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#Welcome to the a11yTO 2015 hackathon wiki!

##Hacking challenges



##Contacts Accessibility Directorate of Ontario. Contact info: Phone: 1-866-515-2025 TTY: 416-325-3408 TTY Toll-Free: 1-800-268-7095 Fax: 416-325-3407 Email: accessibility@ontario.ca

Next steps note - email send Nov 1 2015 to participants, personal info removed:

  1. Our draft accessible venue list Here is a link to our starting worksheet of venues - anyone can edit (beyond our group). We can start to clean it up as a group and add more venues as we learn of them. Adding phone numbers may be smart for booking. I've added the proper addresses to a bunch of them as I was playing around with mapping it. The lat/long data for those locations with full addresses is on the second tab: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1K_QSc2XLZaO8KEuFMW5axN00zbEDV23FhR6ST6Puusg/edit?usp=sharing I propose that we remove coffee shops, libraries and universities - rationale: if we consider the case that we are trying to help someone find space for an evening meet-up for a few hours, we should be thinking about venues that are good with food/drink/alcohol and aren't part of a huge set (libraries) or places that have to be accessible (universities/colleges). This will help our list be very narrow and targeted, which I think is the most valuable. Clearly open to any and all thoughts on this :) I am going to create a version of this dataset and keep it on github for now with the narrow requirements that I have proposed above so we can have it as a subset and I can commit to being its owner (it will be pretty small so I am comfortable with it - if the scope was larger I wouldn't be). I will share that with everyone when I get there and others who want to be co-owners, would love it. The reality is that someone has to commit to maintaining it. I am new to working with geospatial data so it's taking me a bit. There is still a huge open topic regarding what accessible means in the context of this list, and I think that's a thing that we will need to reconvene on in person or find a way or place to manage the discussion. At the bare minimum, we will need to create some language explaining our definition that accompanies the list. I am going to introduce our work to the group that was interested in this topic at Civic Tech Toronto. I won't be there until late November, earliest, but I will send a project update at that point and if anyone wants to join us at a meet-up then or sooner here is the group: http://www.meetup.com/Civic-Tech-Toronto

  2. Our draft emails to AXSMAP, the City of Toronto Open Data team and to a contact at City Planning. Please make any suggested edits by a week today (November 8th) so I can send emails the following week. I think we talked about collaborating with a contact closer to the AXSMAP project or sharing our note with him as well (the name is not coming to mind - David I think you had the contact? If anyone else would like to be the person sending any of these three emails instead of me please just raise your hand.

  3. I am going to follow up separately regarding the emails I said I would send out to government contacts re: employment data through the Open Data Institute Toronto.

I think that should be it on next steps but if I've missed anything please do chime in.