An Mac OS/X app that allows you to select rectangular bits of PDFs (i.e. questions and answers) and save them.
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FlashCard Creator

This app is for creating flash cards by electronically cutting PDF sections / questions and answers.

Open the PDF file with the Preview app. Make sure "Tools->Rectangular Selection" menu option is checked. Select each question and paste into the ImageViews on the screen. Then click "Save" and a PDF file will be created in the Save directory with your rectangular selection. I have set it up so you do the questions and the answers in separate passes. This is because in my OU PDFs, the questions are throughout the material, whereas the answers are grouped at the back.

There are 2 image views you can paste into. This is because sometimes a question splits across 2 pages, or involves additional information from a different example.

After you have a directory of PDF files, you will need to convert them to PNG for import into Anki.