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#ifndef __UOXTYPES_H
#define __UOXTYPES_H
#ifdef __NEED_VALIST__
typedef void * va_list;
#define MAKEWORD(a, b) ((UI16)(((UI08)(a)) | ((UI16)((UI08)(b))) << 8))
#define MAKELONG(a, b) ((UI32)(((UI16)(a)) | ((UI32)((UI16)(b))) << 16))
#define LOWORD(l) ((UI16)(l))
#define HIWORD(l) ((UI16)(((UI32)(l) >> 16) & 0xFFFF))
#define LOBYTE(w) ((UI08)(w))
#define HIBYTE(w) ((UI08)(((UI16)(w) >> 8) & 0xFF))
#define MAX_PATH 268
#if defined( _DEBUG )
#define VALIDATESOCKET( s ) if( s == NULL ) \
{ \
Console.Print( "Socket failure at %s", __FILE__LINE__ ); \
return; \
#define VALIDATESOCKET( s ) if( s == NULL ) \
typedef double R64;
typedef float R32;
typedef unsigned long int UI32;
typedef signed long int SI32;
typedef unsigned short int UI16;
typedef signed short int SI16;
typedef unsigned char UI08;
typedef signed char SI08;
typedef UI32 TIMERVAL;
typedef UI32 UOXSOCKET;
typedef UI16 RACEID;
typedef UI08 GENDER;
typedef UI16 COLOUR;
typedef UI08 LIGHTLEVEL;
typedef UI08 COLDLEVEL;
typedef UI08 HEATLEVEL;
typedef UI08 SECONDS;
typedef UI08 ARMORCLASS;
typedef UI32 SERIAL;
typedef SI08 RACEREL;
typedef UI16 SKILLVAL;
typedef SI08 RANGE;
typedef UI08 weathID;
typedef SI16 GUILDID;
const UI16 INVALIDID = 0xFFFF;
const SERIAL BASEITEMSERIAL = 0x40000000;
typedef std::vector< CMapRegion * > REGIONLIST;
typedef std::vector< CMapRegion * >::iterator REGIONLIST_ITERATOR;
typedef std::vector< CMapRegion * >::const_iterator REGIONLIST_CITERATOR;
typedef std::vector< CSocket * > SOCKLIST;
typedef std::vector< CSocket * >::iterator SOCKLIST_ITERATOR;
typedef std::vector< CSocket * >::const_iterator SOCKLIST_CITERATOR;
typedef std::vector< std::string > STRINGLIST;
typedef std::vector< std::string >::iterator STRINGLIST_ITERATOR;
typedef std::vector< std::string >::const_iterator STRINGLIST_CITERATOR;
typedef std::vector< SERIAL > SERLIST;
typedef std::vector< SERIAL >::iterator SERLIST_ITERATOR;
typedef std::vector< SERIAL >::const_iterator SERLIST_CITERATOR;
typedef std::vector< CChar* > CHARLIST;
typedef std::vector< CChar* >::iterator CHARLIST_ITERATOR;
typedef std::vector< CChar* >::const_iterator CHARLIST_CITERATOR;
typedef std::vector< CItem* > ITEMLIST;
typedef std::vector< CItem* >::iterator ITEMLIST_ITERATOR;
typedef std::vector< CItem* >::const_iterator ITEMLIST_CITERATOR;
typedef std::map< CBaseObject *, UI32 > QUEUEMAP;
typedef std::map< CBaseObject *, UI32 >::iterator QUEUEMAP_ITERATOR;
typedef std::map< CBaseObject *, UI32 >::const_iterator QUEUEMAP_CITERATOR;
typedef std::map< UI16, CSpawnRegion * > SPAWNMAP;
typedef std::map< UI16, CSpawnRegion * >::const_iterator SPAWNMAP_CITERATOR;
typedef std::map< UI08, CTownRegion * > TOWNMAP;
typedef std::map< UI08, CTownRegion * >::const_iterator TOWNMAP_CITERATOR;
typedef void (TargetFunc)( CSocket *s );
// December 27, 2000
typedef struct __STARTLOCATIONDATA__
memset( this, 0x00, sizeof( __STARTLOCATIONDATA__ ) );
char town[32];
char description[32];
SI16 x;
SI16 y;
SI16 z;
// EviLDeD - End
// Max values
const UI08 MAX_NAME = 128; // Several areas where we pass a character name will be restricted by packet size to 30 characters.
// Xuri - Higher MAX_NAME values do, however, work for items - and are in some cases required (magic item names, for instance). Seems to still work for regular-length names if I increase it, but we might consider splitting this into character/item-specific somehow?
const UI08 MAX_TITLE = 60;
const UI16 MAX_STACK = 0xFFFF;
const UI08 MAX_VISRANGE = 15;
const UI16 MAXBUFFER = 2560; // Buffer Size (For socket operations)
const UI08 MAXPOSTS = 128; // Maximum number of posts on a messageboard
const SI08 ILLEGAL_Z = -128;
// Offsets for Gump menu's (Relates to menus.dfn)
const UI08 NORTH = 0x00;
const UI08 NORTHEAST = 0x01;
const UI08 EAST = 0x02;
const UI08 SOUTHEAST = 0x03;
const UI08 SOUTH = 0x04;
const UI08 SOUTHWEST = 0x05;
const UI08 WEST = 0x06;
const UI08 NORTHWEST = 0x07;
const UI08 UNKNOWNDIR = 0xFF;
// Line Of Sight
const UI08 TREES_BUSHES = 1; // Trees and other large vegetaion in the way
const UI08 WALLS_CHIMNEYS = 2; // Walls, chimineys, ovens, etc... in the way
const UI08 DOORS = 4; // Doors in the way
const UI08 ROOFING_SLANTED = 8; // So can't tele onto slanted roofs, basically
const UI08 FLOORS_FLAT_ROOFING = 16; // For attacking between floors
const UI08 LAVA_WATER = 32; // Don't know what all to use this for yet
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