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Commits on Dec 14, 2011
  1. Uups. Small update to changelog.

    xuridabur committed Dec 14, 2011
  2. Minor updates to documentation

    xuridabur committed Dec 14, 2011
  3. 14/12/2011 - Xuri (0.98-4.0i)

    xuridabur committed Dec 14, 2011
    	Fixed an issue causing errors when compiling in VS 2008 Express and newer (giwo)
    	Added some exception-handling to cScript::DoCallback() in cScript.cpp (spdddmn)
    	Added NPCWANDER-type 5 (WT_FROZEN) - which will stop NPCs from moving. Useful for reapers and corpsers and such.
    	Added support for six new JS events:
    		onBuy( socket, objVendor ) - triggers for vendor before tradegump is opened. Can be used to restrict vendor access.
    		onSell( socket, objVendor ) - triggers for vendor before tradegump is opened. Can be used to restrict vendor access.
    		onBuyFromVendor(socket, objVendor, objBought ) - triggers for item while item is being bought from an NPC vendor; return false in script to block sale, defaults to true
    		onBoughtFromVendor( socket, objVendor, objBought ) - triggers on item after purchase has gone through and item has reached the player's backpack
    		onSellToVendor( socket, objVendor, objSold ) - triggers for item while item is being sold to an NPC vendor; return false in script to block sale, defaults to true
    		onSoldToVendor( socket, objVendor, objSold ) - triggers on item after sale has gone through and item has reached the vendor's boughtpack
    	Included CJSMapping.h and cScript.h in vendor.cpp to support new JS events
    	Added onBoughtFromVendor JS events to pet-statue scripts in JS/NPC/PETS/ to automagically turn statues into live pets immediately after being bought
    	Added a NULL-check in CJSEngine::AquireObject() in CJSEngine.cpp (spdddmn)
    	Added an extra check to CPISellItem to make sure the character trying to sell items still owns those items when accepting trade
    	(Added a temporary workaround for NPC pathfinding with long queues of NPCs trying to reach the same target)
    	Added new DFN tags for ranged weapons, defining ammunition id required (color optional) and missile-effect id played (color/rendermode optional):
    		AMMO=id (color)
    		AMMOFX=id (color rendermode)
    	Added AMMO and AMMOFX tags to ranged weapons in archery.dfn, aos_weapons.dfn, se_weapons.dfn and baseitem.dfn
    	Added support for Fukiya blowguns as an Archery weapon in code
    	Added new item DFN tag (and JS item property) to define maximum amount of stones (weight) a container can hold (replaces hardcoded value):
    		WEIGHTMAX=# (defaults to 40000 - or 400.00 stones - for all containers)
    	Added container-capactity information to item tooltip
    	Added "Locked Down" text to item tooltips for locked down items. Refresh seems funky though.
    	Fixed an issue where tooltips would display the current weight of and amount of items being spawned by container-spawners
    	Fixed a server crash caused by the Item Identification-skill when used on items of type 15 - IT_MAGICWAND
    	Fixed item-tooltip that describes remaining charges on an item of type 15 - IT_MAGICWAND.
    	Fixed an issue with the JS Method Open for File Objects where it wouldn't allow opening files for appending or writing, only reading
    	Fixed name in addmenu for item 0x0F64 (unused torch)
    	Fixed TrainerShopping list in DFNDATA/ITEMS/shoplist.dfn - now refers to actual animal-statue items in DFNs
    	Fixed DIR values for various wall sconces (DFNDATA/ITEMS/lighting.dfn) and heating stands (DFNDATA/SKILLS/TOOLS/alchemy.dfn)
    	Fixed some incorrect scriptIDs for lightsources in jse_fileassociations.scp and jse_objectassociations.scp
    	Fixed broken smithing of agapite items due to duplicate item-numbers between agapite and gold crafting DFNs (DFNDATA/CREATE/smithing_agapite.dfn)
