallNum( void ) const;
void SetLastOn( std::string newValue );
std::string GetLastOn( void ) const;
void SetLastOnSecs( UI32 newValue );
UI32 GetLastOnSecs( void ) const;
CChar * GetTrackingTarget( void ) const;
CChar * GetTrackingTargets( UI08 targetNum ) const;
void SetTrackingTarget( CChar *newValue );
void SetTrackingTargets( CChar *newValue, UI08 targetNum );
UI08 GetSquelched( void ) const;
void SetSquelched( UI08 newValue );
CItem * GetSpeechItem( void ) const;
UI08 GetSpeechMode( void ) const;
UI08 GetSpeechID( void ) const;
cScript * GetSpeechCallback( void ) const;
void SetSpeechMode( UI08 newValue );
void SetSpeechID( UI08 newValue );
void SetSpeechCallback( cScript *newValue );
void SetSpeechItem( CItem *newValue );
UI16 GetHairStyle( void ) const;
UI16 GetBeardStyle( void ) const;
COLOUR GetHairColour( void ) const;
COLOUR GetBeardColour( void ) const;
void SetHairColour( COLOUR value );
void SetBeardColour( COLOUR value );
void SetHairStyle( UI16 value );
void SetBeardStyle( UI16 value );
UI08 GetFixedLight( void ) const;
void SetFixedLight( UI08 newVal );
UI08 GetAtrophy( UI08 skillToGet ) const;
SkillLock GetSkillLock( UI08 skillToGet ) const;
void SetAtrophy( UI08 newValue, UI08 skillToSet );
void SetSkillLock( SkillLock newValue, UI08 skillToSet );