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#ifndef __CSERVERDATA__
#define __CSERVERDATA__
namespace UOX
enum ClientFeatures
enum ServerFeatures
enum cSD_TID
tSERVER_CORPSEDECAY = 0, // Amount of time for a corpse to decay.
tSERVER_WEATHER, // Amount of time between changing light levels (day cycles).
tSERVER_SHOPSPAWN, // Amount of time between shopkeeper restocks.
tSERVER_DECAY, // Amount of time a decayable item will remain on the ground before dissapearing.
tSERVER_INVISIBILITY, // Duration of the invisibility spell.
tSERVER_OBJECTUSAGE, // Amount of time a player must wait between using objects.
tSERVER_GATE, // Duration of a summoned moongate.
tSERVER_POISON, // Duration of the poison effect on a character.
tSERVER_LOGINTIMEOUT, // Amount of time for an idle connection to time out.
tSERVER_HITPOINTREGEN, // Amount of time required to regenerate a single point of health.
tSERVER_STAMINAREGEN, // Amount of time required to regenerate a single point of stamina.
tSERVER_MANAREGEN, // Amount of time required to regenerate a single point of mana.
tSERVER_FISHINGBASE, // Base time for fishing skill to complete.
tSERVER_FISHINGRANDOM, // Max random time for fishing skill to complete.
tSERVER_SPIRITSPEAK, // Duration of the spirit speak skill.
tSERVER_HUNGERRATE, // Amount of time a player has before his hunger level decreases.
tSERVER_POLYMORPH, // Duration of the polymorph spell.
tSERVER_ESCORTWAIT, // Amount of time until an escort NPC will dissapear while waiting for a player to start his quest.
tSERVER_ESCORTACTIVE, // Amount of time until an escort NPC will dissapear while a player is escorting him.
tSERVER_ESCORTDONE, // Amount of time until an escort NPC will dissapear when his quest is finished.
tSERVER_MURDERDECAY, // Amount of time before a permanent murder count will decay.
tSERVER_CRIMINAL, // Amount of time a character remains criminal after committing a criminal act.
tSERVER_POTION, // Delay between using potions
tSERVER_PETOFFLINECHECK, // Delay between checks for the PetOfflineTimeout
enum CSDDirectoryPaths
class physicalServer
void setName(const std::string newName);
void setDomain(const std::string newDomain);
void setIP(const std::string newIP);
void setPort(UI16 newPort);
std::string getName( void ) const;
std::string getDomain( void ) const;
std::string getIP( void ) const;
UI16 getPort( void ) const;
std::string name;
std::string domain;
std::string ip;
UI16 port;
class CServerData
std::bitset< CF_BIT_COUNT > clientFeatures;
std::bitset< SF_BIT_COUNT > serverFeatures;
std::bitset< 33 > boolVals; // Many values stored this way, rather than using bools.
// ServerSystems
std::string sServerName; // 04/03/2004 - Need a place to store the name of the server (Added to support the UOG Info Request)
UI16 port; // Port number that the server listens on, for connections
std::vector< physicalServer > serverList; // Series of server entries for shard list
UI08 consolelogenabled; // Various levels of legging 0 == none, 1 == normal, 2 == normal + all speech
UI08 crashprotectionenabled; // Level of crash protection - number of crash restart attempts before stopping - NEVER ACTIVELY USED
char commandprefix; // Character that acts as the command prefix
SI16 backupRatio; // Number of saves before a backup occurs
UI32 serversavestimer; // Number of seconds between world saves
UI32 netRcvTimeout; // 04/03/2004 - Used to be hardcoded as 2 seconds (2 * 1000ms) for some raly laggy nets this would drop alot of packets, and disconnect people.
UI32 netSndTimeout; // 04/03/2004 - Not used at this time.
UI32 netRetryCount; // 04/03/2004 - Used to set the number of times a network recieve will be attempted before it throws an error
bool uogEnabled; // 04/03/2004 - Added to support the UOG Info Request Service
// facet block
bool useFacetSaves;
std::vector< std::string > facetNameList;
std::vector< UI32 > facetAccessFlags;
// Skills & Stats
UI16 skillcap; // A cap on the total of all a PC's skills
UI08 skilldelay; // Number of seconds after a skill is used before another skill can be used
UI16 statcap; // A cap on the total of a PC's stats
SI16 maxstealthmovement; // Max number of steps allowed with stealth skill at 100.0
SI16 maxstaminamovement; // Max number of steps allowed while running before stamina is reduced
// ServerTimers
UI16 serverTimers[tSERVER_COUNT];
// Directories
std::string serverDirectories[CSDDP_COUNT];
// Settings
SI16 ambientsounds; // Ambient sounds - values from 1->10 - higher values indicate sounds occur less often
SI16 htmlstatusenabled; // If > 0 then it's enabled - only used at PC char creation - use elsewhere? (was # of seconds between updates)
SI16 sellmaxitems; // Maximum number of items that can be sold to a vendor
R32 weightPerSTR; // How much weight per point of STR a character can hold.
