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#ifndef __CMAGIC_H__
#define __CMAGIC_H__
namespace UOX
struct reag_st;
class cMagic
//:Terrin: adding constructor/destructor
~cMagic(); // no need for a virtual destructor as long as no subclasses us
bool HasSpell( CItem *book, int spellNum );
void AddSpell( CItem *book, int spellNum );
void RemoveSpell( CItem *book, int spellNum );
void LoadScript( void ); //:Terrin: adding function for spell system "cache"
void SpellBook( CSocket *mSock );
void GateCollision( CSocket *mSock, CChar *mChar, CItem *itemCheck, ItemTypes type );
bool SelectSpell( CSocket *mSock, int num );
void doMoveEffect( int num, CBaseObject *target, CChar *source );
void doStaticEffect( CChar *source, int num );
void playSound( CChar *source, int num );
void DelReagents( CChar *s, reag_st reags );
void CastSpell( CSocket *s, CChar *caster ); // changed for NPC casting - Hanse
bool CheckResist( CChar *attacker, CChar *defender, int circle );
void PoisonDamage( CChar *p, int posion );
void CheckFieldEffects( CChar& mChar );
bool HandleFieldEffects( CChar *mChar, CItem *fieldItem, UI16 id );
bool CheckBook( int circle, int spell, CItem *i );
bool CheckReagents( CChar *s, const reag_st *reagents );
bool CheckMana( CChar *s, int num );
bool CheckStamina( CChar *s, int num );
bool CheckHealth( CChar *s, int num );
bool CheckMagicReflect( CChar *i );
void MagicDamage( CChar *p, SI16 amount, CChar *attacker = NULL, WeatherType element = NONE );
void SpellFail( CSocket *s );
void SubtractMana( CChar *s, int mana );
void SubtractStamina( CChar *s, int stamina );
void SubtractHealth( CChar *s, int health, int spellNum );
void MagicTrap( CChar *s, CItem *i );
void Polymorph( CSocket *s, UI16 polyID );
void BoxSpell( CSocket *s, CChar *caster, SI16& x1, SI16& x2, SI16& y1, SI16& y2, SI08& z1, SI08& z2 );
void SummonMonster( CSocket *s, CChar *caster, UI16 id, SI16 x, SI16 y, SI08 z );
void PolymorphMenu( CSocket *s, UI16 gmindex );
std::vector< SpellInfo > spells; //:Terrin: adding variable for spell system "cache"
void Register( cScript *toRegister, int spellNumber, bool isEnabled );
void SetSpellStatus( int spellNumber, bool isEnabled );
bool CheckParry( CChar *player, int circle );
UI08 getFieldDir( CChar *s, SI16 x, SI16 y );
bool RegMsg( CChar *s, reag_st failmsg );
void Log( std::string spell, CChar *player1, CChar *player2, std::string extraInfo );
UI08 spellCount;
extern cMagic *Magic;
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