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#ifndef __WHOLIST_H__
#define __WHOLIST_H__
namespace UOX
class cWhoList
bool needsUpdating; // true if the list needs updating (new player online, new char made)
int gmCount; // number of GMs already in it
bool online;
SERLIST whoMenuData;
STRINGLIST one, two; // replacement for entries1, entries2
void Update( void ); // force the list to update
void ResetUpdateFlag( void );
void AddSerial( SERIAL toAdd );
void Delete( void );
void Command( CSocket *toSendTo, UI08 type, UI16 buttonPressed );
cWhoList( bool trulyOnline = true );
void FlagUpdate( void );
void SendSocket( CSocket *toSendTo );
void GMEnter( void );
void GMLeave( void );
void ButtonSelect( CSocket *toSendTo, UI16 buttonPressed, UI08 type );
void ZeroWho( void );
void SetOnline( bool newValue );
extern cWhoList *WhoList;
extern cWhoList *OffList;
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