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ANNdotNET v1.0 - deep learning tool on .NET platform

ANNdotNET – is an open source project for deep learning on .NET Platform. This is complete GUI solution for data preparation, training, evaluation and deployment ml models. ANNdotNET introduces the ANNdotNET Machine Learning Engine ( MLEngine ) which is responsible for training and evaluation models defined in the mlconfig files. The MLEngine relies on Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, CNTK open source library which is proved to be one of the best open source library for deep learning. Through all application's components MLEngine exposed all great features of the CNTK e.g. GPU support for training and evaluation, different kind of learners. MLEngine also extends CNTK features with more evaluation functions (RMSE, MSE, Classification Accuracy, Coefficient of Determination, etc.), Extended Mini-batch Sources, Trainer and Evaluation models.
The process of creating, training, evaluating and exporting models is provided from the GUI Application and does not require knowledge for supported programming languages.

The ANNdotNET is ideal in several scenarios:

  • more focus on network development and training process using classic desktop approach, instead of focusing on coding,
  • less time spending on debugging source code, more focusing on different configuration and parameter variants,
  • ideal for engineers/users who are not familiar with programming languages,
  • in case the problem requires coding custom models, or training process, ANNdotNET CMD provides high level of API for such implementation,
  • all ml configurations developed with GUI tool,can be handled with CMD tool and vice versa.

How to run ANNdotNET GUI Tool from release section

This option is handy in case you don't have installed Visual Studio or you want to use the application without source code.
The following actions should be performed:

  • Download binaries from the release section at:,

  • Unzip the binaries on your machine and run anndotnet.wnd.exe exe file.

  • For quick start, while the application is running, select one of many pre-calculated annprojects
    placed on Start Page.

Software Requirements

ANNdotNET is x64 Windows desktop application running on .NET Framework 4.7.2. and .NET Core 2.0. In order to run the application, the following software components need to be installed:

Note: The application is tested on clean Windows Pro 10 1709 build. Probably the application will run on Windows 8 and Windows 7 as well, but those systems are not tested.

The project is hosted at For more information about the project please see ANNdotNET wiki page.

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