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4chan The Chanpocalypse

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In 2014, a series of crippling scandals rocks 4chan, and the rest of the internet; forcing public and legal pressure against the website; from the general public, the media, legions of celebrity-funded lawyers, the FBI, even it's own anons.

A large segment of anons migrate to 8chan out of spite, a new community which promises "a board for every topic", whereby users are free to create an infinite amount of boards. The Gamergate board becomes the largest board, and a major rallying point for anons. Time will tell what 8chan will become, but in any case, select boards are being archived by the Fuuka-based

Moot notes in his farewell speech that 4chan was in danger of shutting down, from the legal fees alone. But thanks to frugal spending and a spare $30,000 of revenue from 4chan Passes, the site managed to live to another day. 4chan even found spare funds to upgrade server infrastructure, allowing it withstand the website's highest viewership to date: nearly 1 billion pageviews.

Check the 4chan History Timeline for a full list of events.


  • /sp/ Uprising - (2014-04-16 – 2014-05-08) After mounting complaints against /sp/'s janitor stacked up, the anons of /sp/ fired up in a major uprising by spamming the board until the janitor accepted their demands.
    • FWG Affair - April 23 - An Australian manages to get admin access and starts posting as Moot. He posts the location of FWG, a french /int/ tripfag, ip's of mods and janitors (specifically the /sp/ janitor) and the password to the moderator IRC channel. Subsequently, 4chan was frozen for about 6 hours.
  • Gamergate - Zoe Quinn's shocking scandals (involving Five Guys in the video game industry) rocks the internet; with 4chan and Reddit falsely accused of attacking her. The scandal has severe implications on the video game journalism industry, and even reveals a troubling insight into the power of forum moderators as gatekeepers of information. In response to accusations of raiding Zoe Quinn; 4chan’s /v/ and /pol/ , along with other websites (yes, le Reddit) launched a united front to protest the scandal, in a unique new way. Extremely destructive conflicts between extremists on both sides tear the gaming community apart.
  • The Fappening - Some unknown, edgy hacker got ahold of nude photos of American Celebrity Jennifer Lawrence. Instead of keeping the illegal treasure to himself like any sane fapper would, he decided to post it to an anonymous, popular, public forum for the lulz; 4chan's /b/. As a result, the yellow journalist media starts shit-flinging against 4chan, and the site gets flooded with new lurkers; WebMDs, alleged JLaw advisors, and looky-loo fappers (who will find nothing but gore pics).
  • The Crackdown - During these two crises, anons begin to accuse 4chan mods of censoring the Gamergate threads. Wild conspiracy rumors spread, but after the JLaw Shitstorm, Moot makes a public announcement sticky on /v/ that they will begin to enforce the historic 2006 /b/-day "Martial Law" policy of NO RAIDS, and NO PERSONAL INFO. Shitstorms ensue. Anons resolve to move to 8chan and 4chen. But just like Americans threatening to move to Canada, talk is cheap; and a massive wave of new immigrants (brought in by media attention) flood the boards to replace them.
  • Mark Alexander Harding
  • /pol/ gets Cucked - Moot decides to screw around with /pol/ by testing Captcha-less posting on the board, and later playing "The Five Steps to Cuckolding" in the background.

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