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420chan is an imageboard based primarily on recreation drug use, however it also has boards related to academia, humor, and pornography. It was the center of the Hal Turner raids and has had one of the greatest /i/nsurgency boards anon has ever seen, however Kirtaner has recently said /i/ will never return to 420chan.


Originally there was a site called, but Kirtaner made as a joke, and in response to the guy whining about it, he made it a real imageboard. It was better, and soon surpassed

Then for a LONG ASS TIME 420chan went down because someone posted that virgin killers album that has an underage chick on it (from Wikipedia?) and their host kicked them offline for CP. Luckily 420chan was back in time for /b/day.

According to Kirtaner

Well one day I was sitting around and I noticed that my new hosting package allowed for a single free domain name registration. I was talking to some friends and one of them came up with "420chan", a stupid combination of my penis and drugs. I decide to use this suggestion, and register it as a joke domain many many moons ago. Since then a lot of people bitched at me to do something with the domain, so I did. And you're looking at it.

Current State

There are two types of people who go on 420chan: druggies and antisocial intellectuals. To sum up all the boards into 3 categories, there are 13 boards dedicated for every fucking drug that exists, some for intellectual bullshit like science and math, and the porn sections, which no one ever goes on.

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