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// $Id$
jquery_hotkeys supports generic JavaScript actions in response to hotkey
presses via the jQuery hotkeys module, available from:
After enabling the correct permissions, you'll be able to add generic
hotkeys. You'll need some familiarity with JavaScript to make use of them.
A few examples:
Submit content with control-c
Hotkey: ctrl-c
JavaScript: $('#node-form').submit()
Pages: node/*
Focus on the title of a post with %
Hotkey: %
JavaScript: $('#edit-title').focus()
Pages: node/*
Please be aware that you can possibly open your site to security problems
with poorly considered JavaScript.
Q: I can't type anything on a page with a hotkey enabled! What's going on?
A: Your system was unable to load the jQuery hotkeys library. jQuery hotkeys
re-defines some key-capture functions, and binding commands without
it there will break things rather handily. Check that you installed the
library correctly, and that it has a correct symlink. Be sure to clear
your cache at admin/settings/performance after repairing the problem.
Significant portions of the admin interface here were adapted from the css
injector module, available at