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4chan The Crackdown

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After anons went berzerk after 4chan Mods attempted to corral them into a single thread (a canning policy which unfortunately involves thread deletion), the mods decided that GamerGate threads were now disturbing the peace on /v/, and had any discussion of them marked as "off-topic", and therefore bannable.

The situation was made worse when some anon decided to leak million-dollar nudes of American Actress Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities on /b/; "just because". Shitstorms ensued.

As a result, Moot also launched a public statement which reiterated the "Martial Law" policies that were enacted during /b/-day; No Raids, No Personal Information, No Hacktivism, and stuck by a policy to "bring 4chan back to normal" by purging the forums of these scandalous incidents and divisive conflicts.

A mass exodus; as well as an increased immigration rate (due to media coverage) ensued. 4chan's userbase was never the same.

GamerGate discussion has since relocated to 8chan.

Rumors of conspiracy

During the GamerGate shitstorm, some anons began to notice that their threads were being deleted. At best, the mods were trying to contain them in one thread. At worst, the mods had been convinced by Zoe Quinn's sob stories. No one really knew what was going on.

An alleged /d/ mod made this statement:

Moot's Public Statement

On September 18th, 2014, Moot made this sticky on /v/:

The decision to remove "GamerGate" threads has been poorly communicated, and that's my fault. Said threads are being deleted primarily because they violate our blanket "no personal information / raids / calls to invasion" rule. Spamming the reports system and creating multiple topics were also a factor, especially given /v/ is one of 4chan's fastest moving boards and has historically struggled with keeping topics limited to actual video games.
Regarding a perceived lack of free speech/censorship -- many seem to misinterpret my advocating for anonymous communication and highlighting that it allows people to share things they otherwise wouldn't be comfortable with on other platforms as "you can say and do anything on 4chan," which simply isn't the case. We've had rules and moderators since the site was founded 11 years ago, and I've only reinforced this statement over the years, a la:
To those who actually want to use /v/ to discuss vidya and not a movement that has outgrown 4chan (a la Project Chanology) -- apologies for the inconvenience.
Moot's Public Statement

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