Stack Traces for triggers from Backbone Events
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Stack Traces for Backbone.Events triggers

A quick little snippet of Javascript to debug Backbone.Event.trigger stack traces. On trigger loops, it provides a much easier to read stack trace of calls to trigger as opposed to every line of JavaScript.


Just use backbone events as normal. When you see a loop, things will be better.

item.trigger_infinite = function() {
  this.trigger 'infinite'
item.on('infinite', function() {

Instead of a browser using 100% of your processor, you'll see this in your console:

.... snip ....
[object Object].trigger_infinite (file://localhost/<...>/spec/spec/Backbone.StackTraceSpec.js:40:21) 126
[object Object].trigger_infinite (file://localhost/<...>/spec/spec/Backbone.StackTraceSpec.js:40:21) 127
Backbone.StackTrace: stack too deep (128) 

You can set the max stack depth like so:

window.Backbone.StackTrace.maxDepth = 256;

If you want to see the stack trace working for everything, not just loops, do this:

window.Backbone.StackTrace.verbose = true;

Known Issues

I'm not sure how to fake a thread-local variable in JavaScript, so things working asynchronously will clobber each other.


To use the stack tracer, include it after backbone. It has a single dependency, a stack tracer, available from A copy of the stack tracer is also available in the spec directory if you're lazy.

It's not recommended for production use. Shoot, I'm too lazy to even minify this stuff.

<script src=backbone-min.js></script>
<script src="stacktrace.js"></script>
<script src=Backbone.StackTrace.js></script>

That's it, you're done.


This is unencumbered code entered into the public domain, suitable for copy-pasting into some other project of your own. See the attached UNLICENSE file for more information.

Use the github page to file issues or pull requests.

Open spec/SpecRunner.html to run the tests, such as they are.