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Android Development Codex

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  • Introduction - A quick intro to the rationale and ideals of this guide, and smartphone modding in general.
  • General Setup - Learn how to install and run the tools you need to succeed.
  • Device Guides - Customized, fully decked out guides for rooting each and every device we could find.
  • General OS Customizations - General customizations that work on all devices of a specific OS.

Content Guidelines

  • General Guidelines - The ideals that you should uphold while working with and editing this guide.
  • Device Guide Templates - Templates and general guidelines for creating customized guides for a device.
  • Linux - Run a full desktop OS on your little mobile device; research is being made to make it comfortable to use in the mobile space.


  • Glossary - Contains all the crazy acronyms and word soup that you'll need to wade through when using this guide.
  • Android Buying Guide for Modders - While modding can fix up an outdated device, it will make your life easier to buy the right device from the start.
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The Android Development Codex is a community-built, comprehensive guidebook to all aspects of Android modding, customized for the phones that make it up.

It aims to reform the XDA Wiki and consolidate all the information from the forums into one single, easy to read, and up-to-date guide for customized to every Android device.

Key to this guide is the heavy use of templates to reduce redundancy, device specific guides for the dirty work of rooting, unlocking, and further development, and general guides for modding Android itself.

This is a community-created analog to the Official XDA Developers Book, but extended to all devices.

Why make a monolithic guide?

Unfortunately, as a result of XDA's messy evolution, there are a confusing mess of tutorials, new and outdated all over the forums. The status quo can be unclear at the least and cause many a brick at the worst. The developers of XDA have constantly been embittered by noobs who don't know what they're doing.

Why not show the new users how, with a nice, clear, organized guide? As such, the Android Development Codex aims to make one monolithic guidebook to better educate newcomers, allow the entire community to work on one guide, and keep up with new developments.