Huawei U8150

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  • Introduction - A quick intro to the rationale and ideals of this guide, and smartphone modding in general.
  • General Setup - Learn how to install and run the tools you need to succeed.
  • Device Guides - Customized, fully decked out guides for rooting each and every device we could find.
  • General OS Customizations - General customizations that work on all devices of a specific OS.

Content Guidelines

  • General Guidelines - The ideals that you should uphold while working with and editing this guide.
  • Device Guide Templates - Templates and general guidelines for creating customized guides for a device.
  • Linux - Run a full desktop OS on your little mobile device; research is being made to make it comfortable to use in the mobile space.


  • Glossary - Contains all the crazy acronyms and word soup that you'll need to wade through when using this guide.
  • Android Buying Guide for Modders - While modding can fix up an outdated device, it will make your life easier to buy the right device from the start.
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A cheap, tiny, underclocked phone that gets the job done. Not as popular in the West, but it's big in China, Africa, and Italy. Uses plain ol' AOSP Froyo.

It's quite common as a low end phone throughout the world, with a lot of development effort (a rarity on such a little old phone) though apparently not enough to warrant an XDA board.

Table of Contents


  • Android First Generation (528MHz CPU, 256 RAM)
  • Guide Shortname: U8150
  • Other Names: T-Mobile Comet
  • Recovery Key Combination: + +


  • U8150 Rooting - Rooting is a snap with z4root, though more so because of a dearth of updates.
  • U8150 Recovery - Install a recovery to your phone to flash custom ROMs.
  • U8150 Custom ROMs - An actual, definite list of custom ROMs. This deviation from policy is only done because of the lack of a dedicated forum.
  • Huawei Stock Restore - If you ever have major problems, or just want to return to the original state, just flash an official ROM and you're all set.

Other Mods

  • U8150 Splash Screen - Customize the OEM splash screen that appears before the Android bootscreen.



  1. U8150 Custom ROMs - Create a nice table of custom ROMs available.