    	Fixed 'SETRACE command, no longer tries to use non-existing method to set character's race (JS/COMMANDS/setrace.js)
    	Fixed some confusion with how vendor buy/sell backpacks were handled internally in code
    	Fixed an issue where onCreate JS scripts would not run for duped items
    	Updated dictionary-files with some more messages, including a missing systemmessage used to inform of remaining amount of lockdowns in houses
    	Changed MAX_NAME to a 128 byte limit to support long item names.
    	Changed JS scripts for lights to save DIR to MOREX when turning light off, and load DIR from MOREX when turning on. Sets default DIR if no MOREX value can be found.
    	Changed some items spawned through code to use CreateScriptItem (DFN based) instead of CreateItem (Tiledata-based):
    		Leftover arrows and crossbow-bolts that appear on ground during combat
    		All cases where gold coins are spawned (newbie gold, random fishing, gravedigging, result of trading, NPC escort reward, etc)
    		Ingots created from smelting items
    		Resurrection robes (DFN entry added to DFNDATA/ITEMS/GEAR/CLOTHING/clothing.dfn for potential tweaking)
    	The empty bottles that appear after using a potion will now be DFN based (JS/ITEM/potion.js)
    	Fixed an error in JS/ITEM/diceandcup.js (dragon slayer)
    	Made spawners of type IT_AREASPAWNER (69) use the MORE value ('set more 0x0000XXYY) to determine offset area to spawn in
    	Corrected hit sounds for bows and crossbows, were using dart sound
    	Changed miss-sound for bows and crossbows to make them different from melee weapon misses
    	Randomized impact-sounds for melee weapons
    	Randomized get-hit sounds for male and female human characters
    	Revamped spell-damage and magic-resist systems:
    		Added new function in magic.cpp to calculate spell-damage after magic-resist and eval-int vs resist-check:
    			SI16 CalcSpellDamageMod( CChar *caster, CChar *target, SI16 baseDamage, bool spellResisted )
    		Updated cMagic::CheckResist() with magic resistance formulas based on pre-AoS information
    		Added BASEDMG tag to a number of spells in DFNDATA/SPELLS/spells.dfn.
    			For damage-spells, it's the maximum potential basedamage done before bonuses (or penalties) based on target resist, caster eval int and item resistances.
    			For healing spells, it's the maximum potential basehealing done before potential bonuses
    		Damage-spells updated to use new methods for calculating damage and magic resistances, both of which should now be close to pre-AoS implementation
    		Changed Chain Lightning and Meteor Swarm spells to split the total damage done between all targets
    		Mind Blast changes:
    			Mind Blast will now never exceed 60% of target max-health, nor above 120% of BASEDMG
    			If target's Int stat makes out a larger percentage of his/her total stats (Sum of Str, Dex, Int) than the caster's, spell backfires onto caster
    		Debuff-spells like Clumsy, Feeblemind, Weaken and Curse can no longer be fully resisted. Resisting will halve the effect-duration instead.
    		Spells will now only do double damaga against non-human NPCs (monsters and animals)
    		Exposed CombatExplodeDelay to UOX.INI, and changed the default delay between targeting and damage for the Explosion spell from 0 to 2 seconds
    		Updated JS/MAGIC/level1targ.js with new magic damage and resist system, and added noNeedReags check on caster to potentially skip reagent checks
    		Fixed (visual-only) issue where damage-numbers would display over head of caster twice if caster was also target
    		Added JS Spell property "name" - can be used to get the name of a spell as defined in the dictionary-files (entries 593-662)
  4. 14/12/2011 - Xuri (0.98-4.0i)