UI16 petOfflineTimeout; // Offline time after a player looses all pets
// SpeedUp
R64 checkitems; // How often (in seconds) items are checked for decay and other things
R64 checkboats; // How often (in seconds) boats are checked for motion and so forth
R64 checknpcai; // How often (in seconds) NPCs can execute an AI routine
R64 checkspawnregions; // How often (in seconds) spawn regions are checked for new spawns
R32 npcWalkingSpeed; // Speed at which walking NPCs move
R32 npcRunningSpeed; // Speed at which running NPCs move
R32 npcFleeingSpeed; // Speed at which fleeing NPCs move
R64 flushTime; // How often (in minutes) online accounts are checked to see if they really ARE online
// MessageBoards
UI08 msgpostinglevel; // If not 0, then players can post
UI08 msgremovallevel; // If not 0, then players can remove posts
// WorldLight
LIGHTLEVEL dungeonlightlevel; // Default light level for a dungeon, if not subject to a weather system
LIGHTLEVEL currentlightlevel; // Default current light level if not subject to a weather system
LIGHTLEVEL brightnesslightlevel; // Default brightest light level if not subject to a weather system
LIGHTLEVEL darknesslightlevel; // Default darkest light level if not subject to a weather system
// WorldTimer // days/hours/minutes/seconds to it's own file?
UI16 secondsperuominute; // Number of seconds for a UOX minute.
SI16 moon[2]; // Moon current state
SI16 days; // Number of days the world has been running (persistent)
UI08 hours; // Number of hours the world has been running (persistent)
UI08 minutes; // Number of minutes the world has been running (persistent)
UI08 seconds; // Number of seconds the world has been running (persistent)
bool ampm; // Whether our current time is in the morning or afternoon
// Tracking
UI16 trackingbaserange; // Minimum range even a novice can track from
UI16 trackingbasetimer; // Tracking timer - maximum time for a GM to track at
UI08 trackingmaxtargets; // Maximum number of targets that can be tracked
UI16 trackingmsgredisplaytimer; // How often (in seconds) the tracking message is redisplayed
// Reputation
UI16 maxmurdersallowed; // Maximum number of kills before turning red
// Resources
UI08 minecheck; // Type of mining check performed - 0 anywhere 1 only mountains/floors 2 region based (not working)
SI16 oreperarea; // TIMERVAL? Maximum number of ores in a resource area
UI16 orerespawntimer; // Time at which ore is respawned (only 1 ore, not all)
UI16 orerespawnarea; // Number of ore areas (ie Y x Y where Y == value)
SI16 logsperarea; // Maximum number of logs in a resource area
UI16 logsrespawntimer; // TIMERVAL? Time at which logs are respawned (only 1 log, not all)
UI16 logsrespawnarea; // Number of log areas (ie Y x Y where Y == value)
// Hunger & Food
SI16 hungerdamage; // Amount of damage applied if hungry and below threshold
// Combat
SI16 combatmaxrange; // RANGE? Range at which combat can actually occur
SI16 combatarcherrange; // RANGE? Range at which archers stop charging the enemy
SI16 combatmaxspellrange; // RANGE? Range at which spells can be cast
UI08 combatanimalattackchance; // Chance of animals being attacked (0-100)
SI16 combatnpcdamagerate; // NPC Damage divisor - PCs sustain less than NPCs. If a PC, damage is 1/value
SI16 combatnpcbasefleeat; // % of HP where an NPC will flee, if it's not defined for them
SI16 combatnpcbasereattackat; // % of HP where an NPC will resume attacking
SI16 combatattackstamina; // Amount of stamina lost when hitting an opponent
UI16 combatExplodeDelay; // Time from casting to actual explosion
// Start & Location Settings
std::vector< STARTLOCATION > startlocations;
SI16 startgold; // Amount of gold created when a PC is made
UI16 startprivs; // Starting privileges of characters
// Anything under this comment is left here for symantics
UI08 skilllevel; // Some skill value associated with the rank system
