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adding yswiki dumps

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1 parent 81ae5b3 commit b2fca23b2b86bbad1cf9ab751503b02f40c9e50f Tenshi Hinanawi committed
15 Bibanon/tools/media2iki/
@@ -1,15 +0,0 @@
-# This script does the following to all .mediawiki files in the current directory:
-# 1. uses the mediawiki2html script to convert the mediawiki to HTML.
-# 2. uses pandoc to convert HTML to markdown (leaving any unknown HTML as raw)
-# 3. htmltable2pandoc to convert HTML tables into markdown syntax.
-# 4. sed to restore wikilinks
-find -type f -name \*.mediawiki | while read i; do
-NAME=`echo $i | sed -e's/.mediawiki$//'`
- echo "Converting $NAME.mediawiki -> $"
- python $NAME.mediawiki > $
- echo "Done"
- echo
BIN Files/yswiki-2012-04-24.sql.7z
Binary file not shown.
BIN Files/yswiki-2012-04-24.xml.7z
Binary file not shown.

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