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#ifndef __CSOCKET_H__
#define __CSOCKET_H__
namespace UOX
enum ClientTypes
enum cS_TID
// PC Timers
class CSocket
// Account Related Member(s)
CAccountBlock& GetAccount( void );
void SetAccount( CAccountBlock& actbBlock );
void InternalReset( void );
std::vector< UI16 > trigWords;
std::vector< UI16 >::iterator twIter;
UI16 accountNum;
CChar * currCharObj;
SI32 idleTimeout;
bool wasIdleWarned;
UI08 buffer[MAXBUFFER];
UI08 outbuffer[MAXBUFFER];
// These vectors are for dealing with packets that are larger than the buffer size
// While admittedly not thread friendly, the number of times these buffers are used
// should be very small and right now, is an implementation that will increase clieht
// compatability
std::vector< UI08 > largeBuffer;
std::vector< UI08 > largePackBuffer;
std::string xtext;
// Temporary variables (For targeting commands, etc)
CBaseObject * tmpObj;
SI08 clickz;
UI08 addid[4];
SI32 tempint;
UI08 dyeall;
bool newClient;
bool firstPacket;
bool cryptclient;
size_t cliSocket; // client
UI08 clientip[4];
SI16 walkSequence;
UI08 currentSpellType;
int outlength;
int inlength;
bool logging;
UI32 bytesReceived;
UI32 bytesSent;
bool targetok;
std::vector< SERIAL > postAcked;
std::vector< SERIAL >::iterator ackIter;
size_t postAckCount;
SI16 clickx;
SI16 clicky;
PickupLocations pSpot;
SI16 pX;
SI16 pY;
SI08 pZ;
UI32 Pack( void *pvIn, void *pvOut, int len );
UnicodeTypes lang;
UI32 clientVersion;
ClientTypes cliType;
UI08 range;
bool receivedVersion;
bool loginComplete;
// Timer Vals moved here from CChar due to their inherently temporary nature and to reduce wasted memory
CSocket( size_t sockNum );
UI32 ClientVersion( void ) const;
void ClientVersion( UI32 newVer );
void ClientVersion( UI08 major, UI08 minor, UI08 sub, UI08 letter );
void ClientVersionMajor( UI08 value );
void ClientVersionMinor( UI08 value );
void ClientVersionSub( UI08 value );
void ClientVersionLetter( UI08 value );
UI08 ClientVersionMajor( void ) const;
UI08 ClientVersionMinor( void ) const;
UI08 ClientVersionSub( void ) const;
UI08 ClientVersionLetter( void ) const;
ClientTypes ClientType( void ) const;
void ClientType( ClientTypes newVer );
void ClearPage( void );
void AddTrigWord( UI16 );
// Accessors
bool LoginComplete( void ) const;
SI16 PickupX( void ) const;
SI16 PickupY( void ) const;
SI08 PickupZ( void ) const;
PickupLocations PickupSpot( void ) const;
SERIAL PickupSerial( void ) const;
bool FirstPacket( void ) const;
SI32 IdleTimeout( void ) const;
bool WasIdleWarned( void ) const;
UI08 * Buffer( void );
UI08 * OutBuffer( void );
SI16 WalkSequence( void ) const;
UI16 AcctNo( void ) const;
std::string XText( void );
bool CryptClient( void ) const;
size_t CliSocket( void ) const;
UI08 CurrentSpellType( void ) const;
int OutLength( void ) const;
int InLength( void ) const;
bool Logging( void ) const;
CChar * CurrcharObj( void ) const;
UI08 ClientIP1( void ) const;
UI08 ClientIP2( void ) const;
UI08 ClientIP3( void ) const;
UI08 ClientIP4( void ) const;
bool NewClient( void ) const;
bool TargetOK( void ) const;
UI16 FirstTrigWord( void );
UI16 NextTrigWord( void );
bool FinishedTrigWords( void );
void ClearTrigWords( void );
// Temporary Variables
CBaseObject * TempObj( void ) const;
SI32 TempInt( void ) const;
UI32 AddID( void ) const;
UI08 AddID1( void ) const;
UI08 AddID2( void ) const;
UI08 AddID3( void ) const;
