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2015 Reddit Blackout

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Organized for the purpose of /r/blackout2015, and this 2015 Reddit Blackout tracking thread.

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Quote of the Year:

Popcorn is good.
- /u/kn0thing, Reddit Admin


Write down the reasons why this Blackout started, and what redditors demand from their admins. The media and most redditors have no idea and will not accept abnormal function of the site without reason.

  • Victoria fired without warning to /r/IAMA
    • A decision made with no warning to /r/IAMA mods, which were forced to cancel all AMA services, as losing her was a crippling service disruption.
    • /r/science also stopped operation similarly since they made AMAs that depended on her. A domino effect occurred as other subreddits went private in solidarity.
    • Why is this a big deal? This event was only the spark of a revolution that had much deeper causes.
  • Excessive Shadowbanning, possible discussion melding, and lack of respect to volunteer mods - Reddit has had long developing issues involving manipulation of the community by mods, and a general lack of respect paid by admins toward their free labor (while the company makes millions).
    • Perhaps the situation could be remedied by making mods of large subreddits employees with pay and benefits, so they would not have to look elsewhere for compensation?


A date by date description of the events that have occurred.

  • When did /r/IAMA switch to private?
  • When did all the other subreddits switch to private?
  • What responses have the Reddit admins? (Popcorn is good)
  • What is going on with /r/pics?


Please link all claims with verifiable sources, and remove any rumors. Reddit links may need to be snapshotted on due to possible takedown or subreddits private.

Crappydesign dead:

knotknox fakes:

Victoria reason rumor:

Ex admin AMA:

AMA opening:

Old admins:

/r/gaming reopening:

/r/all snapshots:

popcorn tastes good source:

How to fire a CEO undelete:

Pics takeover:


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