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AUR package of fcitx-sogoupinyin.
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AUR package of sogoupinyin for Linux.


This package is available on both AUR and archlinuxcn repository.

# Use yay or any other AUR helpers to install from AUR
yay -S fcitx-sogoupinyin

Don't forget to add this input method in Fcitx configuration.


No configuration is needed.

For fcitx's configuation, refer to Fcitx#Configuration on ArchWiki.


Unable to start

Make sure fcitx is running before start sogou-qimpanel.

Try one of the following methods:

  • Delete sogou lock files: rm -rf ~/.sogouinput/
  • Relogin the desktop environment
  • Delete all sogou related files: rm -rf ~/.sogouinput/ ~/.config/SogouPY*

Not working

It's probably caused by fcitx not working. See Fcitx#Troubleshooting on ArchWiki.

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