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@bialix bialix released this Jan 28, 2018 · 6 commits to master since this release

What's new in IntelHex 2.2 release.


  • Better compatibility with Python 3. (Alexander Belchenko)
  • Script Python 3 compatibility for processing start address dict keys. (patch from GitHub user mentaal)
  • Unit tests: Fixed xrange overflow test for Python 2.7 on 64-bit platforms. Use sys.maxint to ensure we trigger an exception. (Masayuki Takeda)

API changes

  • IntelHex.write_hex_file method: added support for new parameter: eolstyle = native | CRLF. (Alexander Belchenko)
  • IntelHex.write_hex_file() method gets new optional parameter byte_count to specify how many bytes should be written to each data record in output file. Default value is 16. (patch from GitHub user erki1993)

New features

  • Added get_memory_size() method: approx memory footprint of IntelHex object plus data. (Alexander Belchenko)
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@bialix bialix released this Mar 31, 2016 · 30 commits to master since this release

What's new in IntelHex 2.1 release.


  • Better Python 3 compatibility when and scripts are trying to read/write binary data from stdin or to stdout. (GitHub issue #4)

New features

  • API changes: added IntelHex.segments() method that returns a list of ordered tuple objects, representing contiguous occupied data addresses. (Andrew Fernandes)
  • New command-line script to print summary about hex files contents (file name, start address, address ranges covered by the data) in YAML format. (Andrew Fernandes)
  • API changes: IntelHex.dump() method gets new optional parameters: width, withpadding to control generation of output text. (patch from GitHub user durexyl)
  • Script gets new option --width to support corresponding parameter in IntelHex.dump() method.


  • The main activity of the IntelHex project slowly drifting towards GitHub - the main social network for OSS developers. I'd really like to get some help from additional maintainer though.
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@bialix bialix released this Mar 31, 2016 · 61 commits to master since this release

Major improvements in IntelHex 2.0

  • The same codebase can be run on both Python 2 (2.4-2.7) and Python 3 (3.2+). No need to use 2to3.


  • Python 3 compatibility: tobinstr should return bytes not unicode string (Launchpad Bug #1212698).
  • Python 2: better support for long int addresses (over 2GB) (Launchpad Bug #1408934)


  • provide more helper functions and aliases to reduce changes required to convert python 2 compatible sources to python 3. The code becomes quite ugly, but such compatibility has its price.
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