    xuridabur committed Dec 14, 2011
    Updated dictionary-files with some more messages, including a missing systemmessage used to inform of remaining amount of lockdowns in houses
Commits on Feb 7, 2010
  1. 2/7/2010 - Xuri (0.98-4.0h)

    xuridabur committed Feb 7, 2010
    	Added new UOX.INI settings:
    		GLOBALITEMDECAY - Toggles on/off item decay on a global scale. Note that it does not remove the decay-status from items, it just
    						resets the decay-timer when it reaches 0
    		SCRIPTITEMSDECAYABLE - Toggles whether DFN-items will decay by default or not. Can be overriden by DECAY tag in item-DFNs
    		BASEITEMSDECAYABLE - Toggles whether base-items will decay by default or not. Can be overriden by DECAY tag in harditems.dfn
    		ITEMDECAYINHOUSES - Toggles default decay of non-locked down items inside multis (houses and boats)
    	Removed lines from add.js that set decayable as true or false (except for spawners), default decay now handled by ini-settings
    	Made skulls dropped as loot by Bonemages movable
    	Fixed several issues with spawners.dfn, including incorrect names and spawnobject-entries (Puck)
    	Added default ID to base_spawner item in DFNDATA/ITEMS/GMMENU/spawners.dfn to make it spawnable without invalid gfx
    	Fixed an incorrect ID for Iron Ore in DFNDATA/HARDITEMS/harditems.dfn and DFNDATA/ITEMS/SKILL/RESOURCES/mining.dfn
    	Fixed a bug that stopped UOX3 from reading and applying DIR values from item-DFNs correctly
    	Added DIR values to all lightsources in DFNDATA/ITEMS/BUILDING/lighting.dfn
    	Added DIR values to all .js files in JS/SERVER/LIGHT/ folder, enabling players to turn on/off lightsources
Commits on Feb 4, 2010
  1. 2/3/2010 - Xuri

    xuridabur committed Feb 4, 2010
    	The duping command (dupe.js) should now be able to dupe spawner-objects properly
    	Added missing Tinker Tools and Fletching Tools to jse_objectassociations.scp (Puck)
    	Fixed an incorrect name-entry in namelists.dfn (Puck)
Commits on Feb 1, 2010
  1. 2/1/2010 - Xuri (0.98-4.0g)

    xuridabur committed Feb 1, 2010
    	Fixed an issue with open doors in player houses that could cause them to decay if they were open during decay-check
    	Fixed an issue with locked down items decaying (despite being inside houses)
    	A system message should now be displayed when locking down items, showing how many lockdowns remain
    	Added JS Item property: multi - A read-only Object-reference to the multi a specific item is inside
    	Items of objType OT_SPAWNER with amount set higher than 1 should no longer be duped when picked up off the ground
    	Added movable=2 and weight=50000 to Base_spawner-definition to make it impossible for players to steal them
  2. 2/1/2010 - Xuri (0.98-4.0f)

    xuridabur committed Feb 1, 2010
    	Added script for Dice and Cup-item, which lets players use said item to...(drumroll, please)...roll dice!
    	Fixed an issue where NPCs could spawn at Z -128
    	Fixed an issue with regional spawns and type 69 spawners which would cause NPCs to be spawned in blocked locations
    	Fixed an issue with type 62 spawners which would cause NPCs to spawn at Z 0 (Shudderz)
Commits on Jan 31, 2010
  1. 1/31/2010 - Xuri (0.98-4.0e)

    xuridabur committed Jan 31, 2010
    	Added DEF values to standard clothing, footwear and headwear
    	Minor fix to JS/COMMANDS/TARGETING/add.js which ensures that the script won't break under some very specific circumstances
    	System-message rapporting how many ingots player gets when smelting player-made items should now rapport correct amount
    	Made GetScriptItemSettings look for "x" instead of "0x" in harditems.dfn, fixes some stacking issues with ingots
    	Corrected IDs for gold coins and kindling in harditems.dfn by removing leading 0s in the IDs
    	Crafting system can now handle MAXRANK values up to 255
Commits on Jan 30, 2010
  1. Moved buckler-entry in smithing.dfn from item 1 to item 367 as it do…

    xuridabur committed Jan 30, 2010
    …esn't seem possible to craft item number 1
    	Added missing pickpocket-dummy entries to jse_objectassociations.scp
    	Added decayable = false to freeze command in misc-cmd.js
    	Did some minor updates to the JavaScript Documentation
    	Did some tweaks to some tailoring js-files to make spinning wheels stop breaking if global onCreateDFN script is present
    	Removed erroneous DEF values from leather.dfn, studded_leather.dfn and bone.dfn - should use values from base_armor.dfn
  2. 1/30/2010 - Xuri

