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#ifndef __MOVEMENT_H__
#define __MOVEMENT_H__
namespace UOX
// Maximum Return Value: Number of steps to return (Replaces PATHNUM)
#define P_PF_MRV 2
// Minimum Flee Distance: MFD
#define P_PF_MFD 15
struct pfNode
UI16 hCost;
UI08 gCost;
size_t parent;
SI08 z;
pfNode() : hCost( 0 ), gCost( 0 ), parent( 0 )
pfNode( UI16 nHC, UI08 nGC, UI32 nPS, SI08 nZ ) : hCost( nHC ), gCost( nGC ), parent( nPS ), z( nZ )
struct nodeFCost
UI32 xySer;
UI16 fCost;
nodeFCost() : xySer( 0 ), fCost( 0 )
nodeFCost( UI16 nFC, UI32 nS ) : xySer( nS ), fCost( nFC )
class cMovement
// Function declarations
bool AdvancedPathfinding( CChar *mChar, UI16 targX, UI16 targY, bool willRun = false );
void Walking( CSocket *mSock, CChar *s, UI08 dir, SI16 sequence );
void CombatWalk( CChar *i );
void NpcMovement( CChar& mChar );
void PathFind( CChar *c, SI16 gx, SI16 gy, bool willRun = false, UI08 pathLen = P_PF_MRV );
UI08 Direction( CChar *c, SI16 x, SI16 y );
bool PFGrabNodes( CChar *mChar, UI16 targX, UI16 targY, UI16 curX, UI16 curY, SI08 curZ, UI32 parentSer, std::map< UI32, pfNode >& openList, std::map< UI32, UI32 >& closedList, std::deque< nodeFCost >& fCostList );
SI08 calc_walk( CChar *c, SI16 x, SI16 y, SI16 oldx, SI16 oldy, SI08 oldz, bool justask, bool waterWalk = false );
bool calc_move( CChar *c, SI16 x, SI16 y, SI08 &z, UI08 dir );
bool HandleNPCWander( CChar& mChar );
bool isValidDirection( UI08 dir );
bool isFrozen( CChar *c, CSocket *mSock, SI16 sequence );
bool isOverloaded( CChar *c, CSocket *mSock, SI16 sequence );
void GetBlockingMap( SI16 x, SI16 y, CTileUni *xyblock, UI16 &xycount, SI16 oldx, SI16 oldy, UI08 worldNumber );
void GetBlockingStatics( SI16 x, SI16 y, CTileUni *xyblock, UI16 &xycount, UI08 worldNumber );
void GetBlockingDynamics( SI16 x, SI16 y, CTileUni *xyblock, UI16 &xycount, UI08 worldNumber );
UI08 Direction( SI16 sx, SI16 sy, SI16 dx, SI16 dy );
bool CheckForCharacterAtXYZ( CChar *c, SI16 cx, SI16 cy, SI08 cz );
void NpcWalk( CChar *i, UI08 j, SI08 getWander );
SI16 GetXfromDir( UI08 dir, SI16 x );
SI16 GetYfromDir( UI08 dir, SI16 y );
bool VerifySequence( CChar *c, CSocket *mSock, SI16 sequence);
bool CheckForRunning( CChar *c, UI08 dir );
bool CheckForStealth( CChar *c );
bool CheckForHouseBan( CChar *c, CSocket *mSock );
void MoveCharForDirection( CChar *c, SI16 newX, SI16 newY, SI08 newZ );
void SendWalkToPlayer( CChar *c, CSocket *mSock, SI16 sequence );
void SendWalkToOtherPlayers( CChar *c, UI08 dir, SI16 oldx, SI16 oldy );
void OutputShoveMessage( CChar *c, CSocket *mSock );
void HandleItemCollision( CChar *c, CSocket *mSock, SI16 oldx, SI16 oldy );
bool IsGMBody( CChar *c );
void deny( CSocket *mSock, CChar *s, SI16 sequence );
extern cMovement *Movement;