UI08 AddID4( void ) const;
UI08 DyeAll( void ) const;
SI08 ClickZ( void ) const;
SERIAL FirstPostAck( void );
SERIAL NextPostAck( void );
bool FinishedPostAck( void );
SERIAL RemovePostAck( void );
size_t PostCount( void ) const;
size_t PostAckCount( void ) const;
SI16 ClickX( void ) const;
SI16 ClickY( void ) const;
UI08 Range( void ) const;
void CloseSocket( void );
// Mutators
void LoginComplete( bool newVal );
void PickupLocation( SI16 x, SI16 y, SI08 z );
void PickupX( SI16 x );
void PickupY( SI16 y );
void PickupZ( SI08 z );
void PickupSpot( PickupLocations newValue );
void PickupSerial( SERIAL pickupSerial );
void FirstPacket( bool newValue );
void IdleTimeout( SI32 newValue );
void WasIdleWarned( bool value );
void WalkSequence( SI16 newValue );
void AcctNo( UI16 newValue );
void CryptClient( bool newValue );
void CliSocket( size_t newValue );
void CurrentSpellType( UI08 newValue );
void OutLength( int newValue );
void InLength( int newValue );
void Logging( bool newValue );
void CurrcharObj( CChar *newValue );
void ClientIP1( UI08 );
void ClientIP2( UI08 newValue );
void ClientIP3( UI08 newValue );
void ClientIP4( UI08 newValue );
void NewClient( bool newValue );
void Range( UI08 value );
// Temporary Variables
void TempObj( CBaseObject *newValue );
void TempInt( SI32 newValue );
void AddID( UI32 newValue );
void AddID1( UI08 newValue );
void AddID2( UI08 newValue );
void AddID3( UI08 newValue );
void AddID4( UI08 newValue );
void DyeAll( UI08 newValue );
void ClickZ( SI08 newValue );
bool FlushBuffer( bool doLog = true );
bool FlushLargeBuffer( bool doLog = true );
void FlushIncoming( void );
void Send( const void *point, int length );
int Receive( int x, bool doLog = true );
void ReceiveLogging( CPInputBuffer *toLog );
UI32 GetDWord( size_t offset );
UI16 GetWord( size_t offset );
UI08 GetByte( size_t offset );
void SetDWord( size_t offset, UI32 newValue );
void SetWord( size_t offset, UI16 newValue );
void SetByte( size_t offset, UI08 newValue );
void ClientIP( UI32 newValue );
void TargetOK( bool newValue );
void ClickX( SI16 newValue );
void ClickY( SI16 newValue );
void PostAcked( SERIAL newValue );
void PostAckCount( size_t newValue );
void PostClear();
void XText( std::string newValue );
void Send( CPUOXBuffer *toSend );
UnicodeTypes Language( void ) const;
void Language( UnicodeTypes newVal );
void sysmessage( const char *txt, ... );
void sysmessage( SI32 dictEntry, ... );
void objMessage( const char *txt, CBaseObject *getObj, R32 secsFromNow = 0.0f, UI16 Color = 0x03B2 );
void objMessage( SI32 dictEntry, CBaseObject *getObj, R32 secsFromNow = 0.0f, UI16 Color = 0x03B2, ... );
void ShowCharName( CChar *i, bool showSer );
void target( UI08 targType, UI08 targID, const char *txt );
void target( UI08 targType, UI08 targID, SI32 dictEntry, ... );
void mtarget( UI16 itemID, SI32 dictEntry );
void statwindow( CChar *i );
void updateskill( UI08 skillnum );
void openPack( CItem *i, bool isPlayerVendor = false );
void openBank( CChar *i );
void OpenURL( const std::string txt );
bool ReceivedVersion( void ) const;
void ReceivedVersion( bool value );
UI32 BytesSent( void ) const;
UI32 BytesReceived( void ) const;
TIMERVAL GetTimer( cS_TID timerID ) const;
void SetTimer( cS_TID timerID, TIMERVAL value );
void ClearTimers( void );
COLOUR GetFlagColour( CChar *src, CChar *trg );
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