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4chan The Fappening

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On August 31th, 2014, an anonymous leaker decided it was a good idea to post one of his rarest clandestine "treasures" to the world; nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and other major American Celebrities. The forum to post it to would have to be anonymous, public, and popular; thus, he decided to post it on 4chan's /b/.

Shitstorms ensued.

Needless to say, leaks of any sort involving the antics of celebrities are instant newsmakers (as those disgusting celeb paparazzi magazines at the supermarket checkout line will drill into you). The machines of yellow journalism were quick to shoulder the blame upon an entire website, and attempted; yet again, to make sense of the dark corners of the internet (in the vein of Fox News's "Hackers on Steroids").

Negative Effects on 4chan

The incident launched massive hordes of immigration into 4chan by paparazzis, SJWs, alleged JLaw advisors, and (unsurprisingly) looky-loo fappers.

The massive traffic increase and constant spam was unprecendented, and brought 4chan to it's knees once more. Anons attempted to mount a desperate defense against the hordes, spamming horrific gore pics in a war of attrition to keep the looky-loos out. The shitstorm was a night that they would never forget.

The leak unleashed a grievous scandal, public outcry against 4chan itself (though luckily for anons, the media and JLaw failed to understand whether 4chan was a person or website), and a new wave of immigrants who were determined to bring 4chan's /b/ right back into a strange new age of cultural importance on the internet.


A quick and dirty timeline can be found at our Google Docs, and will be posted to this page eventually.

How the hell did the leaker get this stuff?

Some men... Just want to see the world burn.

There is a massive underground movement where users trade (usually photoshopped) nude photos of celebrities, and pay tons of money for the privilege. When you're talking about photos worth millions of dollars; well, it's a huge incentive for a hacker or two to make some easy money. Just like illegally obtained fine art, most users jealously guard their loot, and will never share it with anybody; knowing full well the bombshell scandal that will unfold if it does get out.

Here's a good GQ Article on the topic.

From what we can infer (the threads themselves have not been archived), one plucky anon asked 4chan to submit a group buy in Bitcoins for a hacker's alleged celebrity nudes, claiming he could not afford the tremendous cost; he apparently bolstered it's legitimacy by posting a free sample of JLaw.

Most anons called him out as a scammer, but when a few guys decided to try their luck and deliver coins for the lulz, the leaker actually followed through, finding more celebs; and the shitstorm began.

The actual leak itself is inferred to be a breach in Apple's iCloud service; since that's where JLaw uploaded it. (Well, at least we understand the absurdity of the cloud.)


What did the Internet do in response?

The celebrities in question were not pleased to hear about the incident. Some denied that they were real, some broke down in the strain.

True; they are celebrities in the public eye, and no one is able to control the thoughts of her onlookers; but come on, who deserves to be lumped in with the likes of Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan?

Many users decided to campaign to fund her favorite charity (The Pediatric Cancer Foundation) to make amends for the terrible shitstorm.

What did 4chan do in Response?

  • 4chan #leakforjlaw prank - 4chan's /b/, overwhelmed by the horde of newfags, gives up and decides to go for the lulz by inciting Twitter SJWs to "leak their pics" in "solidarity" with JLaw.
  • petition to Moot to "Shut down 4chan" - A petition crops up for people to demand that 4chan be shut down due to this incident. However, in light of the fact that nobody listens to internet petitions, some anons may have attempted to further the lulz by posting fake signatures from “Sir Barnacle Encrusted flopsacock “ and “chris chan”.
  • Tumblr tries to raid 4chan; again - What's the point? It's like pissing in an ocean of piss.

What is going to happen to the Leaker?

The Feds have been mobilized to track down the leaker (extorting the IP from 4chan, probably), and is poised to use him as an informant to discover this secret nude-sharing ring. Let's hope this leaker used seven proxies.

The leaker will probably get 10 years in prison maximum, as previous prosecutions for leaks seem to imply.

What a disproportionate use of force, to "defend" the reputation of American Celebrities. Truthfully, the incident does count as an Attack on American Culture; in the very literal sense.

How will this incident affect the world at large in the near future?



The Fappening: Part 2

It's happening: again.

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