    xuridabur committed Jan 30, 2010
    	Fixed an issue with sword.js which stopped you from carving shafts/kindling from a single wooden log
    	Re-ordered IDs listed under METAL in DFNDATA/CREATE/resources.dfn to make UOX3 give same ingot-types when smelting
    		player-crafted items as when smelting raw ore.
Commits on Jan 29, 2010
  1. 1/29/2010 - Xuri

    xuridabur committed Jan 29, 2010
    	Fixed an issue that caused NPC shopkeepers to get overloaded by the weight of items in their shop-layers
    	Fixed an incorrect entry in namelists.dfn
Commits on Jan 28, 2010
  1. *** empty log message ***

    xuridabur committed Jan 28, 2010
  2. Updated dictionaries.

    xuridabur committed Jan 28, 2010
  3. 1/28/2010 - Xuri (0.98-4.0d)

    xuridabur committed Jan 28, 2010
    	Added a validationcheck to effects.cpp which stopped a server crash from occuring on startup
Commits on Jan 24, 2010
  1. Added system messages confirming when items have been locked down or…

    xuridabur committed Jan 24, 2010
    … released in a house
    	Fixed a bug where targeting a non-valid object would crash UOX3 when trying to release locked down items
  2. 1/24/2010 - Xuri

    xuridabur committed Jan 24, 2010
    	Added definition of 0x1EB9 as a Tinker Tool in jse_objectassociations.scp
Commits on Nov 8, 2009
  1. 11/08/2009 - Xuri

    xuridabur committed Nov 8, 2009
    	Added support for LOOT and PACKITEM dfn tags in item-defintions, for pre-adding items to containers (Shudderz)
Commits on May 11, 2009
  1. 5/11/2009 - Xuri

    xuridabur committed May 11, 2009
    	Fixed client/server synch-issue with boats by changing prSend( 1 ) to prSend( 0 ) in boat movement code (Jediman)
    	Added stablemaster JS-script and assigned it to the animal-trainer vendors (Xuri)
     		Available commands: claim (list|pet-name), stable
    	Added missing Meteor Storm Scroll to DFNDATA/ITEMS/MAGIC/scrolls.dfn (Ghostwolf)
    	Added a new DFN (DFNDATA\NPC\lbrraces.dfn) with Meer and Juka NPCs  (Ghostwolf)
    	Added Meer and Juka races to races.dfn (Ghostwolf)
    	Added Meer and Juka NPCs to GM-menu under Humanoid NPCs (Xuri)
    	Fixed messed up smithing gump (Ghostwolf)
    	Added Jhelom fighting pit to regions.dfn and renumbered the regions (Ghostwolf)
    	Added other regions included dungeons, guard outpost, etc (Ghostwolf)
    	Added regions in Trammel, Ilshenar, Malas and the Map of Tokuno Note (Ghostwolf)
    	Updated instalog-section with Trammel and Ilshenar inns (Ghostwolf)
    	Changed Bucc's Den regions to not guarded (Ghostwolf)
    	Added two new NPCs - [shade] and [armeddaemon] to DFNDATA/NPC/undead.dfn and DFNDATA/NPC/daemons.dfn (Ghostwolf)
    	Tweaked ID of existing [daemon] to that of the unarmed one (Xuri)
    	Added Shade and Armed Daemon entries to GM menu (Xuri)
    	Added support for bamboo flute in musicianship/enticement/peacemaking JS-scripts (dragon slayer)
    	Added entries for bamboo flutes in DFNDATA/ITEMS/SKILLS/MISC/music_instruments.dfn (Xuri)
    	Added bamboo flute to GM-menu under music instruments, and entries in jse_objectassociations.dfn (Xuri)
    	Added new JS-script for bolas - JS/ITEM/bola.js (dragon slayer)
    	Added entry for bola in a new DFN file: DFNDATA/ITEMS/GEAR/WEAPONS/missile_weapons.dfn (Xuri)
    	Added entry for bola in jse_objectassociations.dfn (Xuri)
Commits on Mar 22, 2009
  1. 3/22/2009 - Xuri (0.98-4.0c)

