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3301 Reddit

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Current URL is:, while it lasts. 404'd. Here's a screenshot (Warning: Huge Image)

New 4chan thread: 404'd

So, this image showed up:

Then, they found this:

The image contains:

TIBERIVS CLAVDIVS CAESAR says "lxxt>33m2mqkyv2gsq3q=w]O2ntk"

Which was decoded to an imgur link to a pic of a decoy:

  1. Open image in notepad
  2. Get code: TIBERIVS CLAVDIVS CAESAR says "lxxt>33m2mqkyv2gsq3q=w]O2ntk"
  3. decipher code with Caesar Cipher, with a key of 4 (Tiberius was the 4th caesar or something):

Pic says:


Just decoys this way.

Looks like you can't guess how

to get the message



Last night some people claimed to find a message embedded in the original image with steganography software. And that the hint to which software is in the decoy picture. No one would provide specifics though. Then the people who did say the broke it were trying to figure something out with Mayan number systems.

Major Update:

Someone posted this summary.

Then the ciphertext in /r/a2e7j6ic78h0j/ was cracked. Turns out the base-20 Mayan numbers across the top were the key. The subreddit name extends this to : a2e7j6ic78h0j7eiejd0120, which translates to

10 2 14 7 19 6 18 12 7 8 17 0 19 7 14 18 14 19 13 0 1 2 0

Which, when subtracted from the ciphertext revealed the text to be an old story about King Arthur. This was also hinted at by the King Arthur / Holy Grail Magic Eye posted in /r/a2e7j6ic78h0j/ : here.

At this point, the original book code from final.jpg was then applied to the text from /r/a2e7j6ic78h0j, which revealed a phone number: 2143909608.

When called, it played a message:

Very good, you have done well. There are three prime numbers associated with the original final .jpg image. 3301 is one of them, you will have to find the other two. Multiply all three numbers together and add a .com at the end to find the next step. Good luck. Goodbye.

This phone number has since stopped working.

The three prime numbers associated with the image are 3301, 503, and 509, (503x509 are the dimensions of the image). Multiplying these three together gets: Which currently shows what seems to be an image of a cicada and a countdown to 5pm UTC 9 January

At 5pm UTC, the site countdown was replaced with:


Find our symbol at the location nearest you:

52.216802,	21.018334
48.85057059876962,	 2.406892329454422
48.85030144151387,	 2.407538741827011
47.664196,	 -122.313301
47.637520,	 -122.346277
47.622993,	 -122.312576
37.577070,	 126.813122
37.5196666666667,	 126.995
36.0665472222222,	 -94.1726416666667
33.966808,	 -117.650488
29.909098706850486	 -89.99312818050384
25.684702,	 -80.441289
21.584069,	 -158.104211
-33.90281,	 151.18421

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