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(in-package #:yed-lisp)
(defun build-keyword (text)
(intern (string-upcase text) :keyword))
(defun file-of-mine (name)
(asdf:system-relative-pathname (asdf:find-system "yed-lisp") name))
(defun load-graph (&optional (pathname-to-graph (file-of-mine "abc.graphml")))
(labels ((tidy-props (properties)
for (key . value) in properties
as keyword = (build-keyword key)
(cons keyword
(case keyword
((:type :autosizepolicy :alignment :for
(build-keyword (first value)))
(ematch value
(`("false") nil)
(`("true") t)
(`(,(ppcre "(\\d+.\\d+)" x)) (parse-number x))
(`(,(ppcre "(\\d+)" x)) (parse-integer x))
(x x)))))))
(tidy-xml (xml)
(ematch xml
(`((,node . ,_) ,props ,@kids)
`(,(build-keyword node) ,(tidy-props props)
,@(mapcar #'tidy-xml kids)))
((guard str (stringp str))
(with-open-file (s pathname-to-graph)
(xmls:parse s)))))
(defun extract-topology (graph)
(let (nodes edges)
(labels ((recure (graph)
(match graph
(`(:edge ,(alist (:source . src) (:target . target) (:id . id)) ,@_)
(push `(,id ,src ,target) edges))
(`(:node ,(alist (:id . id)) ,@kids)
(push `(,id ,(get-node-label kids)) nodes))
(`(,_ ,_ ,@kids)
(map nil #'recure kids))))
(get-node-label (kids)
(let ((label ()))
(labels ((recure (kid)
(ematch kid
((type string) (push kid label))
(`(,_ ,_ ,@kids) (map nil #'recure kids)))))
(map nil #'recure kids))
(format nil "~{~A~^ ~}" label))))
(recure graph))
(values (nreverse nodes) (nreverse edges))))
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