SI16 buyThreshold; // Value above which money will be sourced from the bank rather than the player
// Gump stuff
UI16 titleColour; // Default text colour for titles in gumps
UI16 leftTextColour; // Default text colour for left text in gumps (2 column ones)
UI16 rightTextColour; // Default text colour for right text in gumps
UI16 buttonCancel; // Default Button ID for cancel button in gumps
UI16 buttonLeft; // Default Button ID for left button in gumps
UI16 buttonRight; // Default Button ID for right button in gumps
UI16 backgroundPic; // Default Gump ID for background gump
// Townstone stuff
UI32 numSecsPollOpen; // Time (in seconds) for which a town voting poll is open
UI32 numSecsAsMayor; // Time (in seconds) that a PC would be a mayor
UI32 taxPeriod; // Time (in seconds) between periods of taxes for PCs
UI32 guardPayment; // Time (in seconds) between payments for guards
void PostLoadDefaults( void );
void SetServerFeature( ServerFeatures, bool );
void SetServerFeatures( size_t );
bool GetServerFeature( ServerFeatures ) const;
size_t GetServerFeatures( void ) const;
void SetClientFeature( ClientFeatures, bool );
void SetClientFeatures( UI16 );
bool GetClientFeature( ClientFeatures ) const;
UI16 GetClientFeatures( void ) const;
SI16 ServerMoon( SI16 slot ) const;
LIGHTLEVEL WorldLightDarkLevel( void ) const;
LIGHTLEVEL WorldLightBrightLevel( void ) const;
LIGHTLEVEL WorldLightCurrentLevel( void ) const;
LIGHTLEVEL DungeonLightLevel( void ) const;
UI16 ServerStartPrivs( void ) const;
SI16 ServerStartGold( void ) const;
void ServerMoon( SI16 slot, SI16 value );
void WorldLightDarkLevel( LIGHTLEVEL value );
void WorldLightBrightLevel( LIGHTLEVEL value );
void WorldLightCurrentLevel( LIGHTLEVEL value );
void DungeonLightLevel( LIGHTLEVEL value );
void ServerStartPrivs( UI16 value );
void ServerStartGold( SI16 value );
bool ParseINI( const std::string filename );
bool HandleLine( const UString tag, const UString value );
void Load( void );
bool save( void );
bool save( std::string filename );
void ResetDefaults( void );
void RefreshIPs( void );
CServerData( void );
void ServerName( std::string setname );
void ServerDomain( std::string setdomain );
void ServerIP( std::string setip );
std::string ServerName( void ) const;
std::string ServerDomain( void ) const;
std::string ServerIP( void ) const;
void ServerPort( UI16 setport );
UI16 ServerPort( void ) const;
void ServerConsoleLog( UI08 setting );
UI08 ServerConsoleLogStatus( void ) const;
void ServerCommandPrefix( char cmdvalue );
char ServerCommandPrefix( void ) const;
void ServerAnnounceSaves( bool setting );
bool ServerAnnounceSavesStatus( void ) const;
void ServerJoinPartAnnouncements( bool setting );
bool ServerJoinPartAnnouncementsStatus( void ) const;
void ServerMulCaching( bool setting );
bool ServerMulCachingStatus( void ) const;
void ServerBackups( bool setting );
bool ServerBackupStatus( void ) const;
void ServerSavesTimer( UI32 timer );
UI32 ServerSavesTimerStatus( void ) const;
void ServerMainThreadTimer( UI32 threadtimer );
UI32 ServerMainThreadTimerStatus( void ) const;
void ServerSkillCap( UI16 cap );
UI16 ServerSkillCapStatus( void ) const;
void ServerSkillDelay( UI08 skdelay );
UI08 ServerSkillDelayStatus( void ) const;
void ServerStatCap( UI16 cap );
UI16 ServerStatCapStatus( void ) const;
void MaxStealthMovement( SI16 value );
SI16 MaxStealthMovement( void ) const;
void MaxStaminaMovement( SI16 value );
SI16 MaxStaminaMovement( void ) const;
void SystemTimer( cSD_TID timerid, UI16 value );
UI16 SystemTimer( cSD_TID timerid ) const;
TIMERVAL BuildSystemTimeValue( cSD_TID timerID ) const;
bool ServerUOGEnabled(void) const { return uogEnabled; }
void ServerUOGEnabled(bool uogValue) { uogEnabled = uogValue; }
UI32 ServerNetRetryCount(void) const { return netRetryCount; }