    xuridabur committed Mar 22, 2009
    	Fixed travelling by recall spell or magic gate between worlds
    	Fixed Jailing and Releasing players in worlds other than world 0
    	Fixed issue with the 'ADD command that would put items in your backpack instead of target's backpack
    	Removed a TriggerEvent from go.js that should not have been there
    	Corrected scripttrigger for newly created bankchecks in banker.js
    	Fixed teleport entries from Serpent's Hold to Fire dungeon (Ghostwolf)
    	Added new midilist section (23) for dungeon music (Ghostwolf)
    	Added MIDILIST=23 entry in region 29 (dungeons)
Commits on Feb 17, 2009
  1. Corrected IP & Port

    xuridabur committed Feb 17, 2009
Commits on Feb 1, 2009
  1. 2/01/2009 - Xuri

    xuridabur committed Feb 1, 2009
    	Updated trainingdummy.js and pickpocketdip.js with code that will auto-fix them should their timers ever break
    	Pets are removed from petlist when their stabled flag is set to true, and added again when set to false
    	Players will no longer have to shove through characters that are permanently hidden
Commits on Jan 24, 2009
  1. Linux compile issue with Console

    darkangelab committed Jan 24, 2009
Commits on Jan 19, 2009
  1. Removed debug-info from archerybuttes.js

    xuridabur committed Jan 19, 2009
  2. Pen and Ink-items will now work similar to using the inscription skil…

    xuridabur committed Jan 19, 2009
    …l directly
  3. Fixed an issue causing smelted iron ore to combine with colored ore …

    giwo committed Jan 19, 2009
    …already in a players pack.
    	Fixed a bug making it impossible to accept or deny a recruit into a guild.
    	Added functionality to automatically turn on the Guild title display of all members when a guild aligns with Chaos/Order.
  4. 1/19/2009 - Xuri

    xuridabur committed Jan 19, 2009
    	Automatic worldsaves can now be disabled by setting SAVESTIMER in UOX.INI to 0
    	Added blank scrolls and empty books to ScribeShopping SHOPLIST
    	Added new vendor NPCs using ScribeShopping shoplist: m_scribe and f_scribe
    	Added new scribe-spawner item, and added it to GM-menu
    	Sorted male and female NPCs and vendors alphabetically in the NPCs-menu
    	Fixed some issues in shoplist.dfn
    	Fixed an error in tailoring.js where invalid socket and character objects were referenced
    	Removed a debug-message from taming.js
  5. Added onVirtueGumpPress( pUser, cTarg, buttonNum ) JS Event to handle…

    giwo committed Jan 19, 2009
    … clicking the Virtue gump icon (and subsequent menus).
  6. 1/19/2009 - giwo

    giwo committed Jan 19, 2009
    	Added onDropItemOnItem( iDropped, cDropper, iDroppedOn ) JS Event to handle dropping an item on another item.
  7. 1/18/2009 - giwo

    giwo committed Jan 19, 2009
    	Moved the magic scroll handling from cPlayerAction.cpp out to JavaScript (items/magicscroll.js)
    	Fixed a bug with the JS Method Char.CastSpell() where it never returned a value to the calling script.
  8. 1/18/2009 - giwo (0.98-4.0a)

    giwo committed Jan 19, 2009
    	Fixed a crash caused by clicking on the Virtue Gump icon in the paperdoll
    	Added some checking before sending a status window to ensure the character is visible and in range
    	Added some checks to prevent one from inviting themselves to a party
Commits on Jan 17, 2009
  1. Updating with newer js32.dll file, same as has been used in all-in-on…

    xuridabur committed Jan 17, 2009
    …e packages
  2. Updated version to 0.98-4.0

    giwo committed Jan 17, 2009