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4chan The b Day

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The golden age of /b/ concluded with the notorious /b/-day: When the 4chan mods decide to impose much tighter rules, including the banning of jailbait and raids, much cherished traditions of /b/. The sticky, made by moot himself, it met with nothing short of an outrage. Dissent was an all-time high, even in the moderation ranks, which led to the thread being deleted, remade and constantly stickied and unstickied. A number of /b/tards leave 4chan for dead and abandon en masse. A declaration of independence written by exemplar /b/tard Captain_Cornflake is made that establishes Anonymous as a separate group with its home anywhere but 4chan. Ultimately, the /b/-day failed its purpose. At this stage the users of /b/ were too numerous and aggressive to be moderated properly. When the stickies appeared, they retaliated until 4chan's img server crashed and a plethora and boards with it. Banned users and /b/-tards began an exodus, looking for other random boards such as’s /b/, AnonIB, iiChan or WTFux. The boards that benefited the most where a revived 7chan and a revitalized 420chan. This event foreshadowed what would become of imageboard culture during the following years. Ironically, during the following Dark Age, the other chans' diffusion of 4chan memes around the Internet will only solidify its position as the ultimate center of Internet culture.

Two days later /b/ was back again, but the board was submerged in a state of civil war, banned anonymous from 7chan script-flooded the board for days, 4chan's /b/-tards retaliating in a similar manner. The aftermath of the /b/-day was the diversification of *chan culture, with a rise on the number of alternate image boards, or better said, alternate /b/s, such as 7chan, 12chan,, 420chan, 888chan, AnonIB, WTFux, among others. The idea of independent, low population /b/s became a cultural trend on the imageboard communities that lasted for many years, having its peak during late 2006 and early 2007. The prohibition on raids also strengthened the raid mentality of those who were banned. From there on there would be a presence of the /i/nsurgency as an official group, steering from 7chan's /i/ - Invasion board. However /i/ boards where highly problematic, and 7chan's board would later be deleted. With time, every major alternative site would house an /i/ board for a while.

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