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4chan The Moot Point

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On the 21st of January, moot announced his retirement as admin of 4chan, and handed over administration to 3 Senior Moderators. Moot made a farewell livestream, and opened a /qa/ board for anons to ask him questions or pay him homage.

Farewell Moot. It's been an amazing 11 and a half years.

Moot's Final 4chan Q&A

Moot's 8-hour Livestream holds information on the early days of 4chan, farewell recommendations for anons, details about how the new 4chan administration will function, and comments on issues from around internet history.

Moot's Farewell Thread on /a/

The most replied post of all time on 4chan.

/qa/ - Moot's Livestream Questions and Answers

Many boards mourned the loss, some celebrated, but one thing that anons on /qa/ did was pretend to be an oldfag open up their image folders, recreate classic 4chan threads, and share the great stories people had shared over the years.

The /qa/ board was deactivated three days after the stream ended, to the chagrin of anons who welcomed the temporary "worksafe /b/". However, posting was enabled again on /qa/, perhaps due to popular demand, and it now serves as a board to relive old memes or dump good ol' thread screencaps.


  • Techcrunch Interview with Moot - What’s kept me invested over the years is that when someone comes up to me on the street [who knows him from 4chan], every single intersection with someone face to face have been very positive. “Thank you for 4chan because it helped me in a certain time in my life. I was in high school, or in college, or after work and wanted to blow off steam.” I think it helped smooth over the peaks and valleys for people. It’s this comfortable, reliable place they could go to after they got home. It was a respite.
  • Venturebeat Interview with Moot
  • Rolling Stone Article on Moot's departure

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