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<title>Formal Invitation to Libate</title>
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The pleasure of your company is respectfully requested for a
delightful evening of imbibing, colourful conversation, and
musickal merriment. The convocation commences at half past
six post meridiem on the day of Thor, 29<sup>th</sup>
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<img src="/img/concert.jpg" width="285" height="209">
<p>Two Live Concerts (and Disc Jockey)</p>
<img src="/img/dining.jpg" width="285" height="209">
<p>A Refined Dinner for the Refined Palette</p>
<img src="/img/libations.jpg" width="285" height="209">
<p>A Carefully&ndash;Computed Array of Libations</p>
<h2>What is it?</h2>
The Southern Societé of Computational
Libationists <i>(est. 1718)</i> has formed a league of
high-profile <a href="#sponsors">sponsors</a> whose sole
charter is to create a <b>magnificent evening of out-of-doors
entertainment.</b> This diversion is offered to all Ruby
enthusiasts and is known colloquially as <b>&ldquo;The
&amp;block Party.&rdquo;</b> When spoken in conversation, the
Societé has come to prefer the
pronounciation <b>&ldquo;amp-block,&rdquo;</b> which causes no
small amount of amusement when uttered in the company of those
learned in the arts of analytical enginery.
We have prepared a fine evening of entertainment for you,
including <b>scrumptious delights</b> and the
Libationists&rsquo; own <b>pleasurable spirits!</b> To
encourage intersocialization and jocularity whilst you quaff,
we have retained the services of <b>The Lagniappe Brass
Band</b>, <b>My Name Is John Michael</b>, and the regionally
renowned rotator of storing discii, <b>DJ Black Socks</b>. We
respectfully opine that a gay evening shall be had by
The Societé has created a schedule which coincides <b>The
&amp;block Party</b> with the rubyologists&rsquo; annual
festival of analysis and engineering, which occurs in New
Orleans in the waning days of Septembre. Our soirée commences
on the first day of Thor co-incident with RubyConf,
specifically the 29<sup>th</sup> day of the month.
All diversions, libations, and comestibles will be present
latest <b>half-past six</b>, and though our formal programme
will come to a close two hours before midnight, informal
external festivities will continue until all of our gentle
guests choose to depart satisfied.
The Societé have carefully prepared the map below as a
navagation aide to assist your post-congress quest for
delicious comestibles, potent potables, and convivial
fellowship. A massive effort has ensured that a <b>city block,
in its entirety</b>, will be free of the usual passers-by,
auto-mobile vehicles, and other distractions of attention,
cleverly and simultaneously making the festivities quite
simple to locate.
The letter <b>&ldquo;A&rdquo;</b> on the map below denotes
your starting location, and <b>&ldquo;B&rdquo;</b> your
<div id="map">
<a href="">
<img src="/img/map.png" alt="Camp &amp; Girod">
<h2>What shall I bring?</h2>
We desire only the effervescent delight of your
company! <b>The &amp;block Party&rsquo;s</b> cornucopia of
possibility is generously proffered to you by a number of
<b>magnificent sponsors</b>, and is completely free to
attendees of the rubyologists&rsquo; symposium. Please
provide us the pleasure of your conversation in whatever
attire suits your fancy.
<b>However,</b> to ensure your immediate identification and
acceptance, please ensure the ready availability of your
conference credentials or official badgery. Hallway-track and
unofficial attendees should
contact <a href="">@jbarnette</a>.
<a name="sponsors"><h2>Magnificent sponsors?</h2></a>
Indeed! These effulgent individuals have allied their
considerable talents and resources with the Societé, and
thusly deserve your praise, thanks, and respect.
<ul class="sponsor-logos">
<li><a href=""><img src="/img/ey.png"></a></li>
<li><a href=""><img src="/img/github.png"></a></li>
<li><a href=""><img src="/img/bbg.png"></a></li>
<li><a href=""><img src="/img/as.png"></a></li>
<li><a href=""><img src="/img/gno.png"></a></li>
<ul class="sponsor-logos">
<li><a href=""><img src="/img/iseatz.png"></a></li>
<li><a href=""><img src="/img/fogo.png"></a></li>
<li><a href=""><img src="/img/lp.png"></a></li>
<li><a href=""><img src="/img/fs.png"></a></li>
<li><a href=""><img src="/img/sim.png"></a></li>
<h2>What say you?</h2>
The founding documents of The Societé mandate the
encouragement of socialization and locutive intercourse! Find
below an &aelig;therical compendium of related missives,
gossipings, ejaculations, japes, and goings-on, using the
godforsaken enginery of <b>&ldquo;Twitter&rdquo;</b>, a
d&aelig;monaickal contraption hellbent on savaging the good
and decent methods of traditional discourse preferred by all
virtuous ladies and gentlemen. Should you wish to add your
voice to the conversation, use of the <b>#ampblock</b> hashtag
is heartily encouraged.
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Delightful logo, design, and wordsmithery
from <a href="">@bhuga</a>,
<a href="">@notjoeellis</a>,
and <a href="">@kbarnette</a>.
Pose questions or comments
to <a href="">@jbarnette</a>,
&lsquo;pon whose shoulders blame ultimately rests.
<section id="tldr-copy" style="display:none">
<b>Rubyists</b>, we made you a block party. It's Thursday, 29
September, from 6:30 PM &lsquo;til 10, on Girod between Camp
and Magazine in New Orleans. We'll probably go out afterward
have <a href="">Lagniappe
Brass Band</a>, <a href="">My
Name is John Michael</a>, and a DJ playing music. Food and
booze (beer and pitcher cocktails) will be provided
by <a href="">Capdeville</a>, and
they're right around the corner if we want extras. Expect
comfy outdoor chairs, tables, and couches.
Bring your conference badge to get food and drinks, or
contact <a href="">@jbarnette</a>
to make other arrangements.
Miss this at your own peril.
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