void ServerNetRetryCount(UI32 retryValue) { netRetryCount = retryValue; }
UI32 ServerNetRcvTimeout(void) const { return netRcvTimeout; }
void ServerNetRcvTimeout(UI32 timeoutValue) { netRcvTimeout = timeoutValue; }
UI32 ServerNetSndTimeout(void) const { return netSndTimeout; }
void ServerNetSndTimeout(UI32 timeoutValue) { netSndTimeout = timeoutValue; }
// Define all Path Get/Set's here please
void Directory( CSDDirectoryPaths dp, std::string value );
std::string Directory( CSDDirectoryPaths dp );
void ServerCrashProtection( UI08 setting );
UI08 ServerCrashProtectionStatus( void ) const;
void CorpseLootDecay( bool value );
bool CorpseLootDecay( void ) const;
void GuardStatus( bool value );
bool GuardsStatus( void ) const;
void DeathAnimationStatus( bool value );
bool DeathAnimationStatus( void ) const;
void WorldAmbientSounds( SI16 value );
SI16 WorldAmbientSounds( void ) const;
void AmbientFootsteps( bool value );
bool AmbientFootsteps( void ) const;
void InternalAccountStatus( bool value );
bool InternalAccountStatus( void ) const;
void ShowOfflinePCs( bool value );
bool ShowOfflinePCs( void ) const;
void RogueStatus( bool value );
bool RogueStatus( void ) const;
void SnoopIsCrime( bool value );
bool SnoopIsCrime( void ) const;
void PlayerPersecutionStatus( bool value );
bool PlayerPersecutionStatus( void ) const;
void HtmlStatsStatus( SI16 value );
SI16 HtmlStatsStatus( void ) const;
void SellByNameStatus( bool value );
bool SellByNameStatus( void ) const;
void SellMaxItemsStatus( SI16 value );
SI16 SellMaxItemsStatus( void ) const;
void TradeSystemStatus( bool value );
bool TradeSystemStatus( void ) const;
void RankSystemStatus( bool value );
bool RankSystemStatus( void ) const;
void CutScrollRequirementStatus( bool value );
bool CutScrollRequirementStatus( void ) const;
void NPCTrainingStatus( bool setting );
bool NPCTrainingStatus( void ) const;
void CheckItemsSpeed( R64 value );
R64 CheckItemsSpeed( void ) const;
void CheckBoatSpeed( R64 value );
R64 CheckBoatSpeed( void ) const;
void CheckNpcAISpeed( R64 value );
R64 CheckNpcAISpeed( void ) const;
void CheckSpawnRegionSpeed( R64 value );
R64 CheckSpawnRegionSpeed( void ) const;
void MsgBoardPostingLevel( UI08 value );
UI08 MsgBoardPostingLevel( void ) const;
void MsgBoardPostRemovalLevel( UI08 value );
UI08 MsgBoardPostRemovalLevel( void ) const;
void MineCheck( UI08 value );
UI08 MineCheck( void ) const;
void CombatDisplayHitMessage( bool value );
bool CombatDisplayHitMessage( void ) const;
void CombatAttackStamina( SI16 value );
SI16 CombatAttackStamina( void ) const;
void CombatNPCDamageRate( SI16 value );
SI16 CombatNPCDamageRate( void ) const;
UI08 SkillLevel( void ) const;
void SkillLevel( UI08 value );
void EscortsEnabled( bool value );
bool EscortsEnabled( void ) const;
void BasicTooltipsOnly( bool value );
bool BasicTooltipsOnly( void ) const;
void GlobalItemDecay( bool value );
bool GlobalItemDecay( void ) const;
void ScriptItemsDecayable( bool value );
bool ScriptItemsDecayable( void ) const;
void BaseItemsDecayable( bool value );
bool BaseItemsDecayable( void ) const;
void ItemDecayInHouses( bool value );
bool ItemDecayInHouses( void ) const;
void CombatMonstersVsAnimals( bool value );
bool CombatMonstersVsAnimals( void ) const;
void CombatAnimalsAttackChance( UI08 value );
UI08 CombatAnimalsAttackChance( void ) const;
void HungerDamage( SI16 value );
SI16 HungerDamage( void ) const;
void PetHungerOffline( bool value );
bool PetHungerOffline( void ) const;
void PetOfflineTimeout( UI16 value );
UI16 PetOfflineTimeout( void ) const;
void BuyThreshold( SI16 value );
SI16 BuyThreshold( void ) const;
void BackupRatio( SI16 value );
SI16 BackupRatio( void ) const;
void CombatMaxRange( SI16 value );
SI16 CombatMaxRange( void ) const;
void CombatArcherRange( SI16 value );
SI16 CombatArcherRange( void ) const;
