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Migrate from Drupal comments to Disqus

This is a simple script to migrate a basic use case Drupal 6 site to Disqus. It talks to the database directly, rather than mess around with Drupal APIs, which means complicated use cases are probably not well represented.


You'll need the Sequel gem. The Disqus gem is also required, but has a bug (fixed and submitted), so a copy is distributed here. You may also need the appropriate mysql or postgres adapters; If you get an error, Sequel will tell you what to do. See for more information.

For most working Ruby installations, this is all you need to do:

$ sudo gem install sequel --no-rdoc --no-ri

To use:

  1. Copy db.yml.example to db.yml and edit appropriately.
  2. Run the import_comments.rb script
  3. Optionally run the disable_old_comments.rb script to set the display of comments on all nodes to disabled.


Drupal comments don't map directly to Disqus. The following issues apply:

  1. You will lose authorship. Disqus will track names, email addresses, and web sites, but will considers all comments anonymous.
  2. Disqus does not support comment subjects. These will be lost.
  3. Disqus supports only very basic HTML input filters. If your users are using markdown or any other input filter beyond the most basic, that formatting will be lost.


Ben Lavender -


This software is free software released into the public domain. See the UNLICENSE file distributed with this software for more information.

The Disqus module is redistributed here, which is released under the MIT license. See the disqus/ folder for more information.