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Make teaser image sizes explicit.

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1 parent 2db38cd commit 3f183b2ab8c3858eb0a8ee1df6c241eedf6f4143 @jbarnette jbarnette committed Sep 19, 2011
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@@ -50,17 +50,17 @@
<section id="teasers">
- <img src="/img/concert.jpg">
+ <img src="/img/concert.jpg" width="285" height="209">
<p>Two Live Concerts (and Disc Jockey)</p>
- <img src="/img/dining.jpg">
+ <img src="/img/dining.jpg" width="285" height="209">
<p>A Refined Dinner for the Refined Palette</p>
- <img src="/img/libations.jpg">
+ <img src="/img/libations.jpg" width="285" height="209">
<p>A Carefully&ndash;Computed Array of Libations</p>

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