void CombatMaxSpellRange( SI16 value );
SI16 CombatMaxSpellRange( void ) const;
void CombatExplodeDelay( UI16 value );
UI16 CombatExplodeDelay( void ) const;
void CombatAnimalsGuarded( bool value );
bool CombatAnimalsGuarded( void ) const;
void CombatNPCBaseFleeAt( SI16 value );
SI16 CombatNPCBaseFleeAt( void ) const;
void CombatNPCBaseReattackAt( SI16 value );
SI16 CombatNPCBaseReattackAt( void ) const;
void ShootOnAnimalBack( bool setting );
bool ShootOnAnimalBack( void ) const;
void NPCWalkingSpeed( R32 value );
R32 NPCWalkingSpeed( void ) const;
void NPCRunningSpeed( R32 value );
R32 NPCRunningSpeed( void ) const;
void NPCFleeingSpeed( R32 value );
R32 NPCFleeingSpeed( void ) const;
void TitleColour( UI16 value );
UI16 TitleColour( void ) const;
void LeftTextColour( UI16 value );
UI16 LeftTextColour( void ) const;
void RightTextColour( UI16 value );
UI16 RightTextColour( void ) const;
void ButtonCancel( UI16 value );
UI16 ButtonCancel( void ) const;
void ButtonLeft( UI16 value );
UI16 ButtonLeft( void ) const;
void ButtonRight( UI16 value );
UI16 ButtonRight( void ) const;
void BackgroundPic( UI16 value );
UI16 BackgroundPic( void ) const;
void TownNumSecsPollOpen( UI32 value );
UI32 TownNumSecsPollOpen( void ) const;
void TownNumSecsAsMayor( UI32 value );
UI32 TownNumSecsAsMayor( void ) const;
void TownTaxPeriod( UI32 value );
UI32 TownTaxPeriod( void ) const;
void TownGuardPayment( UI32 value );
UI32 TownGuardPayment( void ) const;
void RepMaxKills( UI16 value );
UI16 RepMaxKills( void ) const;
void ResLogs( SI16 value );
SI16 ResLogs( void ) const;
void ResLogTime( UI16 value );
UI16 ResLogTime( void ) const;
void ResLogArea( UI16 value );
UI16 ResLogArea( void ) const;
void ResOre( SI16 value );
SI16 ResOre( void ) const;
void ResOreTime( UI16 value );
UI16 ResOreTime( void ) const;
void ResOreArea( UI16 value );
UI16 ResOreArea( void ) const;
void AccountFlushTimer( R64 value );
R64 AccountFlushTimer( void ) const;
void TrackingBaseRange( UI16 value );
UI16 TrackingBaseRange( void ) const;
void TrackingMaxTargets( UI08 value );
UI08 TrackingMaxTargets( void ) const;
void TrackingBaseTimer( UI16 value );
UI16 TrackingBaseTimer( void ) const;
void TrackingRedisplayTime( UI16 value );
UI16 TrackingRedisplayTime( void ) const;
// Sept 22, 2002 - EviLDeD - Support for Xuri's HideWhileMounted fix.
void CharHideWhileMounted( bool value );
bool CharHideWhileMounted( void ) const;
void WeightPerStr( R32 newVal );
R32 WeightPerStr( void ) const;
void ServerOverloadPackets( bool newVal );
bool ServerOverloadPackets( void ) const;
void ArmorAffectManaRegen( bool newVal );
bool ArmorAffectManaRegen( void ) const;
void AdvancedPathfinding( bool value );
bool AdvancedPathfinding( void ) const;
void LootingIsCrime( bool value );
bool LootingIsCrime( void ) const;
void dumpLookup( int lookupid );
void dumpPaths( void );
void ServerLocation( std::string toSet );
LPSTARTLOCATION ServerLocation( size_t locNum );
size_t NumServerLocations( void ) const;
UI16 ServerSecondsPerUOMinute( void ) const;
void ServerSecondsPerUOMinute( UI16 newVal );
SI16 ServerTimeDay( void ) const;
UI08 ServerTimeHours( void ) const;
UI08 ServerTimeMinutes( void ) const;
UI08 ServerTimeSeconds( void ) const;
bool ServerTimeAMPM( void ) const;
void ServerTimeDay( SI16 nValue );
void ServerTimeHours( UI08 nValue );
void ServerTimeMinutes( UI08 nValue );
void ServerTimeSeconds( UI08 nValue );
void ServerTimeAMPM( bool nValue );
void SaveTime( void );
void LoadTime( void );
void LoadTimeTags( std::ifstream &input );
// These functions return TRUE if it's a new day
bool incSecond( void );
bool incMinute( void );
bool incHour( void );
bool incDay( void );
void incMoon( int mNumber );
physicalServer *ServerEntry( UI16 entryNum );
UI16 ServerCount( void ) const;
bool resettingDefaults;
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