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TinyFugue MOO Client Protocol MCP/2.1 packages

Get the MCP/2.1 macros from Ben Jackson. Unpack it in your tf-lib. I'm using ~/lib/tf/. With these macros you will get MCP (MOO Client Protocol) support from tf so you can interact with some moo packages. One of the most important one is local editing (edit text in a separate window). Make sure your /addworld includes -Ttiny.moo on your MOO worlds.

UPDATE Please get the MCP base macros from here which are updated to work with servers after 2.8.2


Implements some client info to be known within the MOO. Name, version and client window size are some of them. Nice for better tables and horizontal text.


The package allows the server to send short, human readable, informational messages to cooperating clients. The client will display it on a status bar. This implementation uses the window title.


The package allows the server to send URLs to the client. The client should then use a client-side webbrowser to display the contents of the URL. It uses the default browser. You may force it with $BROWSER


Allows both client and server to test the latency of a user's connection, a rough indication of net-lag. An indicator shows up on the right side of the worlds name on the visual bar. Of course you need /visual on. This is just the client test for now.


MUD Sound Protocol (MSP) in MCP/2.1. Really rudimentar. No telnet option negotiation. It just works! Implements basic !!SOUND as it plays .wav files

An example for the beginning of your .tfrc:

/require ~/

/load ~/lib/tf/mcp-2/
/load ~/lib/tf/mcp-2/
/load ~/lib/tf/mcp-2/
/load ~/lib/tf/mcp-2/

/load ~/lib/tf/mcp21-tf-packages/
/load ~/lib/tf/mcp21-tf-packages/
/load ~/lib/tf/mcp21-tf-packages/
/load ~/lib/tf/mcp21-tf-packages/
/load ~/lib/tf/mcp21-tf-packages/

/visual on

/mooping on
/displayurl on

After connecting with your character to a MCP/2.1 enabled MOO you can use the @mcp command to check the result of the packages negotiation.

session: #3375
dns-com-awns-displayurl (#11112) 1.0
dns-com-awns-ping (#12212) 1.0
dns-com-awns-status (#12112) 1.0
dns-com-vmoo-client (#12122) 1.0
dns-com-zuggsoft-msp (#12021) 1.0
dns-org-mud-moo-simpleedit (#2212) 1.0
mcp-negotiate (#1212) 2.0


TinyFugue MOO Client Protocol MCP/2.1 packages



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