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(in-package #:backward-parenscript)
(defun js-name-to-symbol (string)
(with-output-to-string (s)
for c across string
(when (upper-case-p c)
(princ #\- s))
(princ (char-upcase c) s)))))
(defgeneric convert-to-parenscript (j))
(defvar *last-parse* nil)
(defmethod convert-to-parenscript ((javascript-pathname pathname))
(with-open-file (s (probe-file javascript-pathname))
(setf *last-parse* (parse-js s)))))
(defmethod convert-to-parenscript ((javascript string))
(setf *last-parse* (parse-js javascript))))
(defvar *last-conversion* nil)
(defvar *context-is-top-level* t)
(defun convert-js-parse-tree-to-javascript (parse)
((TBD (&rest args)
(declare (ignore args))
(error "no rest of the wiki'd"))
(cant (x)
(error "Parenscript has no construct for ~a." x))
(op (op)
(ecase op
(:+ '+)
(:- '-)
(:* '*)
(:< '<)
(:-- '--)
(:++ '++)
;;(:! '!)
;;(:~ '~)
(:typeof 'typeof)
(:void 'void)
(:delete 'delete)))
(binary (form &optional ps-op?)
(ematch form
(`(,_ ,op ,left ,right)
`(,(if ps-op? ps-op? (op op)) ,(r left) ,(r right)))))
(unary (form)
(ematch form
(`(,_ ,op ,arg)
`(,(op op) ,(r arg)))))
(wrap-forms-in-progn (forms)
`(progn ,@forms))))
(form-to-forms (form)
(match form
(`(progn ,@forms) forms)
(x (list x))))
(r! (forms) (mapcar #'r forms))
(r!-progn (forms)
(wrap-forms-in-progn (r! forms)))
(r (x)
(ematch x
(`(:name ,txt) (js-name-to-symbol txt))
(`(:num ,num) num)
(`(:string ,s) s)
(`(:stat ,form) (r form))
(`(:call ,func ,args) (tidy `(,(r func) ,@(r! args))))
(`(:return ,form) `(return ,(r form)))
(`(:binary ,_ ,_ ,_) (binary x))
(`(:assign :- ,_ ,_) (binary x 'decf))
(`(:assign t ,_ ,_) (binary x 'setf))
(`(:assign :+ ,_ ,_) (binary x 'incf))
(`(:assign := ,_ ,_) (binary x 'setf))
(`(:unary-prefix ,_ ,_) (unary x))
(`(:array ,elements) `(list ,@(r! elements)))
(`(:toplevel ,forms) (let ((*context-is-top-level* t))
(r!-progn forms)))
(`(:seq ,forms) (r!-progn forms))
(`(:block ,forms) (r!-progn forms))
(`(:sub ,array ,index) `(aref ,(r array) ,(r index)))
(`(:regexp ,expr "") `(regex ,expr))
(`(:regexp ,expr ,flags) `(regex ,(format nil "/~A/~A" expr flags)))
('(:debugger) 'debugger)
(`(:new ,func ,args) `(new ,(tidy `(,(r func) ,@(r! args)))))
(`(:atom :true) `t)
(`(:atom ,atom) (TBD atom))
(`(:dot ,x ,(guard slot (stringp slot)))
`(@ ,(r x) ,(js-name-to-symbol slot))))
(`(:function nil ,args ,forms)
`(lambda ,(mapcar #'js-name-to-symbol args)
(let ((*context-is-top-level* nil))
(r!-progn forms)))))
(`(:defun ,name ,args ,forms)
`(defun ,(js-name-to-symbol name) ,(mapcar #'js-name-to-symbol args)
(let ((*context-is-top-level* nil))
(r!-progn forms)))))
(`(:object ,field-alist)
`(create ,@(loop
for (key . value) in field-alist
nconc `(,(js-name-to-symbol key) ,(r value)))))
(`(:var ,bindings)
(let ((bindings (loop
for (var . init) in bindings
`(,(js-name-to-symbol var) ,(r init)))))
(if *context-is-top-level*
(loop for (var binding) in bindings
collect `(var ,var ,binding)))
`(let ,bindings :helpme))))
(`(:throw ,expr) `(throw ,(r expr)))
(`(:try ,body ,catch nil) `(try ,(r body)
(:catch ,(r catch))))
(`(:try ,body ,catch ,finally) `(try ,(r body)
(:catch ,(r catch))
(:finally ,(r finally))))
(`(:if ,q ,a ,b) `(if ,(r q) ,(r a) ,(r b)))
(`(:if ,q ,a) `(if ,(r q) ,(r a)))
(`(:conditional ,test ,then ,else) `(if ,test ,then ,else))
(`(:while ,cond (:block ,forms)) `(while ,(r cond)
,(r!-progn forms)))
(`(:for-in (:var ((,name))) (:name ,_) ,obj ,body)
`(for-in (,(js-name-to-symbol name) ,(r obj))
,@(form-to-forms (r body))))
(`(:label ,_ ,_) (cant "label"))
(`(:continue nil) '(continue))
(`(:continue ,label) `(continue ,(js-name-to-symbol label)))
(`(:break nil) '(break))
(`(:break ,label) `(break ,(js-name-to-symbol label)))
(`(:do ,_ ,_) (cant "do"))
;; That's all so far, pending:
(`(:unary-postfix ,op ,place) (TBD op place))
(`(:with ,obj ,body) (TBD obj body))
(`(:for (:var ,bindings) ,cond ,step ,body)
(let ((ps-bindings (loop for (name . init) in bindings
collect `(,(js-name-to-symbol name) ,(r init)))))
`(for ,ps-bindings (,(r cond)) (,(r step))
,@(form-to-forms (r body)))))
(`(:switch ,val ,@cases) (TBD val cases))))
(tidy (x)
"clean up various @/chain forms"
(match x
;; merge nested cases
(`(@ (@ ,@a) ,@b) `(@ ,@(append a b)))
(`(chain (@ ,@a) ,@b) `(chain ,@(append a b)))
(`(chain (chain ,@a) ,@b) `(chain ,@(append a b)))
;; revise calls on chain
(`((chain ,@a) ,@args)
`(chain ,@(loop
for (i . remainder) on a
collect (if remainder
`(,i ,@args)))))
;; Introduce chain if working on a complex object.
(`(@ ,(guard call (listp call)) ,@b)
`(chain ,call ,@b)))
;; otherwise untouched.
(_ x))))
(setf *last-conversion* (r parse)))))
(defun help-let-forms (form)
(match form
(`(progn ,@forms)
(labels ((r (forms)
(ematch forms
(`((let ,binds :helpme) ,@more-forms)
`((let ,binds ,@(r more-forms))))
(`(,form ,@more-forms)
`(,form ,@(r more-forms)))
(nil nil))))
(let ((rewrite (r forms)))
(if (cdr rewrite)
`(progn ,@rewrite)
(car rewrite)))))
(_ form)))
(defun help-progn (form)
"Eliminate unnecessary progn"
;; (progn 1 (progn 2 (f (progn 3)) 4) 5 (progn (progn 6) 7))
;; -> (progn 1 2 (f (progn 3)) 4 5 6 7)
(match form
(`(progn ,x) (help-progn x))
(`(progn ,@forms)
(labels ((r (forms)
(match forms
(`((progn ,@a) ,@b) `(,@(r a) ,@(r b)))
(`(,a ,@b) `(,a ,@(r b)))
(nil nil))))
`(progn ,@(r forms))))
(x x)))