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Latest commit cc9e887 Mar 3, 2007 giwo 3/3/2007 - giwo (0.98-3.7l)
	Allowed customization of supported client features via uox.ini
		Note that these are bit-settings similar to the way STARTPRIV works.
		One will need knowledge of how to set individual bits in a value,
		or an editor to customize these features.
	Removed CLIENTSUPPORT from the uox.ini


What is UOX3?

UOX3 stands for Ultima Offline eXperiment 3, and can basically be described as an 
Ultima Online server-emulator. It allows anyone and everyone to run their own 
private Ultima Online shard (either offline or online) which they may then use 
the official UO Client to connect to.


Read the 'INSTALL' file for more detailed directions.

uox3 uses the standard ./configure ; make. You need to use gmake, BSD
make probably won't work. Remember, run ./configure --help to see what
build options are available.

In order to compile uox3, you need to have SpiderMonkey (Javascript) library 
install. The configure script will fail if you don't. You can get it from