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uninitialized constant Mutex on 1.8.7 #3

cldwalker opened this Issue May 22, 2011 · 1 comment

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While trying out the latest spira and promise on 1.8.7-p334 I got:

$ SomeModel.for uri
NameError: uninitialized constant Mutex
  /Users/bozo/.rip/rdf/lib/promise.rb:35:in `initialize'
  /Users/bozo/.rip/rdf/lib/promise.rb:106:in `new'
  /Users/bozo/.rip/rdf/lib/promise.rb:106:in `promise'
  /Users/bozo/.rip/rdf/lib/spira/resource/instance_methods.rb:72:in `reload'
  /Users/bozo/.rip/rdf/lib/spira/resource/instance_methods.rb:42:in `initialize'
  /Users/bozo/.rip/rdf/lib/spira/resource/class_methods.rb:90:in `new'
  /Users/bozo/.rip/rdf/lib/spira/resource/class_methods.rb:90:in `project'
  /Users/bozo/.rip/rdf/lib/spira/resource/class_methods.rb:69:in `for'

Looks like you need a require 'thread' in promise.rb for ruby 1.8.7

bhuga commented May 27, 2011

I have rubygems loading as an environment option which takes care of this for me so I never found it. If you make a pull request which requires thread if Mutex is undefined I'll merge it.

@mwunsch mwunsch added a commit to mwunsch/weary that referenced this issue Oct 31, 2012
@mwunsch mwunsch Require thread unless Mutex is defined 231e7ab
@cldwalker cldwalker closed this Oct 7, 2014
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