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#ifndef __SpawnRegion__
#define __SpawnRegion__
namespace UOX
class CSpawnRegion //Regionspawns
std::string name; // Any Name to show up when this region is spawned [512]
STRINGLIST sNpcs; // Individual Npcs
STRINGLIST sItems; // Individual Items
UI16 regionnum; // Region Number
// These two will replace maxspawn
size_t maxcspawn; // Maximum amount of characters to spawn
size_t maxispawn; // Maximum amount of items to spawn
// These two will replace current
SI32 curcspawn; // Current amount of spawned characters
SI32 curispawn; // Current amount of spawned items
UI08 mintime; // Minimum spawn time
UI08 maxtime; // Maximum spawn time
TIMERVAL nexttime; // Nextspawn time for this region
// Box values
SI16 x1; // Top left X
SI16 x2; // Bottom right x
SI16 y1; // Top left y
SI16 y2; // Bottom right y
SI08 prefZ; // Maximum Z influence static and dynamic items can have on spawning.
bool onlyOutside; // Should Chars, Items only spawn outside of buildings
UI16 call; // # of times that an NPC or Item is spawned from a list
UI08 worldNumber; // which world are we spawning in?
CDataList< CChar * > spawnedChars;
CDataList< CItem * > spawnedItems;
std::map<UI32, SI08> validLandPosCheck;
std::map<UI32, SI08> validWaterPosCheck;
std::vector< point3 > validLandPos;
std::vector< point3 > validWaterPos;
CSpawnRegion( UI16 spawnregion );
void Load( ScriptSection *toScan );
void doRegionSpawn( UI16& itemsSpawned, UI16& npcsSpawned );
const std::string GetName( void ) const;
UI16 GetRegionNum( void ) const;
size_t GetMaxSpawn( void ) const;
size_t GetMaxCharSpawn( void ) const;
size_t GetMaxItemSpawn( void ) const;
SI32 GetCurrent( void ) const;
SI32 GetCurrentCharAmt( void ) const;
SI32 GetCurrentItemAmt( void ) const;
UI08 GetMinTime( void ) const;
UI08 GetMaxTime( void ) const;
TIMERVAL GetNextTime( void ) const;
SI16 GetX1( void ) const;
SI16 GetY1( void ) const;
SI16 GetX2( void ) const;
SI16 GetY2( void ) const;
SI08 GetPrefZ( void ) const;
void SetName( const std::string newName );
void SetRegionNum( UI16 newVal );
void SetMaxCharSpawn( size_t newVal );
void SetMaxItemSpawn( size_t newVal );
void IncCurrentCharAmt( SI16 incAmt = 1 );
void IncCurrentItemAmt( SI16 incAmt = 1 );
void SetMinTime( UI08 newVal );
void SetMaxTime( UI08 newVal );
void SetNextTime( TIMERVAL newVal );
void SetX1( SI16 newVal );
void SetY1( SI16 newVal );
void SetX2( SI16 newVal );
void SetY2( SI16 newVal );
void SetPrefZ( SI08 newVal );
UI08 WorldNumber( void ) const;
void WorldNumber( UI08 newVal );
void checkSpawned();
void deleteSpawnedChar( CChar *toDelete );
void deleteSpawnedItem( CItem *toDelete );
CDataList< CItem * > * GetSpawnedItemsList( void );
CDataList< CChar * > * GetSpawnedCharsList( void );
CChar * RegionSpawnChar( void );
CItem * RegionSpawnItem( void );
bool FindItemSpotToSpawn( SI16 &x, SI16 &y, SI08 &z );
bool FindCharSpotToSpawn( CChar *c, SI16 &x, SI16 &y, SI08 &z );
void LoadNPCList( std::string npcList );
void LoadItemList( std::string itemList );